Emryc Nethalan
Sith Master
Morisson Moondance, Athanasios
Corellian Human
Eye Colour
Like a black abyss with two stars shining brightly
Hair Color
Home Planet
Engaged with Serap'is Ra
Shanna Nethalan
Gerr Nethalan
Neran Nethalan

"Fortune favours the brave."


Appearance Edit

Although Emryc is not small by most humanoid standards he is not someone who would catch your attention. His brown, piercing eyes are about the only truly memorable and haunting element of his features. For the remainder he is quite the usual fellow with no set style of dress. He has been wearing almost anything, ranging from dark and heavy Sith robes to casual suits made of the finest cloth.

Personality Edit

Driven, ambitious and a man with the plan. Emryc is both cunning and cruel, a man who would stop for nothing to accomplish his goals. A calculating individual who uses reason for every decision he makes. Proud, stubborn and headstrong, Emryc is a man who honours his alliances and rarely breaks a promise or a vow. In a way Emryc can be seen as a tragic hero with a fatal flaw, for his ambitious attitude, mixed with his pride and arrogance has at times worked against him; shaping his personality and ambitions even further.

History Edit

Youth Edit

Born into a family of wealthy Corellian industrialists Emryc was spoiled from an early age. The Nethalan family traces its roots back to an ancient and legendary Sith Lord who went by the name of Lord Tekstone. Lord Tekstone was the only one in the family to ever reach a Mastery of the Force. After Tekstone the family's attunement with the Force grew thinner with every passing generation, eventually dying out completely. From early on Emryc's life was focussed on increasing the family's power and recontinueing the family's ancient affiliation to the Dark Side. Spoiled by his mother and receiving harsh tutlage by his father, it was this upbringing that shaped his personality, laying the foundations for his trademark arrogance and pride. When his attunement to the Force became apparent, he was send to Korriban. Leaving his young fiancée Lotte Huus behind in Coronet City. He would later meet her again in deadly combat on Onderon

Apprentice of the Darkside Edit

After arriving on Korriban Emryc became the Apprentice of the Darkest of Knights Korran Halcyon and received brutal training. Korran, bend on destroying Emryc's arrogant attitude, eventually succeeded in his task and after many a torture Emryc finally succumbed, becoming nothing more then a weapon and a tool to the Dark Sith Order. During his time as an Apprentice he participated in the 'Darkest of Knights' assignment with his Master Korran Halcyon, as well as performing other minor tasks. Calling himself Darth Arawn, Emryc was considered to be a most loyal and useful member of the Dark Sith Order, a potent Apprentice of the Order. Lord Automos once remarked that Emryc was 'second only to Scuro', a famed Sith Knight.

Disappearance and return of the Knight Edit

After his Knighthood Emryc was dispatched to investigate the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy where he was eventually captured by a mysterious alien race only known as 'the Outsiders', a race with strong psychopathic powers. Intrigued by Emryc's attunement to the Force they held him hostage, exposing him to many experiments and tortures. He eventually managed to escape from the Outsiders' grasp and returned to the Known Galaxy. He rejoined the Dark Sith Order which had fallen in decline. During this imprisonment his personality and character changed once more and the mask of Arawn was broken. From then on he called himself Solivagus, or 'to be alone', as he felt that there was nobody he could trust save for himself.

Returning to the Dark Sith Order he helped them to turn the process of decline and had multiple Apprentices, the most notable ones being Archon Kaan and Raine Marzullo. He participated in many a mission for the Dark Sith Order, including the legendary 'Deathgrip on Dathomir' and the Invasion of Thyferra, in which he had a stand off with Tyriq Calrissian. Emryc also was an active participant on the side of the Empire during the Jedi Assault on Corellia. During this conflict he met and fought another famous Corellian; Jedi Master Spark Vallen. Their skirmish was brief and resulted in victory for Emryc. He however did not kill the famed Jedi Master, for he refused to kill a fellow Corellian while war was raged above their home.

Inbetween these major events, Emryc engaged in a mission that was more personal than any of his previous assignments: tracking down and killing the Jedi Knight Vehement Lorid. Being both the arch nemesis as well as best friend to and with the Jedi, it was an emotional moment when he finally slew the Jedi in the sky above Kashyyyk. Engaging in an intense, legendary showdown he eventually emerged succesful. Taking the lightsaber he brought the lifeless body of the Jedi to Kashyyyk's soil and cremated it there, paying his final respects to the one man whom he had considered a true friend.

Becoming a Master Edit

Emryc reached the rank of Master during the Coruscant Takeover, during which he played an often overlooked and ignored, yet vital role. The charismatic Sith Knight took on the role of Morrison Moondance, a senator of the independent Coruscanti Senate. Manipulating the senators with his charismatic approach he, alongside with DarkSky Kerberos and Darth Monnik, managed to maneuver the Senate in such a position that it aligned itself with the newly formed Sith Council. With control of Coruscant, all that remained was to mop up what remained of the resistance. Teaming up with Dark Sky Kerberos, the Sith Mistress and he went on to eliminate the bustling and influential crimelords. It was during this assignment that he was Mastered by the woman he had a short, romantic stint with.

Now a Master of the Force, the time was right to bring all of his scheming into a higher gear. Having grown disappointed in the Sith Council, it seems obvious that his resistance will grow more powerful. Having kept a low profile throughout most of his career, it seems likely that he will finally emerge from the shadows, ready to bend the Galaxy to his will.

Delusions, Ambitions, and Love Edit

While many of his schemes have failed or were abandoned, most of his plans have succeeded throughout the years. He survived the harsh environment of Korriban, Emryc eventually became one of the more powerful members of the Sith, and thus one of the more powerful beings in the Galaxy. His solitary existence as a Knight, combined with his rational approach to alliances has given him a rather isolated position among the Sith.

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