Raven Darkness
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Landon "Raven" Kornan
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Nar Shaddar
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Bright yellowish
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Isabella Kornan
Von Kornan
Drek Kornan
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"If you are seeking compassion from me, you will not find any here. All you will find is pain, hatred, and suffering. But once you grasp onto the idea that no matter how hard you try and fight it, those things will always be there. Once you accept them and you learn to wield them against your enemy, then you will truly learn the ways of the dark side."- Darth Umbra to Zelazny Webb

The Chronicles of Darth Umbra Edit

Von Kornan the Jedi and Isabella Je'Non the QueenEdit

Von Kornan was born on Coruscant and immediately taken away for Jedi training. He did not know his mother or his father, and he never found either of them. He showed great potential in the force and was once renowned as one of the more powerful Jedi growing up. At a young age he showed signs of becoming a great Jedi, learning how to use a lightsaber when he was five years old and mastering his first form when he was eight. It was at that time that he was taken on as a Jedi Padawan and trained in the ways of the force.

Taught from birth how to control his anger, Von was very good with his emotions. He quickly proved himself as a worthy Jedi and was coming along very well. It was not until a mission with his master did trouble start for him. Himself and his master were on a mission to protect a mother and her daughter of nobility. The girl they were assigned to protect was named Isabella Jen'non and Von fell immediately in love with her. Despite his promise to the Jedi Von could not control his love for her, but he knew better and did not lot his emotions get in the way of his training.

When Von was eighteen he was finally promoted to Jedi Knight. Here he proved his worth with his lightsaber and made his name known in the Jedi. He was becoming a model Jedi and he had almost forgotten about her until she became the Queen of Coruscant. Von was assigned to protect her and become her personal body guard at her personal request. It was here that the two of them created a forbidden relationship.

Fall to the DarksideEdit

Early LifeEdit

Landon was born on Nar Shaddar to Isabella and Von Kornan. He would become the eldest of two. They where a poor family and made very little money, but they scraped by on their mothers earnings as a dancer at a nearby Cantina. Landon would stay with the people in the compartments down the hall because his father would never be around.

When he was two, Drek was born. This angered their father because now they would require more money, and he blamed Isabella for letting herself get pregnant even though he was the reason it happened.

When he was four and Drek was two, their father came home and told them they where leaving. The two boys where young so they had no problem with it, except for the fact that their mother was not there to go on the trip with them. They where young and careless, so they did not question their father.

They took a shuttle to the mountans of Nar Shaddar where their father built a small little shack out of wood. He built it very fast and efficiently, but again, the boys where young and had no reason to question their father.

As the boys got older, there workload increased. Their father would make them do lots of heavy work outside while he sat inside and drank himself almost to death. They would cut wood and sell it to survive, and all the money they made was wasted on alchohal and very little food.

As he grew older, so did his mind. Landon began to wonder where their mother was. He had been to young to remember themselves leaving, but he knew he had a mother who loved them both and cared for them, even while she was not around. He grew suspicious of his father, but he never said anything.

It was not until his father began to abuse Drek that Landon began to get angry. One day, on a rather abusive benge from his father, Landon snapped. When he did, he began to feel something he had never felt before. He felt as if pure power where running through his veins. He became faster, stronger, smarter all at once.

He attacked his father, and without knowing it, beat him to death. After it had already happened, he broke down and began to cry.

Life in the MilitaryEdit

Discovering his true powerEdit

Raven; Sith ApprenticeEdit

Darth Umbra;Sith KnightEdit

The InjuryEdit


Raven is a very cold and unforgiving person. All of his life he was never given a second chance, so he feels that no one else should be given a break either. While he does not exactly have friends, he creates allies with people who he knows can watch his back in a tight situation. He seems very calm and laid back when one first meets him, he does not talk much unless he is required to, but all of that seems to change once he enters combat. He becomes very arrogant and loud once in battle, choosing the method of trying to get into his opponents minds and making them make a mistake.

While he is a very angry person, he has shown signs of compassion in the past. When told to kill his apprentice Zelazny, he refused because he knew that Zelazny would grow to become powerful one day. It was the first time he had ever given someone a second chance, and the last.

Umbra the MasterEdit

Umbra chooses his apprentices very carefully. He does not let just anyone learn under him. It is not because he is lazy, it is because his training is grueling not only to the apprentice, but also to himself. He teaches his apprentice everything he could know about the dark side and about the force and how to wield a lightsaber properly. These are the things he teaches first, then once they learn that, he starts the hard part.

All through their training he physically abuses his apprentice. He will break their arms, their nose, their legs, and then he will make them heal the injuries themselves. He also tries to break down their spirit and make them hate everything, even Umbra himself.

His technique has proved effective, training only two in his entire career, and two have become masters. Zelazny was his prodigy and when he went rogue, Umbra never wanted to train another again. He was somewhat disappointed that all of his hard work had failed so miserably. Then, after a few years of waiting, he discovered Avicus. This time he made no mistake. He made Avicus hate everything that lived and breathed. Avicus was a great student, and he showed his powers many times doing what umbra wanted him to do, try and kill him.

Over time, Avicus became a Sith Master and showed that even though his training was unorthodox, it proved effective.

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