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Jedi exile by g esch-d5zw3ua

Jedi Master
Hwo; Prius

Home Planet
Raised by
Ice Fox, Darth Stone
Ice Fox
Noteable Apprentices

"You must remember that there are over a hundred thousand inhabited worlds in the Republic, and there are now only a few thousand of us. Billions of beings have never seen a Jedi. Millions have never even heard of our Order. Or of the Force. When we do appear, we can be killers, but also healers. Thank the Force for that." - Obi-Wan Kenobi



Tall and athletic, Hwoarang's lean frame is littered with small scars from his life as a Jedi. His hair is dark and usually short, and facial hair is more common than not.


Though once an outspoken young student, one eager to learn and follow, Hwo's personality has changed quite a bit. While under Ice Fox's wing, he became more confident and brash, much like the elder Jedi. Although he did not directly disobey the Council, his actions were more liberal than they would prefer. After the apparent death of Master Fox, he became much more reserved and less sociable. He learned of mortality and humility, falling from the proud, borderline arrogant Jedi he had once been.


Force SpecialtyEdit

Hwo specializes in lightsaber combat and telekinesis. He also has the rare Force ability of Shatterpoint, allowing him to see weaknesses in his opponents that may be invisible even to themselves.

Lightsaber SkillsEdit

Master Fox was a legendary swordsman, often cited as an expert in Form VII, Vaapad. This was too aggressive for Hwo, however, as he was more passive in his early days. He originally began as a practitioner of Form III, Soresu, though he later began to migrate toward a more offensive style. Today, he primarily implements Form V, Djem So in combat.


When it came time to build his lightsaber, Hwo was very careful in its creation. He selected a emerald crystal from the caves of Ilum, where he and his master ventured to settle a mining dispute. Despite Fox's trademark blue blade, he preferred the green glow to the more popular indigo. The Padawan used an old holocron found in the Jedi archives to guide him. It has an internal activation switch, and the hilt is wrapped in a leather material to provide a better grip than the slick metal.

Kota saber

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