Hardrad Casmiro Domingo
Captain Hardrad Domingo
Hardrad Domingo
Second Lieutenant
Ol' Durasteel
6' 5"
175 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Alexia Domingo
Bryant Domingo
Gareth Domingo(Deceased), Hellen Domingo

"Bravery is a mans willingness to admit he is scared, Strength to stand up to his fear, and heart to never back down."- Domingo

Overview Edit

Generally regarded as a father to his men, The Ex-General of a Militia army has his share of scars. He has fought in many wars, is still as strong as a pissed-off wampa, and to top it off, leads from the front. He has enlisted to better serve the empire, and has a personal belief that war is a Gentleman's thing, and that the loss of life is best avoided. Despite this, he has no qualms about leveling a city or bombarding a populated center if he must.

Previous Engagements Edit

Before enlisting, Hardrad was in a number of smaller fights, when he was in the Enthian 8th Militia, or the Enthian Rippers. He was the General, and has a fondness for artillery and tanks. This showed, in his last war to be fought before enlistment, when a rebellion on Enthia recalled the Militia to help put it down. The showy planet was turned into a two-year frozen hell-scape that ninety percent of the militia's fought, seeing as Enthia was of little importance. The only regiment of Stormtroopers on the planet were even there because of personal reasons, and less being ordered. The war ended with the defeat of the rebels during the Enthian Armored Push, in which Hardrad cut a bloody swath threw the entrenchment line, right to the capitol in one week flat. After this engagement, the Enthian Militia was disbanded, and Stormtroopers began to take over the military role.

In the same theater, Hardrad has been reported to have entered the Command building alone durring the fight for the capital. What transpired in there he has never revealed, but he has always been distant from that day forth.

Operation Durasteel Fist Edit

During Operation Durasteel Fist, Hardrad played a pivotal role of heavy tank support, in the form of two 2-M Repulsor Tanks.

The Price of Knowledge Edit

His first real mission, Hardrad Domingo was ordered to act as security to one Anna Sachae. The two had their first meeting in the cafeteria, that involved an exploding reheater, and a crash landing.

The crash killed half of his Twenty-man platoon, including one of the two pilots, both medics, an destroying the ship in the process. They then continued on their mission, intent on completing their goal, as well as setting off a distress signal, seeing as the lander was almost totally destroyed. They made their way towards their target, only to be ambushed by wild animals, Gurreks, who killed a number of his men.

Early Service Edit

From that point on, he has served as a bloody reminder to those who hear his name, that crossing the Empire is something you do not want to do. He captured the Mandalorian warrior, Anija Ordo, only for her to escape his grasp at a later date, due to intervention thrue his daughter. His reputation as both a ferocious berserker and an honorable warrior continued to spread, with his hatred of all things beyond the physical slowly coming to the light. He would, during a random mission, garner a reputation as a heartless combatant, when he killed one of his own men for turning and running, when he had made it perfectly clear there would be no retreat. After that point, he would track the elusive Anija, trying to stay off his radar, but was never able to find her. He would ride on the Csilla, a large battleship, as a compliment tank platoon. He would spend some time in the brig, before once more chasing wildly and without concern after the escaped Jedi, who was being transported.


He has served in the preservation of Nar Shaddaa, and was pivotal in it's protection, with the Assistance of Gren Skylark and his Death Squad.

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