Della Dayven
Jedi Padawan
Lady Dayven (Nabooian Noble, not Sith-Aligned)
Human (Echani)
125 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Lady Tessa Dayven (Naboo Noble)
Barak Dayven (Half Brother)
C'orringath Ven'Traas


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

She was born on Naboo, in the Feldon Peninsula, for which her mother's family has ruled over this area under the Naboo Royal Council's guidance for several centuries. Decades before her birth, her mother Tessa washed out of the Jedi Youngling program at 12, having no master available to teach her. Tessa returned to Naboo and gradually took after her mother's responsibilities.

The short of the story is simply that Tessa fell in love with a visiting Echani dignitary. It is unknown if he was a Jedi, but Della was born far more talented in the Force than her mother. She also was never told who her father was, even though he was the man that would teach her every form of combat of the Echani people. This man also raised her half brother Barak along side her. The two kids spent much time training with each other and became best friends, understanding each other on levels no other people could understand.

In secret, her mother groomed her in rudimentary Force control, teaching Della what little she studied of all of the various lightsaber forms of the Old Republic. Since Della was built as a pilot, her fighting ability was groomed for her to be defensive and only offensive once her opponents were worn down. A conservative and old form of Jedi fighting strategy rarely seen in the new order.

If she wasn't training for combat, her mother was training her for the political arena, learning to observe and act as little as possible, in order not to show your political rivals their hand. Her mother, not having her name on any list of Jedi, survive Order 66 and made sure to pass on her political knowledge as well as her Force knowledge to Della.

Age 12, Della began to take an interest in flying and fixing things, so much of her Force training suffered, though her mother did not see a problem with it. She wanted Della to be well-rounded and someone that didn't smother, if ever the Force was of no use to her or taken from her by people with Force-dampening creatures.

Age 15, Della schooled in the Nubian Technological Institute and earned her engineering degrees. Only because of all the flight hours in simulators, did she get granted an officer's commission in the Royal Naboo Security Force shortly after her graduation.


Age 17 - 23 Della served the Royal Security Force of Naboo, making it as high as Major and commanded the N-1 fighter squadron Gatekeeper. After that, she joined the Jedi Order at the urging of her mother.



Della has the diplomatic training of one expected to spend much time around nobles of various worlds. She's quiet most of the time and is very hard to socialize with. She also has a tendency to judge one by how they are in battles, either on the field or in a political arena.

It is important to note that Della sees things based on her Echani belief of measuring people by actions. As such, many of her beliefs seem the mark of arrogance, and the human part of her her will spot such arrogant remarks. However, most of the time, it is not intended.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aside from having an exotic understanding of some languages and being strong in the Force, she does have a strong engineering mind. Most of the upgrades on her droid and ship were done by her.


Wookiee (Understands, Doesn't Speak)
Droid (Understands, Doesn't Speak)

The ForceEdit

She's strong in augmented abilities in duels, as well as being highly empathic and a shatterpointer. Another ability she picked up was learning to suppress her pain and transferring it into another form of fuel. She is not very good in the healing arts, nor suited to be a central point for any large Jedi Battle melds.


Being a noble and the daughter of an Echani weapon master, she is highly skilled in swordplay that doesn't deal in strength, but speed, agility, defense, offense, momentum, and deflection/reflection. Forms III and IV are ones she's studied religiously and as almost master them in ways padawans of the Old Republic were expected to before their trials. There is still much refinement needed, mostly in her offensive Form IV style before she can be considered well enough to handle missions and assignments on her own.

Martial ArtistEdit

As Ataru requires the ability to flip, vault, somersault, jump, and duck, her father trained her in the deadly Echani martial arts - a deadly martial art close to Parkour . She can fight with and without a blade in her hand, though she is far better armed.


The one weakness that stands out is her ability to jump into situations without seeing the bigger picture. Other smaller weaknesses is her insistence of doing things alone.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


She has 2 specially made lightdaggers (silver blades)tucked in secret compartments in her soft-shell boots. Visibly, 2 regular lightsabers (blue blades) rest in her thigh holsters and she has holsters under her arms, inside her jacket, that house 2 DL-14 blasters.


The Callus Hammer is her YT-1250 ship, co-piloted by her astromech, R9-D3 (nicknamed Dilly).

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