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General Ceel 2, Shmi 2

Outdated. This biography recovered from a post made (1/12/03 7:21 pm)

Out Of CharacterEdit

Setting Up TGCEdit

The Gungan Council began as an independent Role Playing community in 1999. It has always had its own battleground. A few months after its birth, however, Darth Turbogeek invited TGC and the gang from SwFans to role-play on the forums. As a group called The Gungan Council, we accepted the offer.

Meanwhile through my contacts I was introduced to Organa Solo, the leader of a small band of Jedi on her own ezboard community. Without hesitation we invited them to role-play with us. The eventual result would be the Jedi Council faction located on The Gungan Council itself.

For quite a long time we remained a part of Swfans Role Playing. Eventually, though, we experienced a falling out with them and in 2000 decided to part ways.

During our time with Swfans our own Role Playing forums had maintained activity of their own. This presented us with a wonderful opportunity.

Within a week of our departure from SwFans, TGC had started to become the first fully organized Star Wars Role Playing Galaxy on ezboard. (Swfans at this time was still quite disorganized, having no official membership policy, nor acceptable rules that all could agree with.)

After our peaceful departure from Swfans, TGC experienced a time of growth and prosperity. Before our departure we had begun experimenting with sith and bounty hunter forums on TGC. Sometime just after our departure the Sith and Bounty Hunters forums moved to their own message boards and formed the 3rd and 4th groups in the galaxy. (The Gungan Council and The Jedi Council were 1st and 2nd)

The Golden AgeEdit

The Gungan Council reached a "golden age" sometime early in 2001, with more than 20 fully active groups, and well over 50 individual characters. (These numbers may be low; my memory is not what it used to be)

Soon after, though, our community began to rot from the inside out at the hands of a number of defiant, self centered members, whom shall remain nameless here. We were brought to the verge of collapse a number of times whilst the faithful few kept us strong.

We held in as best we could for as long as we could. But a breaking point finally came in late 2001, after the expulsion of one such defiant member.

The Great SchismEdit

The result was the creation of a splinter community called The Rebel Faction. In excess of 60% of TGC's member base fled to this new community within a few days time.

In the days after "the big split" 4 new staff members were chosen to replace (well actually one came a week before the "split") those whom had departed.

After the "split", except for a few minor events The Gungan Council once again experienced relative peace as 2002 arrived. Several promising new members joined the community at this time, although our numbers were still statistically slow as a result of the "Split". But with the release of EPISODE II ATTACK OF THE CLONES less than a month away the outlook could not have be brighter. Those of us who has been using ezboard since the release of The Phantom Menace, and remembered the droves of Star Wars fans then, knew that much growth would soon be upon us.

Episode II GrowthEdit

In the two or three month period surrounding the release of Episode 2 The Gungan Council again saw a period of massive growth and prosperity, just as we had expected. Along with New enthusiastic youngsters arriving by the dozen TGC received a totally new professional design. (Thanks to Vernacular) along with a whole new attitude and outlook.

In the middle of that summer (2002) as the Episode II craze came to an end TGC experienced more set backs. Due to personal differences two staff members resigned and left the galaxy, a number of other members were banned, or departed on their own free will. In all, 4 factions and a half dozen (est.) role players departed TGC. Before it was all over new staff members were chosen and fleet role-playing, which had long been a main cause of negativity at TGC, was banned for good.

By mid August, though, The Gungan Council again, began to show much promise. Quality Role-playing reached heights not seen since 2000. More than 50% of each days posts were made of The Battleground, and a new wave of prospective role players began to arrive...

In the fall of 2002 things at TGC became slow again for a few months. With school in full swing, and many of our members in college the slowness was expected.

The release of the Episode 2 Attack of the Clones DVD on Nov 12 would eventually bring TGC out of her slump. Former members who we had not seen in many months returned to our ranks. The pupularity of the quickly selling DVD brought many new players out as well. This latest wave of increased popularity carried through into winter (Despite Final Exams) before slowing only slightly in the final weeks of 2002.

2003 began with a "bang" at TGC, as the community entered what looked to be a new "golden age." To honor the passing of one year as well as the arrival of another TGC held a brief reunion for all members past and present. The event was a major success.

The second event of 2003 was even bigger. After close consideration the staff of The Gungan Council decided to move The Jedi Council from TGC to its own board. Vernacular was kind enough to create and design the new location. Although our first atempt to move TJC to another location (2000) was a failure, this current try is sure to be a great success.


In CharacterEdit

After the Battle of Naboo (Episode I) Boss Nass retired into a private life. As his replacement he chose none other than General Ceel. Though still young, General Ceel was already a decorated war hero and able politician. In addition he was beginning to explore his growing awareness of the Force.

The Rule of General Ceel and his advisors on the Gungan Council (Danster The Gangster, Jedi Prasad, Organa Solo, Tetengo Noor, Clegg Holdfast etc..) brought many years of peace to Naboo.

