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Delek Wrentar was born on Corellia to a minor noble family under Henrietta and Hamish. He was two years younger than his brother Charles, though they were never far apart. Both of his parents were, to Delek, seen as power-hungry, and Charles had been nurtured to mimic their ways. They were often hostile to other noble families and were corrupt in their actions. Despite this, Delek was treated the same way for his first few years, but refrained himself from taking it further when he saw how they bludgeoned their way to success.

By his first decade, Delek was excelling in school, though was neglected by his family because he was not showing the traits that his parents tried to force upon him. His attitude towards peers and colleagues was more positive than the rest of his family. Paying far more attention to Charles, they prevented Delek from progressing properly through school, and his brother entered the Imperial Academy much earlier than Delek, aged 14 at the time.

Imperial YearsEdit

By 19, Delek was accepted into the Imperial Academy with high hopes, as his inhibition from his parents finally buckled under his newfound steel-like determination and authoritative character. Within his first year, Charles had graduated and was making headway in the Navy, where Delek was impressing tutors with his somewhat reckless but highly effective naval tactics amongst large space battles with any kind of ship. These tactics he would adopt for future experiences, particularly at Kamino and when fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. Advancing through the Academy at a rapid pace, he graduated after two and a half years, eager to serve.

However, no less than a week later, news hit the headlines of the Ninth Fleet mysteriously disappearing after being dispatched to Manaan. An investigation which took several months concluded that the fleet was forced to retreat, and the ships that remained suffered catastrophic malfunctions when trying to engage the hyperdrive due to significant damage to that area of the ship. No survivors were found. Delek blamed his brother's death on the Rebels, and swore either to assimilate or annihilate them, either way, vowing to eradicate the Rebellion whatever the cost.

At aged 22 Delek was given his first TIE Interceptor, piloting it in several battles, showing extreme skill and control with the craft. His prowess was not well known, preferring to hide it and avoid too much attention, believing that everyone was as good as each other, and thus nobody was above anyone else within the corps, unless rank dictates such.

Civil WarEdit

Delek's finest moments in the smaller cockpit came during the Imperial Civil War which broke out shortly before Delek's 27th birthday. Joining the Loyalists, he was given command over Vanguard Squadron, the elite squadron of the Second Fleet. He fought decisive victories over Dantooine and later at Kuat, managing even to obliterate several Council ships with a seismic charge that he had carried in case a retreat needed to be covered. Dary'aim Balor, Delek's mentor at this time, was also commander of the Second Fleet and was a key factor in the Loyalist triumph. The Council were utterly crushed, achieving not one single victory for their side. Within a month, the Loyalists were victorious, and the enemy leader, Avadreia Lacroix, was executed without mercy. Delek's actions did not go unnoticed; Emperor DuSang himself caught wind of Wrentar's resounding successes and would see to that Delek would move further up the ladder of the Empire.

Rise to PowerEdit

Emperor DuSang, as a result of Delek's actions in the Civil War, personally promoted him to Rear Admiral, giving him command over the Obsidian Fleet to watch over Taris, despite campaigns where the Fleet was dispatched to deal with rival Rebel fleets, hitting them hard with each encounter. Delek was proving himself to be both skilled in the cockpit and on the bridge, gaining victories against the Rebels in numerous battles. At this time, his relationship with the Jedi began to develop, firstly with Master Katarine Ryiah, whom he was close to, but never close enough to enter a relationship. Delek fundamentally believed that the Jedi were the 'key that fitted the hole'. They were the principal factor of completing Delek's sole objective: galactic peace and serenity. Everyone else would either be cast aside or assimilated, under a rather compassionate, if not apparently unrealistic, Imperial dynasty. Delek loathed the Sith, though nevertheless having friends on both sides, most notably the Cathar, Darth Voyance, whom he met during a riot on Coruscant, and Alexia Preston, his sister. The Rebellion Delek also had no love for, for reasons related to Charles Wrentar, and their stubborness to resist and reluctance to understand his motives.


