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Darth Trucido

Darth Trucido, AKA Heath Argetlam , is a Knight of The Sith Council. He has a very distinct style of speaking-- always referring to himself as multiple people ("I" is "We", "My" is "Our", etc.). His specialization is in crafting intricate illusions with the Force, as well as physical augmentation techniques. Unlike other Sith, Trucido does not carry a lightsaber, instead preferring special fist weapons such as his signature hidden blade and superheated gauntlets. He is also known for having highly unorthodox methods for training apprentices, and so far, none of his apprentices have managed to graduate to knighthood due to sudden, unannounced leaves of absence.


Early LifeEdit

Heath Argetlam was born to Sil and Rana Argetlam. Due to a complication which resulted from heavy exposure to hazardous radiation, Rana died in labor. Because of this, Heath was frail as a child. His father was also very sickly, and had been for many years. Unable to care for Heath by himself, Sil sent his son to live with his uncle on Bespin. Sil died three weeks later.

Heath's uncle Jonas spent much of his time working at the Cloud City University, where he was a physics professor. Although he cared for his nephew, he had very little time to devote to raising him properly. As a result, Heath developed violent habits, such as picking fights. Although he was still a very sickly boy, Heath was unusually smart for his age. Psychological warfare became his specialty, and he was eventually expelled from school when one of his 9 year old classmates committed suicide-- allegedly from mental trauma inflicted by young Heath.

A year later, Jonas took a new job as a University administrator on Corellia, and brought Heath with him. Concerned at the boy's behavior, Jonas enrolled his nephew in a private school which was renowned for its stringent rules and influential teachers. Despite this, Heath quickly developed a following of boys who were inspired by his constant resistances and remarkable charisma. When Heath was 14, one of the school's teachers was arrested for lashing out at Heath with a textbook. The teacher later testified that Heath was "the most manipulative, cunning, devious child ever spawned."

On his 18th birthday, Heath was given a large sum of money from his uncle Jonas' savings and encouraged to pursue whatever life he wished. The morning after, Heath was gone from the house, having left all of Jonas' money and taken with him only a suitcase of clothing.


Heath was arrested at the age of 20 for rape. He had, in fact, had sex with the woman in question, however, it had been consensual. The woman's father, an Imperial officer, submitted the false charge out of anger, and convinced his daughter to testify against Heath.

In prison, Heath's charisma once more attracted a number of thuggish followers. Out of anger, Heath instigated several attacks on the prison's guards, none of which he himself was personally involved in.

One guard in particular, named Samael Shepard, was killed in one of the riots that Heath had orchestrated. The warden of the prison decided that an example need to be made of the prisoners, and sentenced all of those involved-- including Heath, to be executed.

Arrival on PergitorEdit

On the night before his execution, Heath and his fellow prisoners were being transported to a special high-security detention center on Mhaldor. With the help of one of the ship's guards, who happened to be one of the boys from Heath's school on Coruscant, he escaped from his cell and released the other prisoners. A bloody skirmish occured on the ship, ending with the prisoners victorious-- even Heath's former friend had been slain in the battle. In a final act of desperation, the captain of the prison ship locked the navigation controls and escape pods-- dying several moments later. The nearby planet The nearby planet Pergitor's gravity attracted the derelict vessel and drew it into the atmosphere, where it crashed into the forest. Heath was flung from the ship and survived by landing in a mossy swamp-- no one else was walked away.

The unconscious Heath was discovered soon afterwards by Darth Octavian, who at the time was the leader of The Sith Empire. Noting the remarkable amount of malevolence within his heart, Octavian agreed to take Heath on as an apprentice at his request.


Heath's apprenticeship under Darth Octavian was very brief, due to the lack of able Knights at The Sith Empire. His training consisted primarily, at Heath's bequest, of Force abilities. Later, Heath took a specialized course in illusioncraft.

Due to the tumultuous political atmosphere on Pergitor, Heath and two other of his fellow apprentices-- Kimberley Knight and Remy Gray, were promoted to a special rank known as "Senior Apprentice". The three were presented with ceremonial Knight's lightsabers and given permission to take on new apprentices in an attempt to advance the training of newcomers.

Heath's first apprentice was named Kasumi Reiko, a sky'tri woman who arrived on Pergitor after commandeering a resort vessel and murdering the crew. Although she showed great promise at first, she disappeared mysteriously during The Great Exodus. Kasumi was Heath's final apprentice as a member of The Sith Empire.

The Great ExodusEdit

A large-scale battle with the former faction, The Jedi Elite, began when an ancient Holocron was discovered by the Jedi. Darth Octavian, not willing to simply let them keep such an important artifact, organized his entire Empire and assaulted the Jedi temple Dantooine.

