Delilah Rainier
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Delilah Stella Rainier
Also known as
Thief Adept
Blasters; Knives; Anything she can find
Body type
Eye color
Ice Blue
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Rainier Family
Mauder Family
Beltrak Family
Hawk Family
Significant other
Elizabeth Lone(d.)
Serenity Lancer(d.)
Ezra Lancer (d.)
Soryn Valnor
Dexter Rainier(twin)
Salene Rainier (d.)
Madalyn Bakunin
Ket Limelight
Curupira D'Arr Hawk(Step-grandmother)
Teron Mauder(d. adoptive)
Serenity Mauder(d. adoptive)
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Jason Mauder(d. adoptive)
Julius Rainier
Other family

Delilah Rainier is a Galactic Underworld Adept who specializes in theivery and scandalism.



Delilah Rainier

Delilah is an easy-going, loving person. She's extremely outgoing and can't really sit still for very long. She always has to be doing something exciting. She takes after her father in her constant trouble-making skills, loving running around and wreaking havoc on the galaxy as the days go by.

She is very playful and loves to joke around, musical and passionate of what she wants. She rarely takes no for an answer and chases anything she wants. She has a tendency to put up walls in front of people until she gets to know them.

Delilah is skilled at getting out of trouble, from seducing them to let it go to finding some way to escape in the most creative ways. Smart and skilled she's always at the top of her game.

Due to the leaving of her husband and the death of her only daughter, she had become quite bitter and sarcastic, which sometimes worked against her when she would act that way. She was closed off for a while and is only just starting to open up.



Delilah; age 10

Delilah had a fun and easy childhood. She grew up on Corellia with her parents and twin brother. She was spoiled and spent her life as a Daddy's Girl. She grew up with her twin brother, Dexter Rainier and they loved each other very much. If anything you couldn't separate the two on a good day. Her personality as a child still carries over into her older years, as she was just as spontaeneous and crazy she was then as she is now.

The VoiceEdit

A complication with her childhood was the fact that she had a voice in her head(making her slightly Skitzophrentic). It would tell her what to do and try to talk her into bad things that she didn't want to do. It was the devil inside her head basically, but with no angel to save her. It plagued some of her childhood, causing problems and then Jenisis set up Force walls to block out the voice.

Eventually, when she was a teenager, the voice came back to her while with her brother and Kerba Vh'nnar, her godfather. Dexter did his best to use the Force to push it away again, since then, it has not returned to her.

Pain Without LoveEdit

Well Enough AloneEdit

Kael Lone was her husband, but after a couple years, he ended up leaving Delilah and their daughter. The pressure of everything that was going on with their marriage caused him to pick up and leave one night when Delilah and Lizzie were sleeping, only leaving a note to Delilah not explaining much, but making it clear he was never coming back to her. Soon after, their divorce was final and Delilah was once again alone.

If I Die Young, Bury Me In A Bed Of RosesEdit

About a year after Kael left, Delilah and Lizzie went to Nar Shaddaa to get out of the house, why Delilah decided to go there she will never know, but they went and her and Lizzie were wandering about when suddenly Lizzie let go of her mother's hand and ran off to see something she liked. Delilah caught up with her, but not before a man with an agenda came up to them... Before Delilah knew it, her and Lizzie were knocked out and dragged off into the depths of Nar Shaddaa.

When Delilah awoke, she was tied up in front of her daughter, also tied up, and freaked out accordingly, soon after the man who had taken them, came into view and after that, all Delilah remembers is the pain she saw her daughter go through. The torture went on for weeks before the man finally cut Lizzie's throat and let her bleed to death.

Delilah was kept for another week or so and eventually found a way to escape. Contacting her only trusted friend, Kassey Daklin-Nero , and successfully escaped, but the damage had been done...


Delilah Rainier; present

The PresentEdit

Presently Delilah is an Adept at The Galactic Underworld. She's as happy as she can be right now, and she doesn't see her future being messed up in any way and just plans on proceeding with what she is doing in life.She is presently alone relationship wise, but she is fine with such a situation as she has always been more of a loner than she has been good with relationships after her first husband left her. She plans on jumping higher in her career and becoming everything she can be.

Her FamilyEdit

Her ParentsEdit


Jenisis Rainier; mother

Jenisis LancerEdit

Her mother and her had never really been super close. But they tried their hardest to be a close family. Delilah was not a Force user so she just never really had any sort of closeness with that either. Delilah and Jenisis typically really only did stuff together if it involved the whole family.

The closest they became was when her parents separated and Delilah decided to help her mother the best she could since Skyler left Jen because she got pregnant with Kael Lone's child at nineteen years old and Jen seemed to have no reaction with it other than trying to defend her.

Eventually, Jenisis blamed Delilah for the desigration of her marriage and now Jen and Delilah do not associate with each other unless absolutely needed.


Skyler Rainier; father

Skyler RainierEdit

Delilah was closest with her father as she grew up. She and her father always had fun causing trouble and being wreakless, and the fact they were both not Force-users was a help. Though Delilah always had taken after her father in personality and the fact she was always getting in trouble in some way.

After she got pregnant, Skyler walked out and didn't really talk to anyone in his family. But Delilah always remained the Daddy's Girl she grew up as. She is presently trying to rebuild their relationship as father and daughter.


Elisabeth "Lizzie" Lone

Elizabeth LoneEdit

Lizzie was born to Delilah and Kael Lone, healthy and just as active as both her parents from day one. As she got older, her personality came out as a combination of her mother and father. Being loveable, happy, but yet a troublemaker.

Not long after she turned three, her and her mother went to Nar Shaddaa together and they both got captured... ending in Lizzie's untimely death.

Thread HistoryEdit

Character DevelopmentEdit

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