Ishta Prime
Ishta White Fel
Darth Sicaria
3 yrs ( 18 phys.)
Human (Clone)
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Home Planet
Tiara Fel
Ishta Fel (Source)
Angelica Fel
Taea Fel (Daugher)


Ishta Prime is a clone of Tiara Fel's adopted daughter Ishta Fel; a former Jedi Youngling. Wishing to have the potential of Ishta's biology without harming her daughter, Tiara used science and arcane arts to grow a clone and imprint a mental pattern suitable for a Sith assassin. Ishta took to this purpose immediately, becoming a loyal servant to her creator and her family.

In time Ishta developed into a proper Sith Knight, going so far as to take on her own apprentices. So far only one has graduated to knight, but Ishta continues to have hopes for the future. Those hopes were put on hold for a while during a recent pregnancy. Circumstances with her family recently drove her into a fit of depression, which she attempted to deal with by seeking physical affection. This succeeded in more ways than Ishta wished it to, but her bond with her mother makes any thought other than carrying the child to term impossible. Having all but destroyed her previous family, Tiara seeks to build her new family in her own image. Ishta's pregnancy was seen as a further step in the right direction.

Upon giving birth to the child Ta'ish, the assassin thought to return to her duties. This, however, quickly proved problematic as she discovered that she had a bond with the child. Completely loathe to leave her for a moment, the assassin accepted semi-retirement for the time being. Allowing herself the latitude to teach, Ishta quickly acclimated to life as a mother and instructor. The name 'Ta'ish', however, did not stay near so long before Darth Animus renamed the child to 'Taea'.

Darth Sicaria's loyalty to the Fel family, however, became her greatest weakness. As the fortunes of the Fel family turned, her own limitations showed themselves. Once Darth Animus and Venefica left the Sith fellowship, she was without guidance or purpose. Without that purpose Sicaria did her best to create one.  She currently travels throughout the galaxy seeking another to give her the guidance she once had from her family until fate chooses to re-unite her with her daughter and loved ones.

Appearance Edit

Tall and lean, Ishta Prime is an imposing woman to those around her. She maintains long hair, allowing it to curl slightly. Other attributes vary based on situation.

Personality Edit

Contrasting sharply with her appearance, Ishta is open and straightforward person, lacking any inclination towards deception or command. Ishta approaches all situations with a focused inteligence, which is hampered by her emotional infancy. She greatly dislikes mental or emotional conflict, prefering a life of accepting direction and carrying out orders.

Details Edit

Ishta fights with either lightsabers or with two durasteel whips. Studying under her mother, Ishta has learned how to instill her whips with the Dark Side - rendering them impervious to lightsabers.

In arial combat, Ishta Prime pilots an elite TIE-Interceptor. The addition of shield, hyperspace, and aeliron systems provides Ishta with a combat system that is equal of any starfighter in the galaxy. Ishta has also had the vessel refitted by having an R3 astromech ( designation R3-X2 ) disassembled, its components distributed throughout the vessel and its memory wiped to prevent any confusion.  Like all ships with astromech attachments, the starfighter is capable of limited independent function.

Ishta is capable of operating a wide variety of vessels, making her a suitable agent for any assignment.