Gabriel Volturi
Gabriel Volturi
Also known as
Nightbrother Master
Witches of Dathomir
Santeria Decuir
Adam Vagus
189 lbs.
Body type
Eye color
Hair color
Skin color
Family members
Samara Galloway(separated)
Significant other
Esme Galloway

Soren Galloway

Reimi Galloway
Mikeala Volturi
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family


Gabriel has been labeled an egotistical social darwinist. However, he is a bit hard to pin down - mostly because he's nothing if not mercurial. One minute, he'll present himself as just your average, every day guy, if overly polite and a little shy. The next, he'll be in your face, telling you in low, near seductive tones exactly how he's going to kill you. Either way, however, there are a few constants when it comes to Gabriel.

He's obsessed with power, particularly when it comes to gaining new knowledge on lost darkside abilities. He's murdered more than one supposed friend, in his quest to better himself, claiming that the person was unworthy to share the knowledge with. He believes that all force users are broken and that he could fix them by killing them. He's also convinced that he, himself, is just as broken as the rest of them, and increasing his knowledge of the force will fix him. In clinical psychology this is known as covetous psychopathy.

He'll lie when it suits him, but he's not a pathological liar. If you know what he is, he'll stop trying to restrain himself on your behalf. He also won't kill normal people, if they're not in his way and he can avoid it, as there's really nothing for him to gain. The man needs attention like most people need air. Fear. Love. Hate. Respect. Whatever. It doesn't matter as long as his presence evokes some kind response.


The Life and Death of Gabriel MarzulloEdit

Gabriel was born Gabriel Marzullo on the planet of Hapes in the Hapes Cluster. He was one of the new surviving Marzullos of a lost branch of the family. The family was isolated int he Hapes Cluster for hundreds of years, leaving them unknown to the Marzullo clan until recent times. However, knowledge of the clan and the families banishment was a closely held secret by Gabriel's family.

Like all Marzullos of his branch Gabriel was weak in the force. Gabriel spent most of his life gathering any knowledge of the force he could find, in the hopes finding revenge against the other Marzullos. It was during this search that Gabriel met the Sith Lord Ferredus and learned of the long lost Mimetic project. They discovered the last in the line of the project, Samara Galloway, and plotted the arranged marriage of Gabriel to the girl.

Gabriel joined with Lord Ferredus and a member of the Empire of the Hand, Ell'iru'micha, to use Samara's genetics to create a new generation of force users more powerful than any known. The Imperial attack on Myrkr nearly ruined their plans however. With the death of the Hunter family and Samara's disappearance, Gabriel only had his daughter and a few years of research to begin what he would come to call the Mimetic Legacy.

For years Gabriel perfected the mimetic project, culminating in a series of force sensitive clones. However, before his work could be completely realized Gabriel Marzullo was murdered by Ell'iru'micha, who saw his dependancy on the force for a changed universe as dangerous to peace.

Birth of a Mimetic LegacyEdit

Sensing the possibility of his death Gabriel Marzullo flash imprinted all of his memories and experiences into his own clone. After his death Gabriel Volturi was extracted from his tank by Lord Ferredus. However, Gabriel M.'s revenge was not fully realized as the combination of genetic manipulation of the growth acceleration Gabriel was subjected to in his tank, left Gabriel's mind fractured.

For five years Gabriel was trained in the ways of the darkside along side his sister, a clone of Samara named Mikeala. Gabriel excessed in raw force talent, however despite his best effort Gabriel's master could not fix his and Mikeala's mind. Like the late Marzullo Lord Ferredus met an early end himself, at the hands of his own apprentice by the encouragement of Ell'iru'micha.

For a year afterwards Gabriel and Mikeala remained the personal assassins to than Imperial Captain Ell'iru'micha, who had created a genetic kill switch that prevented them from disobeying the chiss. It was during the Sith/Imperial attack on Naboo that Gabriel finally met the progenator of his genetics, Samara Galloway. After a brief fight Samara agreed to heal Gabriel and Mikeala, removing the kill switch in the process. With his memories fully restored and free from his shackles Gabriel Volturi left the planet with his sister to forge their own destiny and identity.

Freedom from bonds and KnighthoodEdit

Exile to NecropolisEdit

Rebuilding an EmpireEdit

Training and AbilitiesEdit


  • Santeria Decuir



  • Adam Vagus
  • Mikeala Volturi


Force AbilitiesEdit

- Neutral Force Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • Tutaminis
  • Enhanced Ability
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Force Sense
  • Force Persuasion
  • Art of the Small
  • Force Barrier
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Curato Salva

- Dark side Force Powers

  • Force Lightning
  • Dominate Mind
  • Force Drain
  • Force Rage
  • Kinetite
  • Force Insanity
  • Spear of Midnight Black

- Force Witch Spells

  • Spell of Protection
  • Spell of Ordering
  • Spell of Mimicry
  • Battle Meditation
  • Heartshadow
  • Control Web
  • Blood Trail
  • Force Lights
  • Spell of Dispel

Shapers of Kro VarEdit

Mimetic LegacyEdit

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Ro-lightsaber Rahm Kota1
  • Weapon: Lightsaber
  • Type: Single-Bladed
  • Color: Silvery-Green
  • Crystals: Viridian Crystal, Focus crystal
  • Miscellaneous: Thumbprint Recognition Lockout, Water-proof casing


  • Weapon: Light Discs
  • Type: Custom made
  • Color: Silver, Red
  • Crystals: Durindfire gem, Focus crystal, Synth-crystal
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Information: During his search through the ancient Jedi libraries Gabriel found details of the Light Boomerang, a dangerous lightsaber-type weapon gone out of style hundreds of years ago. Gabriel spent months constructing one and learning it's skilled use. However, he soon wanted to create a version that was more stylish and practical in its use. After months of trial and error Gabriel created the Light Disc. Like the boomerang it uses crystal, wave-guide and mirror technology to create an energy field around the weapon. However, the emitter does not go completely around the disc, stopping just before a grip that allows Gabriel to hold in combat, where he can deflect blaster and lightsabers. Currently there are only two in existence, both owned by Gabriel.

Role PlaysEdit

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