Hawk Hinata
Jedi Master
The Jedi Council
Eye Colour
Emerald green
Shifting depending on mood and force influence
Hair Color
Home Planet
Maria Hinata
(Zoe Marzullo Adopted mother)
Lord Morgan Portbridge
(Morgan Hinata)



Perhaps the first thing you'll notice about Hawk are his eyes, they are a dazzling emerald green that somtimes seem to sparkle with their own inner light, often put down to his mischievous and playful nature. As with all blood relatives of the Hinata line, Hawk's eyes display the characteristic trait of shifting colours depending internal and external force influences. He has shoulder length brown hair which is often messy and unmanageable. As for the rest of him, Hawk is of average height and build, not overly muscular but toned and he can usually be found wearing traditional brown Jedi robes or on occasion robes of a deep blue.


As previously mentioned Hawk has a mischievous and playful streak, but still he is a seasoned Jedi Master who places great value in knowledge as well as wisdom. He is above all else a teacher, though any who have crossed him will know he is also a fierce warrior who fights for what he believes in without fear. As would be expected of a Master of the lightside, he is kind, patient and always willing to help others. Confident doesn't quite go far enough to describe Hawk's enthusiasm and exuberance and these are sometimes mistaken for arrognace.


About the writerEdit

Born 02/08/1985 in Plymouth, England, John Anderson is the writer behind Hawk Hinata. He arrived at TGC on the 24th May 2005 at the age of 19 and created his first character Hawk Hinata, and more importantly the first of many Hinata's.

At the time the writer behind Hawk was studying at University for a degree in chemistry, he had returned to the Univerity after watching the third and final Star Wars prequal (Episode III Revenge of the Sith) and had created the character between lectures.

Before coming to TGC, Hawk had no previous experience of online roleplaying and found it hard to adapt his style of writing. The name Hawk Hinata was taken from two characters of a seperate fatasy stories that he was writing at the time and have since lain dormant.

Since May 24th 2005, Hawk quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi, achieving the rank of Master after only ten months. His success was perhaps partly due to having become faction leader of The Jedi Brotherhood, a faction abandoned by all of its Jedi Masters and run by Hawk and a group of Knights. However perhaps it was more than partly due to the group of friends that he met online that helped make The Jedi Brotherhood a success and roleplaying at TGC a lot of fun.

Now, John has left University and currently works as an English teacher in a local community centre, a slight contrast to the chemistry which he studied at University but something he actually enjoys doing despite how much he moans about it.

In CharacterEdit

Hawk Hinata was born on Tatooine, his mother was Maria Hinata and his father was Morgan Hinata. It is a little known fact that for a short while Hawk was brought up as a slave, his parents were experiencing great harship and thought it better that he grow up where he would at least have food enough to keep him alive. A few years later though and the Hinata's hardship was over, Morgan, a retired Jedi now had enough credits to start his own school for the children of Tatooine and he and his wife had a second son, Kyte Hinata. They searched and eventually found their first born and brought him back to live with them.

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