Darth Immortus
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Hayt Zyris(?)
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Darth Midian
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Origin Edit

The origins and childhood of Darth Immortus are shrouded in mystery.  His birth name and family lineage are completely unknown, and his only living relative is his twin sister Inhinixia, who has never confirmed his true name.  Some have speculated that his alter-ego surname, Vanco Meridius, may in fact be his real given name, though it is more than likely an adopted fabrication.  Immortus refers to himself always under his Sith title except when undercover and has never confided his origins in anyone, nor has his sister.  It is also possible that Immortus himself may not know his given birth name, however his wife, Cerusia Starkiller, has referred to him on more than one occasion as "Hayt", giving rise to the belief that this might in fact be his birth name.

What is known is that he comes from a long lineage of Force-sensitive Dark-Siders, and that his unknown mother was involved to some degree with the Dark Sith Order.  Various rumors place her as an actual Apprentice or Knight within the Order, while still others say she was a Dathomir Witch.  Nevertheless, she separated from Immortus' unknown biological father when the twins were still infants, and eloped with the Sith Master Darth Spawn, who was without any male heirs or offspring of his own.  This move was likely aimed at enhancing the political standing of her children within the Order.  The twins became the adopted children of Darth Spawn, who immediately fashioned the infant Immortus as the heir to his power and legacy.  Their mother died mysteriously shortly afterwards, and because Spawn never spoke of his relationship with her, no information remains on her name or life.  Immortus has no recollection of either of his parents.

Training Edit

As a child, Darth Immortus was trained in the rudimentary ways of the Sith by Darth Spawn. The Sith Lord was often violent towards the young boy, sparing no expense in inflicting pain upon him, hardening both his body and his mind. It was not long at all before Immortus was fashioned into a rage-filled young Sith killer consumed by emotion, displaying the utmost loyalty to his Master.

However, his training as a Sith Apprentice would not be complete yet. Around the age of 17, Spawn released his prized young Sith upon the galaxy, instructing him to "find and complete his training with the wisest of all masters". Immortus was left to interpret this to his own degree, and he soon found himself on the barren ice world of Hoth of his own intuition, seeking the presence of the fabled Darth Midian. His feelings served him well as he eventually located Midian beneath a great snow-capped crag on the Frozen Plains, and there he came face to face with the great Sith Master in his own chambers.

A Young Darth Immortus

His test was not yet completed however, as he was soon faced with a one-on-one duel against Midian, with Immortus battling for his own survival to deem himself worthy enough to be trained. A short lightsaber duel took place, followed by Midian's use of Force technique in hurling enormous mountain boulders at the young Sith. Immortus managed to survive Midian's test though wounded, and he thus became his Apprentice.

Immortus would spend the next three years of his life as Midian's Apprentice, who taught him extensive and masterful use of the Force through excersizes that consumed every day of his life. He was also sent on various missions during this time against the Jedi and New Republic, ranging from reconnaissance to the assassination of Republic Senator Costan Synne. Immortus' relationship to Midian was unquestioning, and he saw his learned skills as merely a great reward for his loyalty and completion of his appointed tasks. Immortus began to gain notoriety throughout the Sith ranks as Midian's powerful young Apprentice. He first made himself known to the Jedi in a duel against Jedi Knight Cronos Aegir as an Apprentice on Fondor, holding off the Knight just long enough to allow a fellow Sith Apprentice to escape with the technical readouts of a Republic base on that same planet. Soon, it was not long at all before he saw himself Knighted at the age of 20. Darth Midian soon relinquished himself back into the unknown shadows of the galaxy, leaving Darth Immortus to join the Sith ranks as one of their youngest, and his instilled ambitions to rise to the top soon became apparent.

Sith Lord Edit

Immortus continued to serve the Sith cause, though his loyalties to the High Council began to wane after some infighting. His idealistic views often butted heads with that of Malice Draclau, the Dark Lord of the Sith at the time, and the two seemed destined for eventual showdown. Nonetheless, as the surrogate son of Darth Spawn, his aura garnered much respect throughout fellow Sith ranks, though some were wary of his young age.

However, Immortus would fight on to achieve notable victories for the Sith. He soon found himself reunited with his old Master Darth Midian in a plot to destroy the Republic outpost of Cloud City, which met with great resistance from the Jedi ranks. It was here that Immortus showcased his proficient lightsaber skills, as he simultaneously dueled Jedi C'orringath Ventraas and Wickim Totim on the harrowing platforms of the wind-swept Cloud City Reactor control. All three would come out with their lives, however enough time had been bought to allow the bomb in the reactor core to reach past its diffusing stages, incinerating Cloud City and providing a resounding victory for Midian, Immortus, and the Sith. Because of his skills and valiant efforts, Immortus was bestowed the title of Master of the arts of the Sith at the age of 21, making him one of the youngest Sith Masters to sit on the Dark Council.

