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The Young ScientistEdit

"Just do it, Tucker! For science." - Church, Red vs. Blue

A Misunderstood ManEdit

Possessed with a voracious desire to experiment and a genius level IQ, the young Disciple had all the trappings of a successful scientist on the rise. However, it became apparent via the course of its tenure at various institutions that it was a sociopath. Having no conscience, it routinely was put on the spotlight for unethical treatment of patients and subjects, while simultaneously lacking the understanding of the concept of not testing live subjects. All the fundamentals rules for experimenting were thrown out the window, as it saw them as unneccessary. Most of the labratories where it worked in the past have long since decayed, any records pertaining to them long lost, and even its age is no longer known. What is inferable however, it the fact that at one point, it likely had a very normal life before its sociopathic tendencies came to the fore.

The other easily inferable fact is that it has tested on itself in the past. Perhaps its masochistic (it's clearly sadistic), but for whatever reason, it felt the desire to feel the effects of its own 'therapies' firsthand. No one knows what lies under the beskar mask/helmet that it wears, but based on its desire to make sure the mask is never removed and its frequent references to being diseased it's easy to draw the conclusion that through the course of testing it managed to give itself something highly contagious. Now, as time has passed and the places it used to launch its career are long gone, one undeniable truth remains.

It kills for its own amusement.

The Pleasures of ExperimentingEdit

"The gleam of pain in the eye. The realization that they're still conscious as the scalpel makes its incision. Their attempts to scream cut off by relaxed muscles - and then the overwhelming sense of dread that follows. A delicious symphony of pain; it excites me so." - The Disciple

Perhaps the only thing the Disciple is famous for (besides the mask), is its creations. Sickening, twisted monstrosities of both nature and science, each is a tapestry of pain and horror wrought by the hands of a madman. From gleaming musclulature exposed by a lack of skin, to reanimated corpses and hulking flesh monsters, the Disciple's experiments know no limitations or boundaries. These creatures are controlled through some sort of mechanism or perhaps thought process created by the Disciple, which makes them not only ruthless killing machines, but totally obedient to his will and direction.

Kept in cells aboard his ship and aboard the worldships favored by the Horde - produced in various laboratories and in the field - each creation is what the Disciple calls a 'masterpiece', but is a horror unlike any the galaxy has known before. Where the Empire is ruthless and martial, and the Sith are angsty and cut throat, the Disciple is twisted and unyielding in it's endeavors.

The Empire wishes to rule the galaxy, retaking its place as the supreme power and bringing 'order' and 'peace'. The Sith wish to also control the galaxy, but also to take power for the sake of taking power. To them, power is an end unto itself, and so they seek it ruthlessly. But the Disciple, the Disciple merely wishes to see mankind burn - and if the rest of the galaxy wishes to follow suit, then who is it to say 'no'?

Joining the HordeEdit

Making its Name KnownEdit

"Sometimes the best horror stories... are those that come to life right before your eyes." - The Disciple

The Disciple spent many years traveling the galaxy in it's ship, known as the Game Over, but because no one who came in contact with it ever survived, the name was whispered amongst the Outer Rim as little more than a boogeyman's tale of caution. It was something used to scare children into behaving, and was sometimes said around campfires as a scary story - a veritable house of horrors lurked in its corridors (or so the story went).

Usually these stories are baseless and full of exaggeration, but for this one time... the horrors of the imagination matched the horrors of what went on aboard the ship. Over time, the realization came that the vessel was real, and the sightings of it became more and more frequent.

Then it became a question of who inhabited the ship, and what they did aboard it that kept it from civilization for such long stretches of time.

Above Tatooine at a refueling station, a lone scientific research ship named the Game Over docked and put in an order for new bridge consoles and tech. It waited at high anchor for the techs to shuttle up and bring with them everything they'd need - they were being top credit to be quick and quiet.

The name unsettled some, but many put it off as someone trying to capitilize off an old ghost story. Volunteers were quick to make their interest known as the pay was far better than what they should be making, and soon a team was assembled and transported up.

Those sent aboard the ship to install new hardware told stories of a masked figure, speaking through many voices at once but never its own, ushering them onto a vessel lit to the bare minimum of visibility. From many doors along the corridors came growls and snarls, bangs and thumps, and when questioned... the figure merely responded that some things were better off not known.

Payment came from several accounts, all with no name and with no history as to where the funds had been deposited or where they'd even come from. The moment the techs were done and the hardware tested, they'd been whisked off as fast as possible and the vessel had transitted out system.

From there, the rest was word of mouth.

Seeking ArtemisEdit

"Mankind? Mankind is a blight upon the galaxy, a parasite that takes and never gives. Their time has come and passed, and it is I who will facilitate their demise - what's that? The Horde... no, I had not heard. Do tell." - The Disciple in conversation at a cantina.

Slowly, over time, as supplies were needed and stops became more frequent, The Disciple heard whispers of a fledgling faction calling itself The Horde. They'd met on the ancient Vong world of Zonama Sekot to establish themselves and make their presense known.

Wholly dedicated to wiping mankind from the galaxy and reclaiming that which they'd taken from the indigenous species of the galaxy, the Disciple was perplexed but pleased that others shared its mindset. Using every available avenue of information gathering, the Disciple eventually figured out when and where Artemis Obauldi, Warchief of the Horde, would make planetfall.