Shmi SkywalkerEdit

It was in this time that General Ceel met his future wife, Shmi Skywalker. Shmi was fond of Ceel from the beginning. Ceel did not yet share these feelings. But to get her off of his back Ceel provided Shmi with the funds to build her very own diner, Shmi's Diner.

The two became friends during this time of peace, but their marriage would not come until years later at the start of The Gungan Civil War, after the mysterious happenings surrounding the birth of General Ceel 2.

The marriage would eventually produce two children, General Ceel 2 and Shmi Skywalker 2. General Ceel 2 would later grow up to be a Jedi Knight, as well as a Skilled pilot in the legendary Spectrum Squadron.

This time would also bring into Ceel's possession a green-bladed lightsaber. A gift from Jedi Stone, Ceel accepted the weapon as a token of peace. In the later years of Ceel's life this saber would become very important, as he dedicated his life fully to the Jedi ways.

First Battle For NabooEdit

But soon the dark times came again. Many years of war would follow. The most significant battle to take place in this time was a three fold invasion (Land, sea and air) by The Sith Council, led by none other than Itala Marzullo. Before it was over, much of Theed, Otoh Gunga and Otoh Prime were destroyed. The three bongo sub squadron's were left in ruin. The Gungan fleet was broken and left drifting through space. And General Ceel was left heart-broken. Although the Gungans did eventually push TSC back, the battle was a victory for none.

In the months after the battle the Gungan race recovered to new heights, but General Ceel remained broken. As time passed his royal subjects began to question his sanity, and in doing so his ablity to rule. It time it became clear that General Ceel had infact gone "insane".

At his lowerst point Ceel set his personal quarters on fire and faked his death to escape his responsibilty to his people. No body was found, but a funeral was held a few days later anyway.

=The Gungan Civil WarEdit

After Ceel's death a new ruler was needed. Half of the council stood behind Organa Solo, while remaining half supported Clegg Holfast, Ceel's long time friend, for the position. The historic Gungan Civil War soon broke out. Organa Solo eventually won.

Her victory was short lived though. Days later General Ceel made his return. Although Organa Solo still doubted Ceel's ability to lead many others stood behind him in favor of re taking the throne. Eventually, but not before much battle, Organa would be forced to return the crown to its rightful owner; General Ceel. After the war, the wounds between Organa and Ceel healed quickly, and they resumed being friends.

After the great gungan civil war peace finally returned to Naboo. Ceel had little to worry about. With war not lurking on the horizon Ceel was able to dedicate his life to training in the ways of the jedi.

The time of peace was short lived though. It was at this time that a new evil entered General Ceel's life. The Bathory Clan.

The Bathory ClanEdit

The first Bathory to arrive on Naboo was Darth Bathory. The oldest son of Senator Dio (aka Darth Iscariot). Bathory made life a living hell for Ceel from the get go. Bathory had a twisted obsession with destroying Ceel and the rest of the Royal Family. The Jedi Council could easily handle just one bathory though, so Darth Bathory was relativly un successful.

But where there is one Bathory there is sure to be more. By order of Senator Dio the entire Bathory Clan relocated to Naboo. The family took up residence in an ancient underwater cave complex just a few miles from Otoh Gunga. The cave had formerly been home to a band of united Bounty Hunters. But the Bounty Hunters had long since moved to instead take up residence on some distant planet. Among the members of the Bathory gang were other such ruthless, souless sith as Darth Midian, Lady Bathory, Darth Mortiis, Countess Filth and Lord Lycanthroat.

For many years the Bathory gang tried to unseat General Ceel with every tatic they knew. One time they kidnapped Queen Shmi Skywalker, another time they atempted to take the children. For the most part they failed to cause much trouble, and were easily dispelled by Gungan security. Eventually the entire gang, minus Senator Dio (whom was off the planet at the time) was captured and enslaved in carbonite cases.

For several months the Bathory gang, carbonite and all, were displayed at the rear of The Gungan Council Room in Otoh Gunga. But when it was discovered that, even in sleep, the Bathory gang was a danger, Ceel ordered the carbonite cases be expelled out to sea, with the Bathory's in them. Danster The Gangster and Saace Falyk carried out Ceel's orders without hesitation. All belived that they had seen the end of The Bathory gang

The Bathory Gang, though, just refused to die. Days later the carbonite cases washed ashore and those inside escaped.

Left weak from their ordeal The Bathory's retreated to their still undiscovered underwater base. For the next two months they lay quiet, preparing for thier next attack. All the members recovered from their ordeal, except for Darth Bathory who developed a strange illness as a result of the carbonite. An illness that only the gungans had a cure for.

Not long after, on a daily scanning mission, a Gungan Bongo sub picked up heat and radio signitures coming fom a near by underwater mountain chain. After closer investigation it became clear that the Gungans were not alone in the area. Just after the sub reported back to home base on his findings, a bathory sub on patrol in the area, destroyed him.

