Fiera Marzullo
Avatar: Cameron Diaz
Fiera Ventura Marzullo
Also known as
Fi, FiFi, Fizers, FiFi la Fi, Fifers, Granny Fi
Mon Calamari
Nightsister Master
Wild One
Marzullo Elder
The Marzullo Clan
Witches of Dathomir
Itala Marzullo
5 foot and 10 inches
135 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Marzullo Birthmark
Family members
The Marzullo Clan
Braska Drinnon
Talen Malachy
Significant other
Poseidon Marzullo
Greya Nilo
Zoe Marzullo
Fieron Marzullo
Talena Marzullo
Nala Marzullo
Hyde Marzullo
Hideki Marzullo
Sephiroth Marzullo
Illyria Marzullo
Neo Marzullo
Sorsha Marzullo
Kannon Marzullo
Auriga Marzullo
Orion Marzullo
Arpa Marzullo
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family
Hawk Hinata
Charis Lennai
Ordan Ghost
Milamber Halo
Krishna Decuir
Venge Draclau


Fiera tends to be guided by her "female intuition" , often leading her into trouble. Impulsive, the Marzullo female tends to head straight on into confrontation without regard to what consequence it may bring. Though coming from a ruthless and death-seeking family, Fi is often referred to as the goof or nutball. With good reason. She rarely sees the seriousness of any given situation, relying on sheer luck to guide her through. Fiera can be rather cold-hearted and shallow, it eventually evaporating around her children, especially her eldest Zoe.


History Edit

Fiera Marzullo had been brought into existence on Mon Calamari by Poseidon Marzullo, a leading Marzullo military general, and Greya Nilo, a once abandoned teenager on Tatooine. Poseidon had been in control over the oceanic planet, but fatefully met his demise by the planet dwellers. As the resistance rose, so did the danger of his wife and seven children. The once proud Marzullo warrior had been taken captive and in a trade deal, Poseidon had given his own life to allow his beloved and offspring to escape and live.

Greya had received word that the other relatives, at that time known to Poseidon, had been residing on his own planet of birth and hers, Tatooine. This branch of family was headed by Poseidon's elder brother, Atlas. The grief stricken widow had relocated her and the children there.

The second Marzullo branch had received word from a distant relative, Itala Marzullo, to join with him and his branch of the family to divide and conquer the glaxay as the Marzullo ancestors before them had done. So, from their bloodline, Fiera had been the first of Greya and Poseidon's children to conjoin with the others upon Ziost.

Fiera had grown quite fond of her new home planet and her newly found family. One by one, the descendants from Atlas' line had come forth on Ziost, as well as another bloodline of Marzullos guided by Jupiter Marzullo. From daybreak to the night's fall, the clan had wiped out what and whoever that would not succumb to their power.

One man had dared traveled to Ziost in light of finding "his" Fiera. The female had met him on Tatooine as he was there for whatever venue it had been. She refused to give in seeing as how she had already been given orders by her Uncle Atlas to join the others on Ziost. Serpent followed after her, waiting a few months in between, allowing her to adjust to her new lifestyle. Eventually, he gained the respect of her family, as well as Itala, marrying Fiera and taking on the Marzullo name. Serpent's resentment to Itala had risen, pitting Fiera against her family. Fi had fought endlessly between her husband, trying to get him to change. Though, he always claimed it was the best for them to leave, that he didn't want their children raised on Ziost under Itala's control. After time past on, Fiera was ready to give birth to her first child, a daughter. The anguish between Serpent and Itala began to rise again. Fiera, weak from despair and sick from disgust, was forced to adhere to Itala's order for Serpent's life to draw to an end, her cousin Mara Marzullo carrying out the order. Incidentally enough, it occurred the day she gave birth.

Fiera's life had once again began to feel complete and meaningful with the arrival of Zoe and after two years, her mother had finally been sent to Ziost by Atlas. Within these passing two years, Fiera had met her second, and last husband, Talen. After the last incident with one of her suitors, Itala and the others reserved their judgment without a sign of giving in. It was Greya who had seen the potential of Talen and stood beside her daughter's decision. after seeing this, as well as Talen's unrelenting at proving himself, Fiera and himself were eventually married, and Talen took on the Marzullo name. Within the brief new years of their marriage, Fiera had given Talen a son, Fieron, and two years later, the twin girls, Talena and Nala.

Descension within the Marzullo family began to shift around. Opposing of ideas and beliefs on how things should be done caused mass amounts of conflict. Many family members went against Itala's advising, going back to which they came from to Ziost, others venturing off on a journey of their own. Talen had suggested he and Fiera do the same with their children. This time, Fiera had listened. The couple had charted their destination to an unreachable planet, in light of never being in contact with her family again. That was, until she was brought face to face with her cousin Cesar. Once again, Fiera and her family left Ziost to conquer Mon Calamari and bring it's dynasty to its knees.

While Talen had rose as a dictator of the oceanic world, Fiera had left on a quest of a chip containing a bioweapon on Coruscant. There she met Nevaeh Orinco and sought her out in unlocking the complex puzzle of the chip designed by Marco Dimera, an underworld big-player and the chip's creator. The Marzullo had forced the other female to murder Dimera as Fiera had stolen the chip. Little did the blonde know this was going to be a series of unfortunate events for her.

Months after her arrival back to her husband's side, Fiera had given birth to a son. Three weeks after his day of birth, Hideki had been kidnapped by Director Alucard Doyle who had been a head figure in the Imperial Intelligence. For years Fiera and Talen searched for their child and finally given up hope. In fear of her children's lives, Fiera

Fiera Marzullo;; Matriarch

sent Talena and Nala away to separate academies for their safety and and a better survival. Zoe had grown headstrong and disenchanted over the cards dealt to her family, leaving Mon Calamari when she was sixteen. Fiera had been alone with exception to Fieron who she has never let out of her sight since then.

Traveling back to Ziost, Fiera has remained ever vigilant towards her family's new rising in preparation for the growing and aging third generation. Pleased at Mara's new election as the clan leader, she continued her stint as the academy instructor to the younger Marzullos and architect around the Ziost compound. Fiera, not pleased nor delivering approval for Zoe's turn to the Jedi, she stands up for her daughter despite the threats and scolding of the clan.

Seven years had passed between her final arrival to Ziost and the loss of her son, Fiera's hope still died out until she discovered Hideki was still alive and being raised by Alucard Doyle. As the Director brought the war onto Ziost upon learning of their new knowledge concerning the boy, Fiera had taken her vengance and murdered Doyle, securing her child. With the accompaniment of Hideki, Fiera had found that peace she had been searching for.

Now days she's content spending time with her family, but mostly being left alone to wallow in her own self-hatred.

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