Witches of Dathomir


Outer Rim Territories


Quelii Sector
System Dathomir System





Class Terrestrial



Primary Terrain

Points of Interest


  • Temperate
  • Cool
  • Canyons
  • Forests
  • Deserts
  • Mountains
  • Oceans
  • Savannas
  • Volcanoes
  • Temple of the Veiled Ones
  • Dawnguard Watch Tower
  • Desolate Rift
  • Umbra Temple
  • Star Temple
  • Infinity Gate
  • Dathomir Imperial Prison
  • Quarantine Zone
  • Deadwood Bordello
  • Shattered Ridge


Primary Language

  • Dathomiri
  • Kwa
  • Kwi
  • Zabraks
  • Humans

  • Paecean
  • Galactic Basic Standard
Government High Witch Council

Major Cities


  • Riften
  • Kachirho

  • The Jedi Brotherhood
  • The Jedi Council
  • Witches of Dathomir

"This planet resonates with the dark side of the Force."
―Urai Fen

Dathomir was an obscure planet in the Outer Rim Territories, located in the Quelii sector. It was somewhat smaller than Coruscant in size, and had slightly-below-standard gravity, but the planetary day was close to standard, and the planetary year was long, lasting 491 days. Dathomir had four moons.

Dathomir was considered a temperate and beautiful planet by Human standards, with a varied terrain that included coastal lakes and tar-pits, thick forests and snow-capped mountain peaks, powerful rivers and broad savannas, small icecaps and dramatic rift valleys. Even under the New Republic, however, nine-tenths of the planet remained unexplored and uninhabited, with the population limited to a relatively small area along the edge of one of the three main continents, a zone of uplands and river plains bounded on one side by the unsailed ocean and on the other by vast expanses of desert.


Dathomir has come through many changes during its existence though the primary languages of the planet are Galactic Standard Basic (or Basic) and Paecean. Native species of Dathomir have been the Kwi and Kwa though several had immigrated to the planet such as the Humans, Zabraks, Chazrach, Yuuzhan Vong. Currently, Dathomir is governed by the Witches of Dathomir.



Dathomir was originally the homeworld of a spacefaring species, the reptilian Kwa.By 100,000 BBY, the Kwa had built an Infinity Gate—the Prime Gate in a network of similar devices, used by them as a means of interstellar travel and as superweapons. The Infinity Gate was covered by massive pyramid-shaped structures known as the Star Temples, incorporating defensive systems to protect them from intruders. If the gate was ever activated, the planet housing the equipment could be collapsed into the Gate itself, along with the surrounding planets, moons and even suns.

The landscape of Dathomir For reasons that are unclear, the Kwa species began to degenerate, ultimately losing the ability to speak or use technological tools. Apparently recognizing the path that their civilization was on, they sealed the Infinity Gate and the Star Temples and set guardians to protect the Temples—whuffa worms with thick hides and an impressive turn of speed. The degenerate descendants of the Kwa came to be known as the Kwi or Blue Desert People, and like the rancors they appeared to be simple herd animals living around the planet's arid Great Desert; but on occasion they still showed some surprising hints of intelligence, including a capability to create primitive tools and ornaments, and they possessed a collective memory of their former glory, and the importance of the sanctity of the Star Temples

Around 30,000 BBY, Dathomir was ruled by the space-faring Rakata. Using Force-based hyperdrives, they traveled to many worlds around the galaxy that possessed significant signatures in the Force, uniting them to form the

Surface of Dathomir

Rakatan Infinite Empire. Of Dathomir they noted the rancor, and transferred some of them to their homeworld, Lehon, as curiosities. After five thousand years of galactic dominance, the Rakata retreated to Lehon following the outbreak of a plague.

Linguistic evidence shows that the native language of the planet's Humans derives at least in part from that of an Outer Rim hegemony known as the Paecian Empire, dating their presence on the world to about 3,000 BBY, being an adjunct of the Empire; after that the planet was then conquered by Drackmarian warlords. Around 1,002 BBY, the Brotherhood of Darkness operated a Sith academy on the world that trained Sith Acolytes and apprentices.

Later Dathomiri tradition would remember the initial Human population as the exiled creators of illegal battle droid armies, but it is not clear whether the settlers arrived in a single event, or whether the planet was in more continuous use as a penal colony over a period of centuries or millennia. It cannot even be said for sure whether the Paecian exiles were leaders or enemies of their Empire. What is certain is that by 600 BBY, the planet's Human population had become little more than the favorite food for the rancors, reduced to hiding in the thick forests where the mighty beasts could not follow them.

Daughters of AllyaEdit

At that time, however, a rogue Jedi Knight named Allya was banished to Dathomir by the Jedi Council. She took the leadership of the survivors, teaching the ways of the Force to the exiles, and eventually to her own children. In later centuries, Allya was remembered as single-handedly transforming Dathomiri society, credited with enslaving the entire male population under her leadership, turning the rancors from predators to friends, pets and war mounts, and codifying her teachings in the Book of Law. Some accounts even seem to suppose that she was a lone woman within an otherwise entirely male population. But in reality, these practices may have evolved over several generations, and the parallel with the matriarchal social structure of the rancors may be significant, especially given the symbiosis of the Human warrior-women and their mounts; but Allya's leadership undoubtedly laid the foundations of a unique culture, dominated by Force-using women who regarded themselves collectively as her descendants, known to outsiders as the Witches of Dathomir.


