"The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers," Jedi Durron.

The child yearsEdit

Born to parents William and Kate Durron, Kyp was quickly found to have unnatural powers. Within a few years, he had saved his brother’s life several times (as Zeth Durron fell through ice, got his leg impaled on an animal trap and after a weapon misfire) and both Durron brothers were exceptionally good fighters, trained by their father who was one of the best stormtroopers on the planet. After problems as a result of the Alderaan incident, the four were imprisoned aboard an Imperial garrison belonging to the then Admiral Thrawn, and Kyp was forced to watch his mother raped, and his father tortured and killed, whilst Kyp was only the age of eleven.

Planning an escape, Kate Durron managed to get one of her two sons out - Zeth refused to go with them (having not seen the rape, torture or murder) and with Kyp she ran to the spaceport and attempted to board a departing freighter, before being shot to the ground. Kyp managed to climb aboard, but was forced to watch his mother being butchered by the stormtroopers behind him as he was stuck aboard the freighter. In despair, he realised that he had no idea where he was heading, and blind luck (or the Force) saved him as he got involved with a Jedi Master called Vima da Boda, who was escaping the garrison as well. Under her wing, he trained for four years on Nar Shadda, before she was arrested by Imperial agents.

Kyp was forced to survive alone on Nar Shaddaa.

Turning illegalEdit

Briefly becoming a thief, he stole with ease - the Force is a powerful ally in that trade - but not enough to get him off the planet. As a result, he became desperate and spent the money on armour and a blaster, becoming a mercenary for a while and eventually giving it up to become a crew-member on a smuggling vessel. After barely a year, the promotions (earned by giving early warnings of Imperial convoys) and gem-smuggling gave him enough money to afford his own intersystem ship. With this, he successfully smuggled several immense cargos of ryll onto Coruscant and earned a large amount.

For the next few years, as he continued to train himself with the Force, he decided to become a Bounty Hunter - not only for the much greater money, but for the greater test and the ability to train himself in the Force more. He earned glory first at the Bounty Hunter League and then the Hunter’s Alliance, using the Force to great effect. It was during this time that he started to train Plogvieze, befriended Chaplain Meliadus and became enemies with Nee Blackheart. He then earned himself his own, rather large, Imperial bounty and got captured, then taken to Kessel prison, by Commodiorus before being kept there for seven months (with Jacen Lighspark) in an Ysalamiri field, under armed guard and almost going Force-blind.

Going straightEdit

The holocron of Exar Kun surfaced deep within the mines, and Jacen Lightspark caused it to send fire upon the guards, allowing Kyp to escape. When Kyp did so, however, he was unable to use the Force, and could barely lift a pebble. He decided to train as a Jedi, and went first to the New Jedi Academy. Eventually it merged with the Dantooine Lance, becoming the Shieldmark Alliance and the New Galactic Republic. He was quickly elevated to Jedi Knight status, despite his unorthodox methods of using the Force, after constructing his lightsaber.

He then presented his rank to the Rebel Alliance and the Adumari Alliance and joined Rogue Squadron, before being awarded another medal – this one as a result of destroying a Super Star Destroyer with an X-wing. His ranks and statuses increased, and he led the attack on Kuat and its evil dictatorship. During the battle, he fought hand-to-hand against a Sith Master, tearing apart his own Golan III platform before intelligence and luck managed to help him defeat the greater skill of Emperor Brakiss. He bought, with his old Bounty Hunter money, the largest bacta company in the galaxy and expanded it, bringing prices down to help support people who needed it.

Return of his brotherEdit

After this, his life collapsed quickly and spectacularly, firstly with the demise of the New Galactic Republic, then with the escape of the Sun Crusher from the maw, piloted by his own brother Zeth Durron. Destroying the Mandalorian army, and parts of the remaining Republic fleet, the Sun Crusher returned to rest in the Maw shortly afterwards, where Kyp confronted his brother. Emperor Brakiss' spirit came back to attack Kyp, attempting to seize control of Zeth's body as he did so. Kyp managed to help enough to allow Zeth to defeat him completely, though the explosion destroyed Zeth as well. The entire Maw installation was destroyed, and Kyp was captured by Admiral Daala.