The Last Dark Lord of the Sith Edit

Some time shortly after his advancement to Sith Master, Spawn told Immortus that it was his destiny to defeat Malice Draclau and become the next Dark Lord of the Sith, and lead the Order into a period of unparalleled greatness.  However, Immortus dismissed this proposition, having grown tired of the beauracracy of the High Council, and was uninterested in serving or leading the Order.  Despite many attempts to convince his son otherwise, Spawn had no success in chiding the young Master, eventually creating a rift between the two.  Also around this time, the Dark Lord of the Sith Malice Draclau resurfaced in a weakened state after a battle with the Jedi, after a long absence from the Sith. Immortus grew increasingly impatient towards Draclau's rule, deeming him "incompetent" and many times outwardly proclaiming that he followed the leadership of no Dark Lord. A conflict between the two seemed imminent, and when Immortus learned that Darth Spawn himself was planning to intercept Draclau on Thyferra and take the title for himself, he rushed to catch up with the two.

Upon arriving at Thyferra, Immortus witnessed Spawn and Draclau already engaged in combat. The young Sith entered the fray, and Malice stepped aside, allowing Spawn and Immortus to engage in a one-on-one lightsaber duel. Immortus was determined to prevent Spawn from attaining the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, a move which he saw as an attempt to further exercise control over him.  He proved victorious, battering through Spawn's defenses and decapitating him in a fit of rage. With only one final score to settle, Immortus and Malice began to duel, first with lightsabers, and then with Sith lightning and Force magic.
Immortus was able to capitalize on Malice's already weakened state and defeat him, but stayed his hand in killing him, telling him that he was now the new Dark Lord of the Sith. 

Immortus thus became the youngest Dark Lord in the history of the Sith, achieving more in his 21 years than most Sith would achieve in their entire lives. However, his intentions were never to keep the title. Only interested in his own ambitions, Immortus abandoned the position without naming an heir, viewing the title as another crutch which would force him to share power and contributions with the rest of the Sith, as well as ensuring that no other Sith would attempt to call themselves the Dark Lord to exert power over him.  The move was also partly out of paranoia, as Immortus saw in the position a great deal of vulnerability, and wished to avoid any attempts from other cutthroat Sith to betray him for his power.   He allowed other Masters to quarrell and fight over the title (to his great amusement), but as no heir was officially proclaimed, the title was abolished, and Immortus moved forth with other plans.

Marriage and Family Edit

Shortly after the dissolving of the Dark Lord of the Sith title, Immortus first came in contact with Cerusia Starkiller, daughter of Sith Lord Anubis Starkiller and Lady Silencia, a young scholar rich in ancient knowledge of Sith lore and history. After meeting coincidentally on Coruscant, Immortus and Cerusia developed a close bond that began to blossom into love, much to the disapproval of her father.

With a growing enemy list, Immortus sought to find a key to more power that would give him an edge over his opponents. Using Cerusia's deep knowledge of ancient artifacts, the two journeyed to Dagobah in search of an ancient Sith Talisman that amplified the Force energy of its wearer, located deep within a maze of Altars buried in alcoves teeming with the Dark Side. At first Immortus had planned only to use Cerusia to find the Talisman, yet as they journeyed through the swamps in search of the treasure an attraction began to form. After killing a giant pit worm, Immortus and Cerusia were eventually able to locate the Talisman which augmented Immortus' already substantial powers to a great degree, however its powers also took hold of his mind, driving him towards insanity. It took Cerusia to strip the Talisman from him, effectively saving Immortus from mind control and complete mental breakdown. Afterwards, the two were inseperable, and after realizing that he had found his first true companion in Cerusia, proposed to marry her.

The two were wed privately and retracted themselves back to a rural lair in Thyferra, where Immortus could withdraw from the dealings of the Sith as well as his enemies. He then began to delve into the realm of politics, setting into motion his future plans of galactic domination, which involved not only the complete destruction of the Jedi, but the rest of his Sith brethren whom he feigned an alliance with.  He left for months to campaign on Coruscant, and when he returned to an irritated Cerusia, he found that their love had produced a daughter, Desdemona, also strong with the Force.

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