At age 29, Delek was again promoted, this time to Lord Admiral, giving him full control over the Imperial Navy. During this time the Yuuzhan Vong attempted to invade, though Delek successfully defeated their fleet over Coruscant, despite the Vong achieving control on the ground. Furthermore, his tactics were enhanced, now using battlefield environments to his full advantage. One such example is using a minefield to screen his movements, destroying the mines as they drew close, creating a literal wall of fire between his fleet and a rogue Chiss fleet. Several encounters with General Nomad and Admiral Hawkmoon resulted in close victories and stalemates, meeting his match, especially with the latter.

Delek's relationship with the Jedi also grew at this point, entering the lives of the Hawk family. The infamous Ti'Cira Hawk, who almost killed him on board Captain kahoshi's ship, and her sister, Curupira, whom Delek almost had a romantic relationship with, though turned it down, for fear of the extreme consequences. His respect for the Jedi reached its peak, and in certain cases his respect was being returned, indicating to him that sympathy over brutality would eventually bring the galactic civil war to a close. However, to other Imperials, it looked deeply treacherous, as conspiring with the Jedi was seen as traitorous deeds. His controversy still lingers to this day, though his loyalty remains unwavering to his Emperor.

His flagship, the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Royal Avicus, was the head of his fleet until its destruction at the hands of the Bounty Hunter Kane Smart, though managing to cripple both flagships of the Rebel fleets present and destroying much of Smart's fleet also. It was replaced by the Tarisian Retribution, a Sovereign-class SSD (and later, the Assertor-Class Dreadnaught, Faceless God), during the Galactic Crusade, a major Jedi retaliation against the Sith which plunged the galaxy into vicious conflict that cost the lives of billions, including Delek's parents, who were on Taris when Rogue Moon crashed into the planet, the biggest Imperial disaster to date.

The Empire following the Crusade was fragile, and Delek was one of the few senior members to take a seat on board the Regency Council, established shortly after the sudden abdication of Emperor DuSang. The ranking system was also altered, and Delek was made a Grand Admiral. However, the Council never imposed the power that the Empire had under DuSang, and was regarded as a feeble replacement. With the dwindling power of the Empire, Delek was now being faced with the growing realisation that the Empire was no longer fit to uphold enough power to further his goals.

Defection and The Galactic UnderworldEdit


Delek as a member of The Galactic Underworld.

Delek's defection was caused for a number of reasons. One, the Empire had never accepted his incredibly idealistic ideas and as such was distrusted, particularly because it involved cooperation with the hated Jedi. Two, Delek himself doubted the Empire's power after the Crusade, whether it could hold the mantle to drive him further to accomplish his long-term objectives. Three, his turbulent relationship with Raven Hinata (whom had deserted him while he served in the Empire, something which Delek has never forgiven Raven for to this day) was only going to work if Delek set himself free from Imperial shackles. Four, he desired a more individualistic lifestyle, after serving for so long with the Empire. Make no doubt that Delek still respected the Empire, and offered his services to them if need be, but the feeling was not mutual.

His time amongst the criminals and cutthroats of the galaxy is still in its infancy, but already he has won the respect of several members, namely Kassey Daklin and Kane Smart (whom before was his mortal enemy).

Relationship with Xyra SizhranEdit

The so-called bond between Delek and the Imperial assassin (codenamed Shiva) is a subject of much debate, though only rumours are known. In truth, it is fragile, yet at the same time almost impossible to shatter. It has been lingering since their first encounter on Dagobah, where Sizhran was looking for his help. As a result of the conversation there, Delek has since had a unique relationship with her. The relationship came to a head after the destruction of Taris, where Delek learned of her direct involvement and, in his fury, went after her head. Even so, once he had eventually found her, he couldn't bring himself to do it, claiming that he could bring her back to the moral level he wanted her to be at, away from any immediate danger. Sizhran has always said Delek never fully understood her, and much of this was true. Both characters are incompatible, but something still remained.

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