Jacen Lightspark
Also known as
Harkul, Kuar
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
White, short
Skin color
Family members
Significant other
Chief Canddam (father - d.)
Chiefstress Maranna (mother - d.)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family


Whatever is needed to do the job. When not on a mission, he usually wears the above clothing - garish jackets with bright, colourful underclothings. His black half-shin height boots are made of coloured Hutt hide, as are his rarely-used gauntlets.


Expert pilot, intricate (but not powerful) Jedi skills, slicing ability, knowledge of schematics, good education, fantastic marksman, ex-assassin, ex-Bounty Hunter.


Standard StarWing


Born in Harkul, a ghost-town on the Mandalorian world of Kuar, in the middle of the desert, he was expected to grow into ther chief of the colony there. After several years, it was apparent that he could become more, since he had developed a slight aptitude for using the Force. He was taken to a Mandalorian Jedi to be tested, but he failed the test. He wasn't to be trained. Though he was able to master intricate telekinesis, he lacked the power to move boulders or to read minds, though he could sense them.

Realising that he could use the power anyway, he managed to find the best Mandalorian slicer on the planet and persuaded him to apprentice Jacen. He learnt ship diagrams, droid schematics and everything technical it is possible to learn, and eventually was able to use the Force to manipulate machines, meaning that if he 'jacked-in' to a main network, he could use the Force to bypass security systems. However, an Imperial raid on the capital of Kuar left the slicer dead and Jacen hungry for revenge. Days later, an Imperial raid upon his own colony at Harkul left his parents dead, shocking him into taking action against the Empire.

He apprenticed himself to a Journeyman, Abruzzo Retilli, and learnt the ways of the Mandalorian soldiers. An excellent warrior, Abruzzo was able to train Jacen into a brilliant fighter, allowing him to get his revenge. Fencing was taught, the Mandalorian Steel swords that Abruzzo had learnt making the tests more difficult - they could match even the strongest lightsaber, and slice through almost any material. When Abruzzo finally named Jacen as a fully-trained Journeyman, he gave Jacen two gifts: a sword made from Mandalorian Steel, and a similarly-made Mandalorian Steel chain-mail garment. Using his talents, Jase started to attack small patrols on planets like Tatooine and Ryloth, killing as many as a hundred stormtroopers and leaving plenty of evidence.

Even still, Jacen was unable to get noticed by the leaders of the Empire. As a consequence of this, he decided to become a Bounty Hunter, in an attempt to get fame and money - and to buy his way into the attention of the Imperial scum. He successfully managed to get both fame and money before he abandoned the ways of the Bounty Hunter to slice Imperial files, adding himself to the Imperial payroll but doing no work. This gave him the opportunity to have fun at no cost of his own.

Recent historyEdit

It was during this time that he became an expert pilot, taking challenges like flying through Asteroid fields and podracing, whilst having fun in casinos, doing dangerous stunts and getting an honourary degree at Mandalore University. Whilst he was at the Mandalorian Institution, he discovered, through slicing important University records, that there were two 'super starfighters' called StarWings impounded in a high-security military base, simply in storage. He put in a bid to purchase the ship, using his spare credits to purchase the StarWing fighter for approximately one million credits. He also bought a modified astromech droid from the installation.

Bounty Hunter LeagueEdit

He was noticed, however, by the Bounty Hunter League who pursuaded him to join their organisation. He teamed up with Kyp Durron and they made a formidable team, using their Force powers to defeat rivals and claim many bounties, though both were formidable outside of the Force, defeating even Meliadus who had armed himself with ysalamiri and anti-Jedi weaponry.

During this time, Jacen Lightspark decided to apprentice himself to Kyp, learning about the Unifying Force theory and proving to himself on several occasions that his use of the Force wasn't addicting or corrupting but that he could choose to help people whenever he wanted. He never attacked in anger or hatred, and as a Mandalorian never felt fear, but instead only used the Force calmly whilst killing others out of 'necessity'.

New Galactic RepublicEdit

Eventually, as he was discovered on the Imperial payroll - and dropped from it, he decided to join the New Republic Commandos as a sniper, using his long-range accuracy to the maximum but still able to use his slicing skills to gain access to restricted areas if necessary. He also occassionally worked for the New Republic coding experts, where he could help crack 'expert' comm-codes.


But the Imperials put a bounty on his head, and he was captured with his Master on Myrkr during a bounty hunt. The pair were put in Kessel under ysalamiri and heavy-duty guard. Eventually the pair were separated and Jacen was taken to the lighter security prison on the surface as the Empire decided that he wasn't dangerous when away from Kyp.

Shadow Union and JediEdit

It was a mistake for them as Jacen escaped barely days later, fleeing to join the Shadow Union and train as a starfighter pilot under some of the galaxy's best pilots, Kylath Sharpe and Kara Thrace. Eventually he left to join the Jedi, training with them for a short time as a Jedi Knight (after trial), permanently frustrated at their black and white opinion of the Force.

Sith CouncilEdit

It was when he met the Sith, however, that he discovered their own view of the Force. A multitude of colours that the Jedi called "dark". Turning to join the Sith, Darth Jase - a name that reminded him of his parents' horrific deaths - knew that he had a prominent future.

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