Lorell Hall was an assembly hall located in the city of Ta'a Chume'Dan on the planet of Hapes, the capital of the Hapes Consortium. This is the location where government officials of senior ranking congregate with the sovereign to discuss the states of affairs within the Consortium, policies and law, and hold council with delegates from other governments. The, Hapes Consortium, upholds what is known as a constitutional monarchy; this provides the Ta'a Chume with all executive power though all citizens of the expanse are protected by the laws. Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief, is the Sovereign with the Prime Minister and Ministers who are appointed by her to give assistance in the governing of different sectors within the Consortium.

The Royal CouncilEdit

The Royal Council is the Sovereign's cabinet, and is tasked with assisting and advising the Sovereign in all affairs of governance. The Council consists of the Ministers of the Crown of their respective Hapan ministries, and is presided over by the Prime Minister. Aside from the Sovereign, the Royal Council is the highest executive body over the Hapes Consortium.

Council PositionsEdit

Sovereign (Held by the Ta'a Chume) | Regent (Held by the Chume'da or Chume'la) | Prime Minister | Ministry of Justice | Ministry of External Affairs | Ministry of Defense | Ministry of Industry |  Ministry of Finance | Ministry of Intelligence | Ministry of Culture

Council MinistryEdit

  • The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the lawmaking process in the Hapes Consortium and also oversees the judiciary system.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for the establishment of more formal relations between the Hapan government and members of the galactic community. The ministry also represents the government in talks with foreign parties, be it corporations or governments.
  • The Ministry of Defense is devoted to the management and administration of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. It bridges the gap between the Hapan government and the Armed Forces, being subordinate to the Sovereign, yet superior to the individual branch commanders.
  • The Ministry of Industry was established to help organize the massive construction projects of the Hapes Consortium. It has since expanded to take over the role of many defunct departments, now managing everything from construction, management of natural resources, recruitment and hiring of the labor force, and overseeing the trade market.
  • The Ministry of Finance was established in order to manage the financial transactions of the Hapan government. The ministry is also responsible for monthly wages of all echelons of the government and Royal Hapan Armed Forces.
  • The Ministry of Intelligence is a continuation of the old independent intelligence bureau Royal Hapan Intelligence and is tasked with gathering information on potential threats against the Hapes Consortium, both external and internal and are also responsible for policing the Hapes Cluster.
  • The Ministry of Culture was established out of the remnants of the Ministry of Education and is tasked with documenting Hapan history, languages, art, music and other elements of Hapan culture.

Hapan Royal CourtEdit

Representatives from the Consortium's 63 planets acted as the legislatvie body under direction by The Royal Council. Descisions made by the Royal Court could be overturned by a veto of the council and.or the Ta'a Chume.

Cabinet of The Royal CouncilEdit

Each position of the Royal Council is exclusively decided by the Ta'a Chume, unless other wise delegated to another individual, and is considered her cabinet with the assignment of advising the Sovereign in all affairs of governance. Such a council is fielded by the elected position of a Prime Minister (Fel'da Parim) ; this individual supervises the Ministers and oversees their work.

The only individual to overrule this person is the Regent, held typically by the Crown Prince or Princess, who serves as the administer of the Royal Council in the absence of the Ta'a Chume. These times are only executed when the Sovereign is a minor, absent, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to rule for other reasons.

Laws of The Hapes ConsoritumEdit

Citizenship of the Hapes ConsortiumEdit

Succession of the CrownEdit

Military ServiceEdit

  • Wartime Measures

Martial Law

During the time when Martial Law is enacted several things come into effect. The Sovereign, her majesty the Ta'a Chume, will take complete control of all assets pertaining to the military and government and corporations; planets/corporations/naturalized businesses within the cluster will immediately halt transactions and trade with outside corporations, alliances, groups, individuals; emergency taxes may be implemented to further the financial burden of the wartime effort; no soldier is permitted to leave the military service at this time as well as a draft into the military may be issued.


Treaty of Dathomir

  • Section I:

Neither party shall act in aggression toward the other. This includes, but is not limited to: planetary expansion, political expansion. The, Hapes Consortium and the Witches of Dathomir, shall avoid all conflicts which would absolve their treaty through these means.

  • Section II:

In the event of wartime measures, should there be a need for assistance, either party shall answer the call. Exceptions are those cited in the above section which would absolve the treaty.

  • Section III:

Any person beneath the authority of either house who commits a crime against the other is subjected to stand trial.

This is expanded to the following:

  1. a. Actually commits, b. Does any act for a reason of aiding another to commit, c. Gives counsel to another to commit, d. Or conspires with other individual in committing.

i. Should the individual(s) be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the treaty is null and void.</span

  • Section IV:

An arranged marriage to be decided upon by His Lord, Axel Arceneau the Crown Prince of Hapes, and by the High Priestess, Santeria Decuir the Clan Mother of the Nightsisters.

  1. a) The arranged marriage is the faunt that would keep the treaty of sound command and be used in defense.
  • Section V:

Should either houses hide, aide and abed, given clemency to the enemies of the state, conspiring to help enemies, the treaty is null and void.

Acts and StatutesEdit

V: Acts and Statutesa) Trespassing All persons not naturalized citizens of the Hapes Cluster or members of the United Federation provinces, must pass through one of the checkpoints located in each region. Those who do not will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Refusal will result in termination of the vessel and all goods upon it as well as immediate execution of the trespasser(s). Any Hapan discovered of harboring a trespasser will be prosecuted.
b) Status

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