Since creation on in Nov. 1999, TGC has grown from a rudimentarily designed forum to a much more complexly coded board having added minor Java and instituted several professional layouts since inception.



Nov 1999 - Mid 2000: Under limited resources TGC experiments with several design schemes including different banners and backgrounds.

-Original TGC Welcome Message added

-"Council" spelled wrong on bright green banner.

Mid 2000: TGC enters its first dark "Green" period

Late 2000: Original Greeting Message removed

March 2001: Staff listing added to top of board

July 2001: Side Bar added

-Top 5 lists, Board Showcase, added


Early-Mid 2002: TGC enters its "Blue" period

-Kenny (Vernacular) of Eicher Design provides professional banner graphic and buttons.

April 2003: Side bar replaced by top Java menus.

November 2004: In honor of TGC's birthday, board enters its Second "Green" period.

-Dark green design and banner are brought back.

-Java menus are kept.

-Green table placed around board.


June 2005: Classic green banner updated by Tyrus Jin

-Droid Army replaced by inside view of Otoh Gunga.

August 2005: Original classic green banner restored to TGC yet again.

October 20, 2005: TGC Redesigned blue/green in honor of next Birthday.

-New Banner designed by Keira Lyshaa with text: The Gungan Council Since 1999.

November 2005 - January 2006: A dozen Holiday Banners applied to the blue/green design during this period.

February 2006: TGC Enters its Orange Phase and sports a new banner based on the original trilogy designed by DarkSkyKerberos.

April 16, 2006: TGC returns to its Traditional Green font and banner again.

June 12, 2006: TGC enters its 2nd "Blue" period. The blue design is brought back with a one piece edit of the Vernacular banner provided by DarkSkyKerberos. Hours later the actual Vernacular banner is restored to TGC.

September 2006: The Gungan Council goes to its blue/green design again.

January 16, 2007: TGC returns to its Traditional Green format

Design GalleryEdit

Written by: General Ceel
Encoded to Wiki by: Siris Nido

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