This entrapment ended with Kyp and Daala in a long-term relationship as Kyp trained other apprentices at the Rebel Alliance, including A'homi Darkfly and Kassandra Distorith. Daala left the military to live with Kyp, proposing to him shortly afterwards. However, Daala was then seemingly killed, shortly after becoming Kyp's fianceé, by a commando unit and Kyp once again ended his short-term Jedi training at TRA as he discovered the group was hired by the Rebel Alliance itself. Abandoning his involvement there, he attempted to re-establish the Mandalorian government single-handedly and found firm friendship in his remaining friends – namely A’homi Darkfly, Retsam Adoy, Kalmirr Knightshield and Jacen Lightspark.


Being the only major member of the previous Mandalorian government left, he found it easy to persuade the anarchy to stop fighting and to form a democracy. In the presidential elections, it was a whitewash – Kyp had, after all, been in government there for years, was the most famous person in the elections, and had saved them from the Sun Crusher; and so was elected Mandalore. Almost simultaneously, Kyp was elected Lord of Nirauan within the Adumari Alliance.

In hidingEdit

Shortly afterwards, he went into hiding on the colony of Kuar with his then-girlfriend Que Loz Din, a beautiful Jedi Padawan, where a small band of ancient tribes-people believed him to be a messiah due to his increasing talent with the Force, and he taught a couple how to use their own talents. He left there, but realised that governing planets was not what the Force wanted from him, so he went on a tour to learn new Force-techniques, visiting the Aing-Tii, Fallanassi and other groups. From one dark-side group, he stole a ring that could transmogrify him into a raven – and used it to confront Nee Blackheart, his ex-nemesis. He lost the battle and was forced to flee, after which things rapidly got worse for him, especially after the ring exploded mysteriously.

A surpriseEdit

He was abducted by Commodiorus, with permission, and taken deep into the Unknown Regions, to meet a mysterious leader who wished his presence. On arrival, he found the leader to be Prince Xizor, ex-Mandalore, who had managed to survive Mandalore’s fleet’s destruction and fled here. With him was Daala, who had caused Kyp months of heartache by faking her own death. Within days it got worse, as he discovered they had used his DNA to create an army of Kyp-clones (luckily, none of them could use the Force).. but many experiments that continued included how the Force worked, experiments into cloning, cloaking, advanced technology – many of the galaxy’s leading technicians and scientists had been kidnapped to work at the ‘Shadow Academy’ that Xizor had built.

The Shadow AcademyEdit

After this, Kyp managed to plan his escape by putting a Bounty on his own head worth millions of credits, so that people would search for him. As well as this, he discovered Daala could use the Force – and had been cloned. A fourteen-year-old ‘daughter’ called Lucy Durron was still in a growth regeneration facility preparing to be let out with full Force capabilities.

Jacen Lightspark and Dengar Vassel were two of the hunters that followed the Bounty, both breaking aboard the ‘Shadow Academy’ and finding Kyp. Meanwhile, Kyp had broken Lucy free and was trying to flee. In a showdown, Dengar stabbed Commodiorus through the chest, Kyp used the Force to kill Xizor and Daala stabbed Jacen Lightspark’s chest with a lightsaber before the survivors escaped (after Kyp sabotaged the ‘Shadow Academy’. Fleeing Daala, Kyp and Lucy employed Dengar to kill Kyp’s ex-fianeé – and Dengar left. Shortly afterwards, Jacen Lightspark returned seeking revenge for them leaving him aboard the exploding ‘Shadow Academy’ – though none knew how he had survived. He had an epic duel with Kyp that ended with Kyp being forced to kill Jacen with Force lightning.

Dengar returned with no news of Daala, but with Meliadus hunting Kyp down, and in another great fight Meliadus was forced to strike Dengar down and knocked him into the boiling lava of Utupau, where they had been fighting. Dengar’s shields failed and the others left, Meliadus shortly after Kyp. They landed elsewhere, and Kyp managed to cancel the bounty on his own head, unaware that there was a second bounty out. Daala reappeared, and tried to kill Kyp with two violet lightsabers, before Lucy snatched Kyp’s weapons and killed her clone-donor herself.

Meliadus again attempted to capture Kyp, but after a painful fight Kyp managed to escape with Lucy, fleeing to Naboo. Here, three months after Dengar’s alleged death, he returned in a massive War Droid body, and tried to destroy all of them. The Ysalamiri fields were able to stop Kyp as Dengar blasted at Meliadus. SD-3D, Kyp’s droid, managed to operate the StarWing and fly it into Dengar, ejecting at the last moment – the last of the StarWings was destroyed, but so was Dengar. Meliadus fled the scene as Kyp and Lucy left with Threedee.


