The Kashi Mer TalismanEdit

Was a Force artifact from the ancient Kashi Mer monarchy era. It was said to possess great powers and affinity with the force.Some of which were rumor to be the ability to tap directly into the force (possibly the dark side) or the gift of preserve ones body for thousands of years.To be later revived intact as was rumored to be the case with one of the Emperors handmaiden.

Shape and formEdit

The talisman was a prism shaped piece of unknown gray rock, measuring approximately 20 by 10 centimeters. The artifact was endowed with dark side powers and radiated an aura of evil. The rock was cool to the touch, and conveyed a sense of power to its holder, endowing them with the knowledge of the relic's full potential. This was believed to be the ability to tap directly into the dark side.

The Breath of the GuardiansEdit

It was speculated by some scholars of both Jedi and Sith that with the creation of the Talisman. Came the as the ancients had it the guardian.Who endowd and task to come possess one chosen amongst the Royale Macheteros. The duty of ensuring the safty and the continued possession of the Talisman by whom it was bestowed to for all eternity. In which case being with the subsequential betrayal and destruction of the Kashi homeword by a supernova. All reference and where abouts of the last guardian was lost, and have been thought along side the Talisman. Nothing more than a ledgend, a myth of a forgotten era and race. But then again was it so? For deep within the dark relms of the outter region the Talisman still remain. Awaiting the time when either one would come claim it and have the fortitude to wield it. Or have its Guardian rise from the ashes to yet again be called to its duty.Called from the darkness yet again by its true Name to serve the one who wieids the Talisman.

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