Iria Quinn Blaedz
Adept TGU
Azure Pixie
Corellian, Kiffar (Human, near-Human mix)
98 lbs.
Eye Colour
Dual colored, right eye jade green, left cerulean blue
Hair Color
Auburn, dyed vivid blue
Home Planet
None (Yet)
None, Vode
None (Yet)

"Aliit ori'shya tal'din. Family is more than blood(lines)."


Born to Ariysha Blaedz, on the Planet Kiffex. Her mother was a talented artist, as in painting portraits. Her mother's side jobs included; Thievery, Hacking, Slicing. Iria learned all of these at her mother's side; as she grew up. At 12, her mother made a bad judgment call and Iria was left to fend for herself. She managed to get along on her own for a year before a dump stunt got her caught in a trap meant for someone else.

Lucky for her her captor had a sense of humor. Or as he'd told her a sense of irony. Either way Iria found herself Ronin's trainee along with his son Ethyan, from then on. Iria was 16 when Ronin's son Ethyan and his friend, Treid Waio, were killed while they were training with explosives. Both Ronin and Iria have some scars from that event as well. While not really skilled in any particular field of Mandalorian life, she can cook and is a fair hand when it comes to dressing wounds. Iria's sense of humor and compassion, have made it clear; she would rather be tending to others wounds, then causing harm to others. Now as it is Ronin has decided it is time for Iria to learn from another, to become a better huntress in her own right. So she has followed his directions and found herself here...

Life from Street brat to adopted MandalorianEdit

"Don't call Pixie."
-Iria to Ronin Goren after their first encounter.

Learning More about being Mandalorian and herself.Edit

"How can I help?"
- Iria to a friend, or vod.

Making her own Armor and other projectsEdit

"I will do my best."
-Iria making a promise.


"Art may not win wars, but it tells a story through the ages."
-Iria defending her portrait painting.

Iria carves charms for those she cares about and also crochets. Her proudest hobby though is painting, from simple still painting to portraits.

Other InformationEdit

Distinguishing Marks: Various old and new scars. From training mishaps and several poor starts for Cuyan's bath.

History not known by Iria. Her Mother's real name was Ashyria Zaoan, she was born one of three triplets, was from Corellia and her parents were not poor but not among the most wealthy families. Her talent for painting portraits among other things allowed her entrance to a special school. While being instructed she picked up a set of friends that had less then stellar reputations. She learned hacking from her friend Kiera Wqoa, Slicing from Vincent Qwxoon, and Quinn Slade taught her what she would later teach Iria about being a thief.

Her twin sisters, Halona and Caeyal, where killed in a speeder crash. While they were away at medical training.

A week before the graduation day, Ashyria literally ran into Coran Blaedz, an exchange student, from Kiffex. The day after graduation, Coren and Ashyria left the school and she took the name Ariysha Blaedz. Iria was born a year later one of three, though her twin sister and brother, didn't survive their premature birth. Ariysha and Coran were offically married after Iria was stable in her health.

Coran left when Iria was just 6 months old, with no explanation or notice to Ashyria so she was left to raise their daughter on her on. She still sold paintings and portraits, though under her new name. A theft job ended badly when Iria was 12 leaving the girl to fend for herself.

Ashyria's parents have since learned of their daughter's past, mostly wanting to find her surviving child to carry on the family name. They've placed a bounty to have any person in possession of a family heirloom to be bought to them, along with the heirloom.

No one knows where Coran went or if he is still alive. When he left Ariysha decided to not mention him to Iria, feeling that it was best she forgot about her father; since he didn't stay to help raise her.

Owned ShipsEdit

Her first ship was a borrowed one from Ronin Goren, her adoptive Mandalorian father. The Kebiin Werda was once his wife's ship. After a strange incident on Kasayyyk the Kebiin Werda was crashed beyond repair.

Currently flying a remodeled Old Republic Freighter dubbed Ka'ra Kebiin.

Love LiveEdit

Is still figuring out love. Had a childhood crush on Savin Skirata, She's now realizing she cares very deeply about RC-9051 "Nomad"

Iria is quite happy and excited about Nomad proposing to her at the Yule ball. She gave him a definate Elek! Yes in mando'a.

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