Meeting with the large Yuuzhan Vong, and making clear its intention to aid the Horde war effort, he was accepted into the fold with open arms. Its creations made it an invaluable tool for the Horde, turning their numbers from a meager threat to something truly fearsome.

It was under this new leadership that the Disciple was able to figure out a way of mass producing its creations from the fallen corpses of their opponents, and it was quick to increase its fearsome reputation across the galaxy by joining in the destruction of the Temple of Light on Carida, and in ambushing Kalia Vondiranach by luring her onto its vessel to test out it's experiments.

The Horde was on the rise, and the Disciple would be its vanguard - herald of the Destruction of Mankind.

Disappearance of the HordeEdit

As quickly as the Horde had arrived into the galaxy, strong-arming their way to the Galactic Core, they vanished. They retreated into their conquered worlds and took stock of what they had. During this time, what the Horde did and accomplished remained mostly a secret. Disciple was the only public face of the Horde during this time, as Omni (their galactic level AI), had joined the Galactic Underworld for its own ends.

After years of silence, the Horde was deemed of little imminent threat, and the galaxy went about its business. Disciple, on his end, had been experimenting endlessly to find a cure for his disease. This wound up unlocking his Force potential, and allowed him to accomplish the goal he'd had his whole life - becoming a true Sith.

Equipment, Ship and AbilitiesEdit

Personal Equipment - Non Force UserEdit


The Disciple varies its loadout for the situation it feels it will be going into. To accomplish this, its old slugthrower rifle is highly modifiable, and is never far from its side. It will be guarenteed to have its old slug pistol and a cortosis-weave knife, as well as its stealth cloak and tactical vest full of ammunition, vials, and syringes. Typically, it carries with it one or two thermal detonators along with a small motion tracking device. The gas mask (made of beskar), not only serves to filter its air supply and protect those around it from its diseases, but also functions as a HUD.

Able to see in thermal imaging, night vision, and UV spectrum, the scientist has spent a great deal of time refining its systems for maximum efficiency. The stealth field is able to handle up to 20 minutes of sustained use before requiring recharge, which only takes a few minutes. The stealth field, while able to fully make him invisible, is unable to handle it firing its weapons and is the major downside to the field. It will become hazy, the figures shape showing in the air from the combined muzzle flash and recoil.

Personal Equipment - Force UserEdit

Sith Disciple

Disciple, having become Sith, decided it was time to change up his trademark image. He adopted form fitting leather and metal armor, as well as a lightsaber with an unholy green blade. It's armor was decorated in skulls and the likenesses of death, and he began to wear an animal skull on his head which was kept hidden mostly from view by his hood.

Aside from the saber, the only other weapons he keeps on him in this state is the Force, several cortosis weave blades, and a slugthrower pistol.

The Game OverEdit

The Disciple's vessel is a personal research ship. Its name is known throughout the galaxy due to an urban legend that became reality, but it has no registered owner. However, the only person seen using it is the Disciple itself, and so its easy to infer who is the vessels master.

The ship appears to have no outside arnaments, although scans indicate that the shield generator is absurdely powerful. The vessel isn't designed for combat, but it can certainly survive long enough to escape an ambusher or three with little to not problem.

Inside, a single corridor runs the length of the vessel, flanked on either side by large doors and cells that house his many experiments. The front of the vessel holds the cockpit, where slaved servitors work at brand new stations. At the rear, its laboratory.

The only Jedi who was allowed on board, and who was subsequently fought by the Disciple itself, often spoke of being able to feel the torment of lost souls trapped aboard - a living hell for the creatures the Disciple kept there.

The interior is well maintained, and painted a pristine laboratory white. However, this is almost impossible to tell as the only lighting really used is the red emergency lights, which provide the bare minimum of illumination.

Recently however, the Game Over recieved an upgrade following the takeover of Charros IV. Omni built the vessel based on specifications given to it by Disciple. The new vessel is just over 10 kilometers in length and classified as a 'supercarrier' vessel.

Wip lemurian supercarrier by peterprime-d4u269u

The vessel is complete and carries a compliment of bio-oganic fighters, of which it apparently has a near endless supply. The hull is now overgrown by flesh-like coverings and surrounded by a shield of what appears to be spores.


The Disciple has spent many years refining himself with the best augmentations that it can. While this has left it diseased and requiring its mask, it is more than a match for most in combat. While relatively unskilled in hand to hand combat, it makes up for that in agility and strength.

Testing on itself has given it hyper accelerated reflexes and agility, vastly increased strength as well as a limited healing factor. Its endurance is vastly improved, organs, skeleton, tissue and skin hardened to the point of near invulnerability (a bit of an exaggeration, but it gets the point the across). This makes breaking its bones almost impossible as well as making any physical attacks against him a dangerous prospect.

His agility allows him to cover large distances in a short period of time, almost to the point of appearing to teleport - although it takes a good deal of his energy to move this fast. His strength allows him to easily lift people with one hand, or punch through a durasteel wall. It's also able to climb and walk on walls and cielings through some unknown means.

He is also a well known mimic, capable of projecting its voice effortlessly and mimicking the voice of any person it comes across. Some voices require practice, naturally, but once it has a voice down it's impossible to tell the difference between the real and the fake.

It is still testing on itself, and so some abilities may improve given time and research. But for now, the main thing holding it back is its lack of combat experience.

The Disciple, now a Sith, augments these abilities with the Force, making him even more formidable.

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