Herein will be the in character and out of character guidelines participating in the House of Arceneau. All writers are known to be informed prior to writing an Arceneau or correlative relative which includes any children those characters may create with others.

All questions, comments, and decisions are directed through Axel Arceneau. Being the family leader does not give that person persmission to make OOC decisions for the family; those are at the discreation of the family creator which is Axel.

In Character InformationEdit

I. Coming Soon

Out Of Character GuidelinesEdit

I. ---

II.  Arceneaus must follow the Laws of Sol.

III. Children and In-Laws:

- There will be absolutely no marriages/relationships or children with any Draclaus.

IV. Do not take the Areceneau to another community without first speaking to Axel due to continuity issues.

V. There is no creating of Arceneaus or their relatives without first speaking to Axel.

VI: Under extreme circumstances writers may be removed.

VII: Killing of the Arceneau character, or relatives (pre-existing on the family tree), is not acceptable unless approved of first.

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