Dathomir Witch Clan
Dreaming River Clan

Clan Leader

Pandora Marzullo
Members Aine'ki Marzullo
Belladonna Marzullo
Chrono Marzullo
Deija Marzullo
Dragen Marzullo
Fiera Marzullo
Greya Marzullo
Lestat Marzullo
Luna Marzullo
Malus Marzullo
Poseidon Marzullo
Thanatos Marzullo
Tiamat Marzullo
Zen Marzullo
High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches Xander Starkiller
Diablo Mandagoran
Pandora Marzullo
Chrono Marzullo
Zen Marzullo

The Coven

Dreaming River

Galactic Basic


Hunters, Beast Handlers

The Dreaming River Clan was a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Dreaming River on Dathomir. It was led by Astrinol Hja. In 12 ABY, the Clan was rounded up by Imperials, but were soon freed by several New Republic sympathizers with the aid of Kir Kanos.

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Faline Bazzle;; Clan Mother


The Marzullo ClanEdit

The Marzullo Clan branch of Dathomir Witches is rooted within the Dreaming River Clan. Faline Bazzle, a one time Clan Mother, had married Othello Marzullo becoming twisted to the ways of the Dark Side. Upon her untimely, some say mysterious death due to an incurable disease which was thought a curse, Eshale was thus inducted as the new Clan Mother.

Following the death of Eshale, who died at the hands of Santeria Decuir, another elder, Polaris, was elected by the clan to represent them from the position of Clan Mother.

Polaris had guided the clan from the shift of a Nightsister stronghold into that of Jedi and the Rebellion sympathizers upon the eve of the Jedi becoming the dominate pressence upon the homeworld. This would lead to many changes among the clan, some for the betterment of the village and it's people. But like so many other governments or people in power, the choices made by Polaris were not completely welcome or rather greeted with joy by those still among the clan.

The CovenEdit

At the battle of Dathomir which had taken place nearly forty years later, the Dreaming River Clan had been visited by Christian Decuir, the brother of Santeria Decuir. In an effort to gain an ally and to offer them a pardon, the Nightbrother had come with the treaty to end the war between their sovereigns. Mother Polaris had accepted, though it was met with great resistence and the end of her life along with other clan elders.

During the peace talks, Jedi, Allyans and even the Sith had come to interrupt hoping to persuade Polaris from giving into The Coven's proposition. It had been their unwanted pressence and insensitivity of the gathering that had finally helped to persuaded Polaris into signing the treaty. A battle had then ensued across the village of the Dreaming River Clan settlement, casualities on both sides. It had been the victory for Santeria and the The Coven that had won them that position; in an effort to remove the plague of the Jedi influence, each clan member was given the choice - death or conversion.

A New Clan Mother EmergesEdit

Upon their victory, the opportunity had risen to ensure that the Dreaming River Clan would continue to be loyal to The Coven. Choosing to place a member from within their own gathering, upon the seat of Clan Mother - Pandora Marzullo. The young woman had proven to be loyal to their cause, even moreso to the High Priestess, and thus the loyalty was rewarded. This would be the first of many adjustements to Dathomir that would be made as they, The Coven, continued on a path to restore Dathomir back to its former glory.

The Dreaming River ClanEdit

The Village and Surroundings of Dreaming RiverEdit

Dreaming River CultureEdit



  • Galactic Basic
  • (Italian)
  • Paecian

The Attire of the Dreaming River ClanEdit

Ceremonial Attire & WeaponryEdit

Battle Weaponry and AttireEdit

Members;; Past and PresentEdit

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