Back in Otoh Gunga it was clear that there was a danger in the area. But they did not yet know who they were up against. Un decided on what to do the Gungans endlessly discussed the matter in a military committee. Meanwhile Genral Ceel placed Shmi and Shmi 2 under close guard and strict confinment to the royal quarters. (General Ceel 2 by then had already begun training with Clegg Holdfast, as well as flying in Spectrum Squad.) With danger so close to the city Ceel would risk nothing.

Then came another strange twist of events. A sub carrying three sith passengers (Darth Bathory, Darth Mortiis, Countess Filth) hailed the Otoh Gungan control center and requested help. Darth Bathory was on the edge of death, and urgently needed gungan care. After some hard thinking General Ceel agreed, and the sith were allowed to Dock.

Gungan security met the three sith on the docks. Bathory was taken directly to the ICU unit while the other two were thrown into holding cells for the duration of their stay.

In no time Darth Bathory's body began to heal, wilst the kindness of the Gungans began to heal his mind, and he considered not going back to the family.

As time passed, and Bathory neared the end of his treatment, Darth Mortiis and Countess Filth escaped without him, which totally killed his faith in the family, and left General Ceel stuck with an arch enemy in his hands, and a tough decision. Should he let him go, and risk more pain? Or kill him now?

By this time the Council had come to a decision. They had to attack the caves and end it right then. The jedi on the gungan council were reluctant because they knew it was wrong to use the force for attack, but in the end agreed that it was the best course of action.

The decision came too late though; The Bathory Clan caught on to the Gungan attack and skidded out. Darth Bathory escaped as well. None of them would be heard from again for many years. They would eventually re emerge though, in a mountain village in Northern Naboo, near General Ceel's summer mansion.

Shmi's DepartureEdit

After the Bathory Gang vanished from the caves and her restriction was lifted, Shmi Skywalker decided that she had had enough. She decided to leave General Ceel. She packed her things and took her daughter. Ceel would never hear from her again.

With the Bathory gang gone again, his wife and daughter out of his life, and his son out on mission more often than not, General Ceel resumed his study of the Jedi arts. He quickly rose to the level of Jedi Knight, then Jedi Master, and eventually sat on the Jedi Council. Soon he too took on padawans and went out on Missions, rarely coming back to his home on Naboo, excpet to take part in Council meetings.

Ceel did everything he could to keep himself busy. If he was busy he could not think about the loss of his family and his home.

Eventually, however, the past caught up with Ceel and he returned to his lush home world of Naboo.

And then the impossible happened.....again........ The Bathory gang returned.

The Bathory Clan ReturnsEdit

Ceel had literally just stepped off the ship when the news reached him via a young jedi knight named Vernacular. The Bothan spy network had come upon the information that a certain sith was putting out bounties on all members of the old Gungan Council, which had defeated him so many times. That Sith was Darth Bathory.

General Ceel turned straight around and got back on his ship. Together with Vernacular Ceel traveled Across the Stars, from planet to planet to bring bad news, and protection to Clegg Holdfast on Tatooine, Organa Solo and Alderan, Tetengo Noor on Coruscant and Danster the Gangster on Endor.

Ceel, Vern and Danster were too late in reaching Alderaan though. Organa Solo had been killed by a young Sith acolyte of Darth Bathory namee Darth Poe.

By the time Ceel had rounded up the surviving members of the Gungan Council, more news reached Ceel. It turned out thatBathory had tricked them all. While Ceel traveled far from home Bathory arrived with a battledroid army and captured Theed and much of Naboo. The original rumors on the spy network had been placed there by Bathory to 1) Draw Ceel away from Naboo long enough for him to take over, and 2) To trick Ceel into brining all the council members together so that Bathory could Kill them all together.

With Bathory in control of Naboo Ceel was left with no choice but return to home and take back the planet. And he did just that...well sort of. It was actually Clegg Holdfast that defeated Darth Bathory this time. Bathory had taken up residence on the throne of Naboo. Clegg crash landed their ship on the stepps of the palace. Danster The Gangster, Clegg Holdfast, Vernacular and General Ceel, using only sabers, cut through dozens of battledroids, and slowly wove their way through the winding halls of the Palace until finally they reached the Throne Room. A violent saber battle ensued. In the end, Clegg Holdfast, summoning strengthe nobody knew he hand tossed back the violent lightening of Bathory to its source and tossed the sith from the palace window. All Jedi involved in the fight lived on to fight another day.

Return of Shmi Soon after the defeat of Bathory, General Ceel's luck took a turn for the best. Shmi Skywalker, Ceel's beloved wife returned to Naboo, and brought with her Ceel's only daughter, Shmi 2, whom Ceel had never met.

But nothing good ever lasts. The same night that Shmi returned so too did the entire Bathory Clan. Fearing for the safty of his family, Ceel in secret led them back to Otoh Gungan where they then waited the aid of The Jedi Counil of Theed.


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