A Nightsister with her rancor

Over the centuries, the total Human population of Dathomir grew to perhaps just over five thousand, based in a relatively narrow coastal area of one of the planet's continents: even under the New Republic, more than 90% of the planet remained unexplored. The Dathomiri came to be divided into a number of reasonably permanent local clan communities, which took their names from significant geographical features such as Singing Mountain, Frenzied River, and Misty Falls. These clans, each just a few hundred strong, accounted for almost the entire planetary population, but there were also small numbers of exiles who lived outside the clan communities, including the planet's dark-siders, called Nightsisters, who at times existed in sufficient numbers to form a distinct clan. In total, the clans could probably put at least a thousand warrior-women into the field, each of them a trained Force-user and many of them riding rancor mounts.

The strength of the Dathomiri was discovered by the Jedi Order in around 340 BBY, when the Jedi academy ship Chu'unthor crashed into a tar pit on Dathomir. All attempts to retrieve the wreck were blocked by the natives, although it seems that some contacts were forged across the battle-lines: one young warrior-woman, Rell, who would survive to meet Luke Skywalker in the days of the New Republic, reminisced about Yoda as an "old flirt".

At some point, Dathomir appears to have been part of the Republic, and was classed as part of Quelii sector, but eventually, it fell into the space under the rule of the Drackmarians—another matriarchal warrior race, but this time methane-breathing aliens, for whom the planet held little real interest.

The Gungan Council HistoryEdit

The Jedi BrotherhoodEdit

Deathgrip on DathomirEdit

Perhaps best known for all the wrong reasons, Deathgrip on Dathomir saw The Jedi Brotherhood go toe to toe and defeat the Dark Sith Order on Dathomir. It was a battle not just for control of the world, but for the hearts and loyalty of the force sensitive witch clans that inhabited it. Seven hundred and eight replies makes Deathgrip on Dathomir one of the longest takeovers in TGC history to date, if not the longest. Despite spawning numerous arguments, it has since spawned far more fond memories that can be looked back upon and laughed at, for who can forget the fact that Mikel Goff fought every member of the Brotherhood before forceible being taken out by Mak, and of course "Pope Hawkus Hinatus III" as coined by Avicus DuSang to describe the religious loyalty of Brotherhood members to their leader.

The Jedi CouncilEdit

The months of Peace; The years of War'Edit

The Sith CouncilEdit

Over the RainbowEdit

Dathomir had been the target once more for the Sith as the execution had been led by Santeria Decuir with aide from fellow Sith, including Venge Draclau her former Aprpentice. War was raged throughout the planet as the Jedi Temple had come beneath the control of the Sith and Nightsisters, Aurilia feeling the same fist of power as it had been taken by the droid army, and all of Dathomir had felt the effects of the deployed Nightcloak.

What was so close a victory, was destroyed by the traitor, Judas Escariot. Taking control of the Sith fleet and turning to aide the Jedi, the efforts of the Sith and Nightsisters had fallen without any course for salvation. Santeria, having blamed the Sith for the failure, had begun to devise a plan to lead a formidable gathering that no one would be saved from their destruction.

Witches of DathomirEdit

Upon the shame brought to the Sith for their continuous failing and lack of controlling a traitor, Santeria Decuir had rooted herself back into her heritage and transformed the Frenzied River Clan into the beginnings of what is now The Coven.

I'll Tear You ApartEdit

Dreaming River Clan... a guild that was going to be a constant nuisance to The Coven. Mother Eshal, the Clan Mother at the current point in time, had been responsible for aiding the Jedi in secrets of their people in animal communication and had given them aide against the Sith and Nightsisters. Deciding that justice must be delivered, Santeria had come back to Dathomir and incinerated the clan elder; this led to Polaris becoming the Clan Mother who would, ironically, meet the same fate as Eshal.

The Great ExileEdit

Dathomir Witch Trials - Dathomir

"Exile! Exile! Exile the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers!"

Plains rolled with waving shades of veridian-- a storm was on the horizon. Murderers, the Devil's Disciples; this is what they were called. It had not been just that of the Dathomiri people, but of those who were Jedi and their diamond dogs the Rebellion that marked them these. One by one, the Nightsisters and their respective covens along with the Nightbrothers that roamed the mystical world, were captured. They were bound by stun cuffs, only the strongest ones that could hold the Force users, and some were silenced so no chants could be uttered. The people cried, those beneath the protection of the Jedi and their Allyans, for an end to the deception... they wanted the daylight, the salvation, the freedom from the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers that caused terror on Dathomir. Like floats in a parade, the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers had been ushered to their fates upon vast ships.

"Santeria Decuir, your crimes are numerous against the members of The Alliance. Nightsisters and Nightbrothers of Dathomir you will be charged with murder and terrorism. The punishment is not imprisonment, but death by being hung."

Death was not to be for the High Priestess and her daughters, Krishna and Dharma.

