General Edit

The Fel family oversees a number of key resources on behalf of the Sith. These resources are industrial, financial, and military in nature. While these do not represent control of a planet or system in any way, they do demonstrate an expansive influence of key points across the galaxy.

Operations Edit

Chadra IV Edit

A complex manufacturing platform exists, taking advantage of the Chadra-Fan's abilities for technical design and development while closely monitoring their tendency to improvise.

Ryloth Edit

A power generation station was established on Ryloth, taking advantage of the constant sun and temperature differentials across the mountain ranges of the planet's thin habitable region.

Rodia Edit

A troop training facility exists on Rodia, hardening Sith troopers against conditions which are technologically challenged.

Gammor Edit

A second training facility was established on Gammor, testing the strength and tactics against the planet's brutish population.

Residences Edit

The Fel family's primary residence used to exist on Ziost. This estate, however, was destroyed during a recent Dark Side incursion. Archaen Fel's residence now exists on the resort planet of Gyosha, while Tiara has taken up residence on Kaon within a fortress home established by Darth Tyrannis. This home she shares with Jacelyn Fel and their daughters Ishta, Ishta White, and Angelica.

Financial Resources Edit

Tiara, Archaen, and Jacelyn Fel are the owners of Verdon-Fel Investments. This is an extensive financial investments firm established on ancient funds gathered by the Fel Empire. In addition, Fel's activities have begun to show profit. He has established Fel Consolidated Manufacturing, as well as Fel Entertainment Investments which provides for a variety of entertainment venues - focusing primarily on the holo-net industry.

The profit from these enterprises fuels the Fel's activities. In addition, Archaen has established Galactic Social Assistance: a philanthropic organization designed to present the Fel family as a gregarious, socially positive influence as opposed to the Sith that they truly are.

Military Resources Edit

Capital Ships Edit

Pelaeon class Star Destroyer: Advent ( Destroyed by Hawk Hinata on Mimban )

Venator class Destroyer-Carriers: Alpha, Delta, Epsilon, Omega

Providence class Destroyer-Carrier: Raven

Victory-I class Star Destroyers: Tenyin, Tenyang

Corellian Corvettes: Sethan, Gothic

Corellian Cruiser: Terminus

Personal Vessels / Shuttles Edit

Lambda-class shuttle ( Eoin Gael, destroyed by Ishta on Manaan )

YT-1300 Freighter ( Odessi )

Sinear Courier ( Darkfalcon )

Interstellar Swoop


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