A Caption Of Duo In The Wild

|Name = Duo Crossward Maxwell

|Rank = Padawan

|Faction = The Jedi Council

|Alias = N/A

|Age = 17

|Species = Arkanian

|Height = 5 ft, 10 inches

|Weight= 196 lbs

|Eye = Clear, (disguised) Blue
Duo creature shaded by sapphiregamgee-dzs1y7

Experimented Form (True Form)

|Hair = Black, (disguised) Brown

|Homeworld= Orginal Unknown, What he grew up on Artorias

|Spouse = N/A

|Mother = Unknown, Nun Yarula

|Father = Unknown, Father Rimington

|Siblings = Unknown

|Children = N/A

|Master = Spark Vallen

|Apprentice = N/A

Your char's name Duo was a name given to him by the church that found him in the woods. Woods in which he lived in most of his life.


==Childhood and Early Life==(Adding)

==Career== (Adding)



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Through his connection he may understand what other are saying, but has a hard time talking back with languages he doesn't know.

The ForceEdit

Force Body

Alter Environment



Weilds a stave, but in many ways he uses it like a blade.

Martial ArtistEdit


Duo's greatest weakness is the fact that he is a pacifist and has little to no want to attack a person.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Duo weilds a stave made out of an unknown wood wrapped over a metalic rod inside. He weilds it and channels the force through it.


Rogue-class Porax-38 starfighter, Nickname: Max

Technical specifications

Length 18.7
Width 10.88
Height/depth 3.51
Maximum acceleration 3,150 G
Maximum speed 60,000 km/h
Hyperdrive rating Class 2.0
Hyperdrive range 3,000 light-years
Power output 5.6 x 1017 W
Power plant Hpyermatter annihilator
Armament Fire-linked laser cannons (2)
Energy Bomb Generator (holds only 5)
Minature Solar Ionization Cannon
Crew (1) Pilot, possible (1) Astromech Droid
Consumables 22 days

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