Delila Castillon

Character Profile
Delila Castillon
1st Lieutenant
The Rebellion
Codename : Mercy

Nickname : Dells
Early 30s
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Deep Red
Home Planet
Worlport,Ord Mantell
Nathan Solo
Isela Morgan Castillon [alive]
Alden Castillon [alive]
Dasan Castillon [alive]
Lucas Nathaniel Solo [alive]

Eva Natalie Solo [alive]

Benjamin Cade Solo [alive]
RC-9051 "Nomad"
James Parker,Kacius Porte

Early LifeEdit

Born on Ord Mantell in the city of Worlport, one minute and forty seven seconds after her twin brother, Dasan.Delila had an average childhood. Her parents ran a fabrication and repair dry dock within the city, with Alden running the repairs and Isela working the office side of the business. Both Delila and Dasan grew up around the business, starting to work in the shop at eight years old. Dasan took to the business naturally but it was not Delila's desire to be a grease monkey. To this day, even though she is talented mechanically, Delila dislikes any repair work. She will perform such tasks if no one else is around to do the work.

Smuggling Edit

Delila started smuggling in her late teens, first doing trial runs with Chief and his crew on the Idiots Bounty.

Imperial LifeEdit

After Chief died and the crew of the Idiots Bounty seperated and went their own ways, Delila joined the Empire after seeing few options for her future. Upon her joining, Delila was assigned to the 501st as their Medic due to her prior training. While her Imperial career started out just fine, Delila quickly grew disillusioned with the way each solider was treated as a disposable product. Her decision to leave the Empire came after events at Burn's Ridge, where Units were left as a sacrifice to the local Tatooine populace. Delila barely escaped the situation, using the chaos to her advantage. Knowing she would be a traitor and outlaw, in addition to liking the military structure, Delila knew her only option would be to defect to the Rebellion.

The RebellionEdit


Personality Edit

While very organized and collected in her professional life, Delila's personal life could be described as impassioned and tumultuous. Having a slightly flirty, sarcastic personality has gotten her in trouble more than once. Delila is excellent at hiding her emotions, having a strong independent streak and preferring to deal with things on her own.

Involved ThreadsEdit

WIP/(Nearly all deleted, starting fresh)Edit

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