Dathomir Witch Clan
Frenzied River Clan

Clan Leader

Krishna Decuir
Members Abaddon Decuir
Aiza Talzin
Ajax Marzullo
Alaric Mandagoran
Alexiares Decuir
Amaterasu Decuir
Amara Decuir
Angelus Decuir
Anika Decuir
Ariel Decuir
Asatru Decuir
Azalyn Prennis
Azerath Taikar
Ba'al Decuir
Callista ThaneWulf
Cassiel Decuir
Celeste Decuir
Chimera Mandagoran
Christian Decuir
Dante Decuir
Diablo Mandagoran
Invidia Decuir
Kai Mandagoran
Kisin Decuir
Lamia Decuir
Lancelot Mandagoran
London Reinhardt
Mona Lisa Vasta
Naberia Decuir
Nirvana Decuir
Nymphadora Decuir
Odele Decuir
Santeria Decuir
Sephoria Decuir
Seth Decuir
Shiva Dcuir
Theodosius Wendigo
Vaga Obscuria
Valeria Decuir
Vanity Decuir
Vishnu Merchion
Vodun Druis
Xander Starkiller
High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches Xander Starkiller
Diablo Mandagoran
Pandora Marzullo
Vanya Aklin
Zen Marzullo

The Coven

Frenzied River

Galactic Basic
(Haitian Creole)



The Frenzied River Clan was a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Frenzied River on Dathomir. Through the decades, leadership of the clan was gained in favour of the Decuir family, Decima Decuir being the first known relative to hold the status of Clan Mother. Through the lineage, the Clan had become less oriented with the Book of Law and the Allya's Laws that they had been consumed by the taint of the Dark Side. It had not been until Santeria Decuir, that the Frenzied River Clan was transformed into the early states of what is now known as The Coven.

Frenzied River VillageEdit

Coursing wildly is the untamed body of water known as the Frenzied River; it is connected by a series of waterfalls to the west that range between 3,110 ft and 75 ft drops. From the distance the Singing Mountain range could be seen cresting over the waterfalls that loom along the Frenzied River terrain. To the east, is the Forest of Dissonance. The forest is beneath a veil of perpetual darkness and guarded by machinations of the Force. It is at the deepest edge of the timberland that the High Priestess' estate is built. This structure has been in the Decuir bloodline for centuries having been constructed by Decima Decuir, the first recorded Decuir within the Frenzied River Clan.

Within the north of the territory, is the Frenzied River Village. Within the village are numerous shoppes that specialize in weaponry and other wares as well as herbal remedies and other potions and mystical items; there is even burlesque entertainment within the village. This area is hidden within the center of the Forest of Dissonance ensuring its safety from outside influence.

Southern areas of the Frenzied River are aligned with strange stones with glowing cracks and holes through the middle. It is rumored that these stones hold the souls of those unfortunate individuals who have either been reaped personally by the High Priestess or the ones whom she had denied to bring back into the realm of the living. Due to the expansive region of the Frenzied River dominion, there is a monorail that connects this area to other areas throughout Dathomir including the Misty Falls and the Shadow Falls villages.

Culture of the ClanEdit


Due to the area being governed by the High Priestess' daughter, Krishna Decuir, and being home to the Nightmother, there are regular patrols through the area by the assassin guild. During night-time, these patrols increase dramatically, and additional stationary guards are placed at the main entrances of the village.



Females of the clan are expected to be expert spell casters as well as knowledgeable in all forms of combat; these include on foot and upon animal companion and they are also required to train in the most extreme of environments.

Battle armor consisted of different helmet styles, leg guards, clothing, footwear, belts and holsters.


Males of the clan are expected to be experts in many forms of combat: melee, hand-to-hand, exotic weapons. Besides being forged as warriors of battle on foot, they are required to become adept at fighting on horseback, Acklay, Rancor, and Nexu; they are also required to train in the most extreme of environments.

Battle armor consisted of different helmet styles, leg guards, clothing, footwear, belts and holsters. Depending on class, body armor varied from chain mail, plate armor, or scale armor all made of cotorsis weave; all had been made with flexibility and high protection in mind. Helmets varied with a projecting piece shielded the neck and a smaller ridge fastened at the front for protection of the face as well with the sides were large cheek pieces hinged at the top. Some even had face shields.

Heavy military sandals had been worn by the males of the clan with rivets on the bottom used for ground control and even as offensive weapons. These sandals offered protection against the elements and were lined by fine wool to insulate their feet in warm or cold climates. Tunics of crimson or black were worn beneath the armor during fair seasons and in the season changes they had been permitted to wear leather skin tight trousers that sat at knee length. Males within the assassin guild of the clan are required to wear clothing of another variety. Their armor and regular attire have many similarities, but even more differences. Assassin armor held protective metal portions of that appeared to have a gold tint and the leather was decorated in deep brown and black. The combat uniform that primarily consisted of vambraces which had been constructed from leather The main vambrace along both forearms concealed a hidden dagger.

Non-battle armor for those not of the Assassin guild consists of togas in colours of white trimed in gold. They are typically held in place by breast plates of soft leather and golden clasps and cords with black underarmor. These gowns signify harmony within the clan and of their station. Assassins adorned robes adorned in white that had been insulated with fine silk that were accompanied by a hood that they generally wore up. Around the waist, a gold and crimson sash was usually worn.

Ceremonial WeaponryEdit

  • Mourning Blade
  • Demons Bane
  • Magi Staff

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