Roleplaying, as we see it at The Gungan Council, is a creative way of using typed messages to experience the point of view of your original character, while at once interacting with other role players who are doing the same. In essence role playing allows TGC members to escape the drudgery of the real world by becoming someone else for a few hours every day.

The information below will guide you through the process of becoming a part of TGC Role Playing

Register An AccountEdit

To join a TGC Role Playing faction you must first register a Global Account with Yuku which will allow you to move easily between TGC and its factions. Before you register your account, however, you MUST read through our Character Creation Guide. If your pre-existing account does not meet these standards, we ask that you rectify the problem by registering a secondary account.

Develop Your CharacterEdit

You may wish to view the Character Creation Guide for information that may help you in your character creation.

Once you have created a character you will need to write up a short biography of your character which includes in brief, any vital information and background story that you want your fellow role players to know. You can post that bio in our Official Bio Thread.

Transfer From Another CommunityEdit

Role Players are welcome to transfer Star Wars characters to TGC from a different role play. There are a few simple steps you must take in order to make your transfer official. If you cannot provide the information requested below due to the loss of material, as sometimes happens when communities close, or a message board experiences a glitch, contact General Ceel via ezinbox to arrange an alternative method of rank verification.


i. Gather a short list of links to your training thread(s). If your training threads have been lost/deleted gather links to your best role plays instead.

ii. Post your character bio in our Bio Thread

iii. Create a transfer-application thread and post it in our OOC Community Forum. Your transfer thread should include the following: A) The name and URL to the site you are transferring from. B) The rank that you wish to keep. C) A Link to your training thread and two of your best role plays. Or, if your training thread has been lost, provide a link to at least 3 role plays.

A TGC Admin will research your information and promptly respond to your inquiry.

Joining a TGC FactionEdit

A faction is a satellite community of TGC, founded for role players united by a common in-character goal. A faction board is used by its members to train (and yes, you must go through training) like-minded role players so that they can successfully participate in the Star Wars Role Playing Forum, where all factions meet to do battle. Every faction functions in accordance to the TGC rules. So for example, when your faction gives you a promotion, that promotion carries over to your activites here at The Gungan Council. Once you have been promoted to Knight/Adept at your faction you will be required to train the next generation of newcomers to that group.

Below you will find links all of our current factions. Browse through them until you find the one that best fits your character. When you are ready, apply to join the faction of your choosing by following the regulations that particular faction's leaders have created. (Generally there will be a forum marked "Recruitment" or "Join Here").

Playing Multiple CharactersEdit

Although you are allowed to play as many characters as you want at TGC there are a few things to remember.

First of, remember to maintain the strict separation of In Character and Out of Character information. This means no infiltration, or in other words, if you play characters on opposing sides you may not pass sensitive information between them, nor pass it onto others.

Second, when playing multiple characters do not reveal your identity to others. Some of our members prefer not to know who is behind the scenes playing the characters that they must interact with. By keeping your identity secret you improve the roleplaying experience for everyone. If you wish to reveal your identity to another role player do it in private and only if the other player wants to know. Also, do not reveal the identity of others role players.

Third. While you are allowed to play as many characters as you want, we suggest that you maintain the following policy. Do not play characters from opposing sides. In other words. If you play a Lightside character you may want to abstain from playing a darkside character at the same time, or vise versa. So for example, try playing a Jedi and a Neutral, or a Sith and a Neutral instead. The advantage of this strategy is that you will be able to experience the “element of surprise” when your enemy attacks or plots against you.

And finally, only play as many characters as you can reasonably handle. The more characters you create the less time you have to devote to any one single character.

Current FactionsEdit

Lightside The Jedi Council

Darkside The Sith Council | Witches of Dathomir

Neutral The Rebellion |  The Galactic Empire |  The Galactic Underworld | The United Federation

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