In Kashi Breath, It was said that on the day the ancients gave the Talisman to the Kashi. So too did the Guardian hounds, the protectors of the Talisman and its people came to be. It was said that only in times of need or in every twelfth cylce of their moon. One of the Hounds wound return and taking in possession one chosen to endure the trials.

To which end, the said individual infussed by the spirits of the hounds and granted their gifts. Till such time that the next cyle occured. And the current hound rested to return back to the Ancients as another came to take its place.

That during their watch, each Could only be commanded by those who wield the Talisman to do their bidding. Sering and protecting them, ensure that the Kashi remanin true and faithful. Least an outsider or unbeliever come to corrupt them .Bring about the wrath of the Ancients and their doom.

And thru its existance or watch the hounds was then norished and empowered by the life energy of those unlucky enough. To be choosen from their captive lot by the head keeper which only a cold and lifeless void death was ensured for them.

To which time in what little record survived and only a few of the hounds names is recorded:

  • Hound of Cerberus = a monstrous three head fiend who could feed off the life energy of any being it came in contact with.
  • Orthus = a two head deciever
  • Argos = The wraith
  • Chimera = the scorge who could bring death from within at a whim.

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