Herein will be the in character and out of character guidelines participating in The House of Wendigo. All writers are known to be informed prior to writing a Wendigo or correlative relative which includes any children those characters may create with others.

In Character Information Edit

I. The Wendigo's have strong family bonds.Beyond blood and shared heritage of being at some levels keeper of the sacred 'The Breath'.

II. Ronin Wendigo is the current "patriarch" until his final death and a new one rises.

III. Not all relatives know of their bloodlines, true ages, or full heritage. Given the Kashi race from which they came from. Is all but thought of or commonly believed been extinct. Added to which all physical or written history is considered culturally forbidden by their ancestors. So every text, history and lore of their people is only pass down. Either thru oral memory accounts or as part one completing their training with either of or both 'Guardians'. And being taught how to access the sacred hall of the ancestors in the astral realms of the whills.

IV: (Coming Soon)

Out Of Character Guidelines Edit

I. First and foremost and will never change, all those descended from this lineage would have in some extent connection to "Breath/Force". But cannot be accessed unless first train do so by either Ronin or Thedosius, The only two currently recognized individuals with Mastery and hold rank of Guardian of Kashi thus far.

- Story lines may be worked with otherwise as long as the writer understands that eventually the path will lead them to either Darkside (Guardians of Cerberus) or Lightside (Guardians of Breath).

II.Dual joining is alright, but should include one force faction be the primary faction.

III. All names either deal with religious icon, fables, fairy tales and urban legends.

IV. Children: They will all have the Wendigo last name, unless thru marriage that their last names can be hyphenated or combined then that's acceptable. Other surnames are not permissible.

- There will be no more mated/marriage/breeding with other unless approved of first.

V. Do not take them to another community without first speaking to Ronin due to continuity issues.

VI. There is no creating of Wendigo or their relatives without first speaking to Ronin.

VII: Under extreme circumstances writers may be removed.

VIII: Killing of the Wendigo character, or relative, is not acceptable unless approved of first.

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