Isaac Otros

Isaac Otros
The Rebellion
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Pre-TGC HistoryEdit

Imperial ExperimentEdit

Isaac was born to an Imperial who was given to an experiment on children. An experiment to increase the size, strength, toughness. Isaac was known only as Hollow during this time, for he never showed any emotion, or higher thought, like he was a hollow body with no soul. However, he was the only to live through the experiment, another survived until the teens, but then his body's hormones rejected the implants. Isaac, however, accepted the things done to him, such as a second heart on his right side, a drug that increased his bone's density, and finally another drug that made his height and muscle mass higher than the average person's

Isaac was an experiment of the Imperials, taught to become the most efficient soldier possible, a super soldier. He was better than a clone, better than an ARC trooper, but the process was not efficient enough, and Isaac was going to be the only of his kind, the only super-human. He would have been the Empire's best soldier, but he had no loyalty to them, only hate and escaped at the age of seventeen, stealing a ship and flying to Naboo. Where he began his life, his, not the Empire's.

TGC HistoryEdit


On Naboo, Isaac was found to have a connection to the Force, not a strong one, but enough of one to get him training, for two years he lived with the Jedi, being trained, as well as breaking the Jedi rules, meeting a woman and marrying her, and they were happy. Isaac was not a Jedi who focused on the Force, he only used it as a secondary source of strength, used it to enhance his physical abilities. his true focus was the saber, he wanted to be the greatest saber-master the Jedi had seen in years, and he would have succeeded, had his life taken another turn.

As a Padawan, Isaac did serve in combat against the Sith. His largest conflict was on Korriban itself, he fought a Sith Witch, a Santeria Decluir. He was no match for her, but with luck, or his acceptance of the anger inside him; he was able to hold his own enough to not be killed, he lost consciousness, but so did she. The only reason Isaac didn't die on that planet was because Chloe had appeared and saved him from the darkness that emanated from the Sith planet.

After that, his connection to the Force began to falter and die. The darkness of Korriban did not corrupt him, but instead it killed part of him, poisoned his Force connection until he withered away, leaving Isaac hollow. Isaac kept it from his wife, he did not want her to know, but he did mention it to Samara, his mentor, she agreed to help him hide it from Chloe, he no longer practiced with his sabers, nor trained his Force powers, but studied in the Archives, gaining a knowledge that would serve him through life.

Isaac and Chloe were married, and she soon became pregnant, Isaac was happy, he was going to have a family, something he could cherish, something real and normal. Slowly the months passed and Chloe went into labor. However, during birth, his children had died from strange diseases, diseases explained by his tampered DNA. That night, Isaac did not want to hurt Chloe again, she had discovered his loss, and she had lost her children, because of him. He had hurt her too much, therefore he grabbed some clothes, and left the Jedi, and his wife.


Isaac left the Jedi, and went to an unpopulated planet in the Outer Rim, unnamed, and dead, only the bare minimum to live on, plenty of water, for it snowed constantly, a desolate, icy wasteland. For three years Isaac stayed here, ignoring all of civilization and living his own life. However, an itch began to grow, an itch to return to civilization, and Isaac ignored it, until it became so unbearable he left the world of nothing to find what was calling him. Returning to civilization and returning to a life. Isaac had chosen one of the few planets in the ship's hyperdrive, a Kamino, the home to a species that had mastered cloning. Maybe they could discern what was wrong with him, if he could trust a scientist to touch him.

The RebellionEdit

On Kamino, Isaac was met by two Rebel soldiers, and, simply because they were bothering him, he knocked the two out. Shortly after that Nomad found him and Isaac carried the two soldiers to a nearby hospital to avoid any legal troubles. However, on the way, the two talked, and Isaac accepted a job, a job in The Rebellion. He left with Nomad on his ship, to train and officially join The Rebellion.

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