Hapes was the homeworld of the Hapans, a Human race, and the administrative capital of the Hapes Consortium. Surrounded by shimmering nebulae, and with seven moons in the sky after sunset, Hapes never knew the darkness of true night, and the Hapan people had relatively poor night-vision. Only a few small, neat cities were necessary to cater for the needs of the state bureaucracy and the Consortium's commercial and legal institutions, and much of the planet was an unspoilt wilderness of broad oceans, snow-peaked mountains and lush primeval forest, where tightly-controlled commercial fisheries and game-preserves were the major focus of Human activity.

Hapes PrimeEdit

Planetary DefensesEdit

  • Automated Turrets These turrets are found lining the capital, Ta'a Chume'Dan; when triggered by the proper protocol, the shift from the ground to become visible. An Automated Defense System was a defense computer program, using any combination of laser cannons, turbolasers, or other weapons to defend a ship, space station or planetary fortress from attack without the need of a manual controller. They could be routed through to exterior weapons to defend against enemy vessels or vehicles, or interior automatic turrets to defend against infiltrating soldiers.
  • Orbital Defense Cannon Known as the Planetary Defense Gun, Defense Cannon, Orbital Gun, Orbital Cannon, and Planetary Cannon, was a type of space station that was armed with a very powerful anti-ship cannon. Its role of defense was against enemy star ships. The cannon was powerful enough to damage a Mere cruiser significantly. If placed on a moon correctly, it could be used for an orbital bombardment. The cannon consisted of four primary components: a barrel, a capacitor, a focus array and a casing. With all four of these, it was possible to salvage and rebuild a cannon if it was destroyed.
  • Planetary Shield Large scale deflector shield designed to protect an entire planet from bombardment, falling debris, or other hazards. The term planetary shield may also have been used for a large scale shield protecting a moon such as Nar Shaddaa. The first deflector shields were developed to protect individual star ships against various space hazards including attacks from other ships. The technology was later adapted for use aboard space stations, but the shields remained best suited to repelling star fighters. Planetary shields could be scaled to cover bases, cities, or even entire planets. One of the two main types of planetary shields, encasing shields (like the second Death Star's), prohibited friendly fire from beneath the shield except through small gaps. Encasing shields could be curved to protect orbiting objects and seriously damaged the systems of craft that passed through them. The second type of planetary shield, a shutter shield, was more versatile in that segments could be moved to overlap others for increased defense, but shutter shields did less damage to craft passing through them and could not be oriented in a curve.
  • Cloaked Seismic Mines These mines orbit Hapes and change the configuration of their patterns; only those with proper identification will be given clearance for the path to successfully maneuver around them.
  • Laser Trip Mines A laser trip mine consisted of a beam projector affixed to a shaped explosive casing. The laser activated once the trip mine was placed, sending a nearly invisible beam from the charge to the nearest surface that intersects its path, that acted as tripwire to detonate the mine. If the beam were broken or the charge fired upon, the mine would detonate and damage anything caught within its blast radius. This type of mine was often used in places where high security was more important than the preservation of the guarded object.

Hapes ClusterEdit

The Hapes Consortium's governmental reign does not end with Hapes Prime, but is expanded throughout the entire Hapes Cluster.

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