Heath was put in charge of the small squadron of apprentices that were present during the battle. Using explosives, the apprentices breeched the Temple's wall while Octavian's main force assaulted the front. It was after the explosives went off that several Jedi arrived on the scene, one of which was named Link Tolen-- a knight of TJE. Link picked Heath off from the group and they began to fight. Although Heath was at a rank disadvantage, he had the good fortune that Link was wounded during the explosion. In the ensuing duel, Heath's leg was sliced off at the thigh by Link's lightsaber, however, Heath managed to use one of his remaining explosives to set off a charge behind Link, thus burying the knight in a pile of stone rubble.

The Sith emerged victorious in the battle-- recovering the Holocron and taking with them several hostages. Heath was discovered by one of his apprentice allies after the Jedi had been forced into a retreat, and rushed into surgery. Because his leg was never recovered, a prosthetic one was attached in its place. For the sake of symmetry, Heath insisted that his other leg be removed and replaced as well. The new limbs were specially designed to absorb great amounts of shock, which later inspired Heath to pursue the perfecting of physical augmentation through the Force-- specifically, Force Speed, Force Jump, and Enhance Ability.


Some time after The Great Exodus, Heath completed his final trial as an apprentice. A special ceremony for his knighthood was held, during which Remy Gray and Kimberley Knight were also promoted.

Romance with Raven MidnightEdit

Heath met a Jedi woman by the name of Raven Midnight in a seedy dance-club on Coruscant. At the time, Heath was completely unaware that she was, in fact, a Jedi, and they quickly developed a relationship. Although they soon found out that, technically, they were enemies, Heath did his best to ignore that ugly fact and focus on the attraction that had initially brought them together. The fact that they were together was hidden for a long time, however, Darth Octavian eventually discovered her when she attempted to sneak into Heath's room on Pergitor. Octavian did not act on the matter, though he did remind Heath at a later time that his actions could very well endanger the Empire. Despite this warning, the two pursued their relationship, and even made several public appearances at events such as The Yule Ball.

The Fall of The Sith Empire and the AftermathEdit

A sudden, unexpected phenomenon caused The Sith Empire on Pergitor to be utterly wiped out in a single night. Many of its members were lost in the destruction, however, Heath, Remy, and Kimberley survived and rallied the remaining members. Together, they formed The Silent Eternity, an ill-fated faction composed almost entirely of displaced apprentices and knights from Pergitor. Heath and his fellow knights assumed leadership of the faction, which was based on Dagobah. While the faction flourished for a brief period of time, without any Masters to help the group's advancement, it inevitably fizzled out.

As The Silent Eternity dissapeared, so did Heath-- for a very long time.

Joining The Sith CouncilEdit

The newly returned Heath Argetlam now preferred to be referred to by his Sith name-- Trucido. His long absence has never been fully explained, however, when he returned he was almost completely different. He had abandoned his typical black robes for white ones, and spoke as if he himself were more than one person. His fighting style, too, had been drastically altered. Instead of using his ceremonial navy blue saber which had been given to him by Octavian, he had begun using a self-taught style of martial arts that emphasized quick punches and kicks.

Darth Trucido arrived on Korriban-- a planet which he had been sure to avoid in the past due to The Sith Empire's long-standing grudge against the Dark Sith Order. However, as this faction was the only remaining Sith group still active, it was his only option.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Darth Trucido's face is, more often than not, shadowed by a white hood. This is because, ever since his birth, he has displayed extreme sensitivity to light.

His black hair is long and untamed-- he clearly pays little or no attention to it. A spattering of dark stubble covers his angular jaw and there are always heavy dark circles underneath his eyes, giving him the appearance of one who does not often sleep.

Trucido's flesh is extremely pale and displays no scars or blemishes. The only slight mar upon his skin is a black tattoo on the back of his neck of the number 50-- a brand used by his former prison to identify corpses. Lithesome muscles ripple gracefully with each of his movements-- his body trained and toned by years of intense physical exertion.


Darth Trucido is a self-proclaimed "Master of Illusions"-- preferring to use projected images and conjured sensory influences to confuse his opponents. Force Illusion, Force Projection, Force Cloak, and Force Concealment are all frequently used techniques of his.

Trucido's special fighting style, which uses close-quarters martial arts, is greatly enhanced by his mastery of physical augmentation abilities. Using Force Speed, Force Leap, and Enhance Ability, his simple punches and kicks become highly effective-- even lethal. When used in conjunction with Force Projection, his movements and attacks become extremely difficult to track.

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