"Due to an appeal by persons left to be unknown, your punishment of death is waived. The punishment to fit your crimes is excommunication from the Sith order, Santeria Decuir, and your people exiled to Necropolis. You are all banished from Dathomir and should any of you return, the punishment is death."

They were going to regret not spilling her blood across the grounds of Dathomir. A plague upon their houses would fall... they would know fear.

Oh how they flattered her with tales of murder and terrorism-- that wasn't even enough of what she had done. Santeria was disappointed. She laughed, boisterous and conceited while they delivered the punishment of being sent to Necropolis. How ignorant they truly were despite their might for they would have known such a world was not unknown to her. Many times excommunication and exile had befallen the Nightsister, and more times than such she had returned to reap vengeance.

One question remained, one that annoyed her so greatly. Who had been the one to appeal their death sentence? It still remains unknown, but it had been the plea of Katarine Ryiah that had saved them all.

Solders had drilled their blaster barrels, shoving Santeria forward. There were hundreds gathered, hundreds that if she should have tried to escape would soot her in the head and ensure she was truly lifeless. She was escorted onto the transport where the cells were, her head drawn high.

Unbeknown to the Coven, the Jed, and Rebellion, it had been The Galactic Empire using them all for pawns to exact justice upon the witches they feared. Eventually, The Coven had discovered the truth, but it had not been until years later.

Wait, You Guys Got Wands?Edit

The story of the attempt of a sect of Witches longing to liberate their homes from the hands of the combined forces of the Jedi Order and Rebel Alliance. Battles broke out over the surface at the Jedi Temple, Red Hills and Bright Sun Clan Villages while a battle took place in orbit around the planet. By the time half the fighting was done, dozens of clans became embroiled in a fight that would send dreadful ramifications across the planet.

By the fightings end even the Sith had found their way into the fray endeavoring to complete their own agenda as factions waged war against one another. When the fighting died down the Witches that fought to reclaim their homeworld were routed, forced to regroup and plan again for another time while the Allied Forces grouped in the Jedi Temple to lick their wounds.

(written credit goes to Xander Starkiller)

Taste of DarknessEdit

The group of Witches infiltrated deep into Dathomir and were successful in closing the Infinity Gate and gaining a vital foothold in the area. The infiltration was an overall success and it saw much of the enemies of the Witches evacuate the area, a much needed victory was at hand and with it plans for further conquest.

(written credit goes to Xander Starkiller)

Nightsister RouletteEdit
All hell breaks loose as the Witches of Dathomir unleash their most sinister plot yet. Striking from their base of Operations the Nightsister's, Dragon's streaked across the sky, a result of the magic used that day, the Vitality of Dathomir, a phenomena that threatened Dathomir as well as the galaxy was exploited and caused a cataclysm that left the surface of the planet barren.Edit

The Capital city was left in ruins, the Jedi Temple destroyed and any Witches forced to evacuate their homes as a devastating wave of destruction tore across the planets surface. The casualties on both sides were grave leaving several dead, many wounded and many missing. To the those in command, the planet was won and Dathomir finally returned to the Witches.

(written credit goes to Xander Starkiller)

Clans of Dathomir and Clan LeadersEdit


Clan Leader: Mercureus Hawk

Clan Leader: Inara Ka

Clan Leader: Matthias Konrad

Alexis Ravensclaw (previous)

Clan Leader: Emily Garnier


Clan Leader: Lilith Decuir

Clan Leader: Pandora Marzullo


Clan Leader: Krishna Decuir

Santeria Decuir (previous)


Clan Leader: Srika Velos


Clan Leader: Ryn Bacquin


Clan Leader: Seraphina Volturi


Clan Leader: Aria Santori


Clan Leader: Santeria Decuir


Clan Leader: Anora Sa (NPC/Deceased)

Clan Leader: Zili Sur (NPC/Deceased)


Clan Leader: Electrobe

Clan Leader: Alexis Ravensclaw

Krishna Decuir (previous)

  • Shady Sands Clan

Clan Leader: Christian Draclau

Clan Leader: Satara Hawk

Clan Leader: Damsha Bacquin

Morgana Damaya (previous)


  • Wraith Isles Clan

Clan Leader: Minerva Decuir

Planetary DefenseEdit

  • Automated Turrets These turrets are found lining the capital, Aurilia.; when triggered by the proper protocol, the shift from the ground to become visible. An Automated Defense System was a defense computer program, using any combination of laser cannons, turbolasers, or other weapons to defend a ship, space station or planetary fortress from attack without the need of a manual controller. They could be routed through to exterior weapons to defend against enemy vessels or vehicles, or interior automatic turrets to defend against infiltrating soldiers.
  • v-180 Planet Defender anti-orbital ion cannon This defensive, planetary ion cannon possessed nearly twice the firepower of its predecessor, the v-150. It also has its own power generator.
  • WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield Encasing shields could be curved to protect orbiting objects and seriously damaged the systems of craft that passed through them.
  • Cloaked Seismic Mines These mines orbit Dathomir and change the configuration of their patterns; only those with proper identification will be given clearance for the path to successfully maneuver around them.

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