Name = Davin Jusik

AKA = Jusik

Playby = Dominic West/John Constantine(Hellblazer)

Age = 22

Birthplace = Bespin

|Home = Jedi Temple

Rank = Padawan

Affiliation = The Jedi Council

Master = Emmika

Weapons = Yellow Lightsaber, M-34, Force

Species = Human

Gender = Male

Height = 6'0

Weight = 185

Eyes = Brown

Hair = Brown

Scar = Shoulder

Father = Daniel Jusik (Dead)

Mother = Unknown

Sibling = Delila Castillon

Grandparents = Unknown

Aunts/Uncles = Unknown


Quiet, Introverted, Good Liar, Honest, Determined, Observant, Sneaky, Friendly


Skilled Swordsman, Good potential to wield the force, good detective, skilled gunslinger


Will never suck up, even when necessary. Cigarettes, Booze, Hopeless Romantic. True Police.



Davin's father was an Imperial Stormtrooper who was killed in a terrorist attack, with no other family present, Davin was left to himself.For a while Davin stayed in an authoritarian orphan shelter, which was ruled by the strongest of the children. This forced Davin to become as brutal as the strongest of the children. As he learned to do what was necessary to stay higher up on the food chain, the stronger children left him be, and any who did have the nerve to challenge him ended up in the shelter's clinic. Normally with a broken bone or two.

With so many shelters, the local government on Bespin deemed rations for such facilities to be of a lower priority, forcing many of the orphans to scrounge or steal to survive. He also gained a large amount of guile during this time, in addition to the stealing and scrounging, of which he did both. He never saw anything wrong with stealing for survival, and he accepted it as necessary Davin's experiences shaped his world view into an extremely rational, almost cynical, viewpoint. With survival being the primary objective.

At age twelve, he met an old homeless man who taught him to read and write and also advised that he get off of Bespin for good and strike out. Davin took what he was taught to heart and tried to live by it as much as he could within his life, along with practical adjustments and some personal codes.

At age fourteen Davin fell in with a gang after having a dispute with a member of that gangs rival. The members of the gang were the first real friends Davin had ever known. They always watched each others backs and cared for each other like brothers. The Droogs is what they called themselves and during his time with them he learned the art of intimidation, extortion, and on occasion, murder. In Davin's mind he was living the high life, for the first time he had money, respect, and friends.The good times wouldn't last forever though. A conflict began and it ended with all on both gangs dieing, except for Davin who got away with only a bullet wound to the shoulder.

The death of Davin's friends only made him harder. Colder. He'd lost the only people he'd ever cared about. He wandered for a time, looking for a purpose. The Empire offered him that purpose and a way out.He kept his head down for a few years and enlisted into the Imperial Army to avoid a life of grinding, humiliating, poverty. Davin served as an Imperial Stormtrooper for two years, killing many, before the genocidal policies of the Empire finally got to him. After an officer ordered a bombing of a city in retaliation for an attack on a local trooper, Davin tried to convince him to call off the bombing, the officer ignored him and Davin shot him in the face with his DLT-19. After escaping his former comrades he received medical treatment from a young rebel named Charlotte Monreau and was recruited into the Rebel Alliance where served as an Intelligence Operative. After a couple of years, Davin grew tired of conflict and began to wander. He was eventually recruited into the Jedi Order where he now serves as a Jedi Investigator. He has finally found peace. Or so he thinks..........

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