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"The dark side offers power for power's sake. You must crave it. Covet it. You must seek power above all else, with no reservation or hesitation." ―Darth Revan


Early LifeEdit

Dessel was born on Coruscant. As a Vampire, he led a cursed life, stalking the undergrowth of the criminal elements, feeding and growing stronger. For decades he lived here, never knowing anything more. He was cold, and whispers began to spread that a demon haunted Coruscant, a demon that even stole his own mother's soul. There was some truth in those rumors. Dessel could be seen as a demon, and he did kill his mother, feeding on her, as well as his father to live. His mother proved no struggle, but his father put up a fight, but the man was no match for the vampire, even with his Sith training.

When he killed his father, he took the man's clothing and lightsaber, and he felt a connection. Draining his father's life, Dessel unlocked his connection to the Force, and strengthened it with his father's power. He did not have the control that his father did, or the skill with it that most Sith have, but he did have the raw power, his own natural talent as well as his father's.

The Tales of a DemonEdit

After leaving Coruscant, Dessel traveled the galaxy. He killed many, draining their life force and increasing his power and sating his hunger. He did not discriminate, he cared little for these beings. They were little more than cattle to him. His dinner, his playthings. Dessel saw the whole galaxy as his playground, for him to destroy or rebuild as he saw fit. It was at this time that he developed his narcissistic behavior. He truly viewed himself as a god, a god of death, with the ability to choose when others died and lived.

Also, during this time, Dessel developed a strikingly and shockingly good ability to appear subservient. It seemed to be an oxymoron with his narcissism, but he used it as only a ploy. A ploy that served him to get close to those in power who he wanted to kill, and then kill them, showing his superiority in the end.

Reaching the SithEdit

Dessel grew bored of wandering the galaxy. He wanted more power, and he knew of only one place to give that to him. The Sith. The Jedi could offer him training, but he could never be a peace loving hypocrite like they were. He relished death, lived in it, and needed it as much as a human needs sleep. Therefore, he stowed away on a ship. It was nothing special, just a simple cargo ship. During the trip, Dessel killed men and framed it to look like other crew members. When they reached their destination, Korriban, Dessel rigged the engines to explode and left the ship, launching all the escape pods so all the people on board would die a death in the fires, or in the vacuum of space.sith apprentices of the sith council

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