The Eclipse Team is a Mission Group under the command of Rebellion Special Operations, which is commanded and reports directly to the Director of Special Forces and Operations. This team, under the Director's direct command, works outside the bounds of the normal rank and file of the Rebellion Army. Unlike Intelligence, they work as a team rather than single cells, and include themselves in the army ranks. They can and almost always will ignore the orders of higher ranking officials outside of their team, due to the classified nature of their missions.

Known as "Spectres" and "Spooks", this team specializes in deep cover operations behind enemy lines. They are known for their extensive and deadly training, especially against Sith task forces. Each member of the team has access to advanced gear and training that they can utilize against both non-Force using enemies, and Force using enemies.

Though close to none of their operations are declassified, it is rumored that Eclipse has caused the downfall of several regimes single-handedly on planets, along with successful assassination of prominent Sith Masters.

This team is compiled of the best from Special Operations and Special Forces, and is completely diverse.

Eclipse Rank Structure and Policy

Though they have the ability to work alone, members of Eclipse generally work in squads of four, depending on the mission. Most likely, though, the entire team is included in the operations. Each member of a squad specializes in some form of combat, weather that be medical training, rifle training, or hand-to-hand. Each squad is meant to act as a single, deadly unit capable of surviving and crippling an enemy force from behind their lines. They do not rely on back up, nor do they expect it. They are together, yet alone.

It is not unheard of for Eclipse members to transfer squads in the case of an absent squad member. Though each member is in a "squad", they are all a single team, and all can switch squads to rely on each other. It is also common for Eclipse squads to work without a full squad, or with part of another squad, and still work as a team.

Mantra: "We are together, yet alone."

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