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"Lets play a game...when I say go BOOM!" - Electrobe


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Slavery, it was in the galaxy no matter how many times the Republic said it wasn’t. Though some were lucky and had Master that would educate their slaves, treat them like family; but there were others. There were those Masters that would starve, over work, and exploit their slaves. Matthew as one of those unlucky flew. The boy was born to a Nightsister and her male slave, her mother had a decent standing in the community, but once she aligned herself with the invading Jedi she was deemed a traitor and murdered. After that the boy and his father were escorted to another part of the planet, to another clan where they worked. The boy grew into a young man and was soon taken out of the working group and placed to serve one of the women his mother was friends with. She was cruel, forced him to do things to her. She exploited him and ruined his desire for his home. Every day he vowed he would leave the horrid planet and never return, but for some reason each day that passed it grew harder and harder to keep that dream alive, each day became more involved with the woman.


Matthew 16-17

Matthew soon discovered that the woman he belonged too had plotted against his mother getting her killed. Seeing that this was something he couldn’t just stand by and allow this, he tempted her. The boy used his looks and drew the woman close to him, there he ripped out her throat and left her to bleed to death.

Freedom is what he got himself that day.

Running, he continued to run till he ended up on Nar Shaddaa. The boy found random jobs carrying goods for local merchants. They valued his strength and his ability to work for a long time. This caught the attention of a shady man, Nathaniel Brook. The man was someone who you didn’t mess with, he was as crooked as politicians could be. He had deals with the gangs on Nar Shaddaa along with deals with other Hutts on other planets. Either way, whatever Nathaniel wanted…he got. His sights were set on the young Dathomiran boy who knew the value of a credit.

The old man approached the boy one night; he offered him the riches of the world. Quietly, Matthew rejected the offer fully enjoying his own freedom and that he was doing this alone. He didn’t care for the riches of the world; he had his freedom that was all he ever needed. Not understanding why, Nathaniel threatened Matthew by saying he would murder the people he was being housed by. Seeing that Matthew didn’t want anyone to get involved in this, he went along with Nathaniel.

Nathanel Brook

Nathaniel Brook

Freedom StrippedEdit

The rest was a blur; Matthew couldn’t remember anything after that night. He was brought into the large laboratory; he was told that he would be joining a group of young men that were meant to protect the people of Nar Shaddaa. He would be a savior to the people and they would look up to him, the boy would finally be able to make up for the murder he was forced to commit to escape his home world. Each boy became friends; particularly one became very close with Matthew.

Justin - Matthew's friend on Nar Shaddaa

His name was Justin; he was somewhat in the same boat as Matthew. They were both runaways and stuck in this weird place. They both wanted to become heroes and somehow make this horrible galaxy better for people after them. Justin shared everything with Matthew and Matthew found a friend…his only friend in this entire universe. When it was time for them to endure their transformation into these super soldiers Justin went first, Matthew watched as the older boy stepped into the tank. It happened so quickly, the current surged through Justin’s body jumpstarting the cybernetics. The boy screamed for a moment then went silent, Matthew watched in horror as they removed the charred body of the one he considered his friend.

Cybernetic chamber

Matthew in the tank

Justin died in front of him, just like everyone else who endured the transformation. It was Matthew’s turn. He screamed and kicked trying to find some way to get out of this. The men that held him were stronger, they injected him with a sedative and he was laid into the tank. His eyes darted, his body was unable to move. The pain surged through his body as the needles inserted into him, he felt the metal plates that were implanted into his body when he was sleeping. His eyes looked up towards the man and he vowed if he lived through this he would make him pay for Justin’s death.

Then came the electricity, it danced along his skin and he bit his lip. He didn’t want to scream, didn’t want to give Nathaniel the satisfaction of hearing him scream. He closed his eyes and he saw his mother’s face, maybe this is what dying was supposed to be like? Though as much as he wanted to die, he wanted to live more, he awoke a few weeks later with Nathaniel looking over him. There was a sick and twisted grin on his face and Matthew knew he had survived.

He trained, learning everything from the weapons hidden inside of him to the ways of the world around him. It didn’t take long, but he soon got the hang of his new body. Once he finished training, he was given a helmet to hide his identity and become like the others, if there were ever any others. Taking the helmet back to his quarters he started to work, the modified the colors and everything about it. He made sure that the machine couldn’t talk back to the HQ when he downloaded his memories into the core. Once that was complete, he was able to escape.

Before he left, he used the thermal grenades that were hidden up his arm in the laboratory. If he could do anything, he would make sure no one had to die or become a monster like him. Explosions occurred and there were rumors that Nathaniel Brook had perished along with the staff, but Matthew knew the man was still alive.

He sat in a bar that night with the helmet hiding his face; he was wanted in the area for the escape and the murders of the people. They didn’t know his modifications, so the helmet that was shown on the holonet was nothing near the one he was wearing. The bartender looked him over asked his name; he couldn’t tell them his real name, so remembering a wire that was in the helmet he smirked and spoke in a synthesized voice.

4816797682 b142ddf0e6 b

The Modified helmet of Electrobe

“Electrobe, my name is Electrobe”

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