Kyp and Lucy travelled incognito for a months longer before Kyp decided to return to his jobs – Mandalore needed him. However, by this time, Kyp and Lucy had fallen in love (after all, Lucy was a clone of Kyp's ex-fianceé) and after Kyp was named a Master on Nirauan by Master Gasiform, Kyp and Lucy got engaged. Kyp then decided to be more open with the galaxy, and opened up Mandalorian relations with the Rebel Alliance, the Imperial Remnants, the rival Neutral factions and the Hutts; before going to Coruscant to get his Jedi Master status officially recognised.


The Coruscant Jedi Temple revoked his Master status, saying that it was given unjustly, and told him that his attitude and actions were going to keep him on Knight status indefinitely unless he shaped up. Kyp and Lucy decided to go their seperate ways, and didn't meet again until after Kyp's death. Kyp also decided that being a Jedi Knight conflicted with running a planet, and so gave up both his Lordship of Nirauan and the position of Mandalore - again the planetary elections picked their leader. Kyp attempted to settle, and managed to successfully.

Shortly afterwards he fought in the first Tournament of the Saber, passing the first rounds until he fought Hawk Hinata and lost the battle - and his hand - in a very difficult fight.

A CallingEdit

Kyp was called by the Jedi Council shortly afterwards, and was sent with Master Spark Vallen to the planet Honoghr to check a mysterious Imperial presence. What erupted was a massive battle, and a trail that Kyp followed, led by Admiral Hathoruodo of the Galactic Empire, to Dathomir. Landing with a team of Jedi that he had persuaded to follow him, including Bethany Kismet and Ronin Wendigo, Kyp found and confronted two of his old Masters, Retsam Adoy and Bane Nathos, both of whom had turned Sith. Handing his Jedi amulet (that Zoe Marzullo had given him on their date at the Moonlight Ball) to Bethany, he asked her to return it to his daughter as a peace offering.


The battle that followed tore apart the fortress, and Kyp was forced on the defensive, eventually ending stranded at the end of a rogue beam, atop the highest tower and overhanging a drop of a hundred meters to an icy and rocky lake. As he got shot by Hathoruodo and Viktor Mereel, he got stabbed through the torso by his two ex-Masters, and fell to his death. But that wasn't the end.


The spirit of Kyp Durron wasn't one to go quietly. With both Sith distracted by the further fighting, it slipped past, and after several months managed to locate a body it could enter. Ironically, this body was one of the clones from the Shadow Academy, and Kyp returned in a new form that seemed identical to his old. A changed man, Kyp vowed to be a Jedi Sage until his true dying day.

Return of the KypEdit

After a year in meditation, events led Kyp to realise that only through talking could the fallen be saved - and he went to confront fallen victims. After suffering at the hands of Darth Monnik and Karma Shanshu, receiving a mysterious scar from Sophie Maurow in return for healing, his mind slowly turned back to the overconfident Jedi Knight that he once was. However, he was not as arrogant as he once was - suffering a fall as big as death showed him that he still had much to learn.

He taught Chase Tanelorn after meeting him in a park, and Sophia Antoinette after attending to her bleeding, and they both eventually became Jedi Knights.


Having been thrown out of the Jedi Council yet again, Kyp ended up going on a date with Kaliska Tanelorn on Naboo. He went into seclusion afterwards, finding Kyp Z Durron of his to pretend to be him for the period that he was away. The clone joined the Rebellion and Kyp returned to battle with the fallen Mak Manto.

Shortly afterwards, Kyp returned to the Jedi Council, where he was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master.

The Golden EraEdit

Helping to lead the Jedi fleet at Coruscant, controlling the starfighter squadrons at the lead point of Avenger Squadron, he was promoted to the rank of 'Jedi General'. After returning from a visit to his site of death, Dathomir, he discovered a Sith invasion fleet and called the Jedi Council to attention, landing and riding a rancor into battle, lightsabers blazing as he took back the Jedi Temple with a few other Jedi. His intervention at Utapau saved many lives and he held back genocide on Kashyyyk, joining his final battle on Zonama Sekot before officially retiring from the rank of General and seeking greater privacy.

Eden KisoriEdit

Meeting Eden Kisori during the attack on Coruscant, in which he escorted her to the surface, he proceeded to support her on Dathomir and beyond, going on a date with her and being named Ball Prince/Princess despite not actually arriving at the ball. They visited the zoo together and planned to attend the Masquerade Ball, though both again failed to arrive.


Living on Corellia, Kyp continued to influence and support the Jedi Council but with a less significant leadership role.

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