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Isis Meridius
Also known as
Isis Laro
Millius Prime, Iego
High Queen of Iego
280 lbs
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Family members
Significant other
Ceth Laro
Adira Laro
Achilles Meridius
Athena Meridius
Andromeda Meridius
Antares Laro
Mira Laro
Great grandparents
Aunts and uncles
Other family

Isis Laro is a trainee member of the United Triumvirate faction and the High Queen of the planet Iego.



Born to Ceth and Adira on Millus Prime, Isis is the middle of three children. Her older brother Antares and her younger sister Mira making up the trio. Their parents did not coddle them as other parents did their children. The Laros told their children what life was really like. Showed them the world for what it really was, blood, war, famine and homelessness in some cases. They were not only taught the realities of life, they were also raised to honor and respect all those around them.

Because of their parents' brutal honesty, the Laro children never grew up wearing rose colored glasses and were not the lambs to be lead to the slaughter. They were the leaders and fighters. Her brother Antares joined the army to fight along side the soldiers and go into battle. Isis and her sister of course were to remain at home until they were to be wed.

What they did not know was that when the young 41 year old Isis was out in the market shopping for clothes and food, she caught the ever roving eye of the Crown Prince Maximus Meridius. It was then her parents were approached for her to become one of his many bound concubines. Her parents debated due to her upbringing. They feared for her life. She was not one to simply say yes and agree to his every whim without questioning why first. In the end Ceth and Adira realized that besides their fierce loyalty to the High King, no one said no to the Crown Prince and his wishes. With that their daughter Isis was set out to become a bound Concubine of Maximus Meridius.

Preparations and AnticipationsEdit

In preparation to become Maximus' concubine, her mother groomed her to bow, say yes, obey and of course speak her mind when asked to. Though unlike the others, Isis had a beauty all to her own. She would stand out amongst them and Max would see that and choose her as his own. If not his only concubine, then the Alpha female. Of course many of the mothers told their daughters this. Filled their heads with such frivilties. Any other girl would have believed such things they heard come from their mother's mouth.

Isis believed it. To a point. Isis was never one to bow to anyone, say yes because she simply had to, nor would she obey a man. But yes, she would speak her mind. If the Prince was a man of honor as he claimed to be, then he would listen to her opinions. Would he not? Her mouth would have landed her head on the chopping block. Not that she feared it of course. It was her parents that did not wish to see their child die at such a young and tender age.

Maximus Meridius

A Match Made in HeavenEdit

As she was escorted into the room of the concubines, Isis' hazel eyes scanned the room to immediately find the one who believed she was the Alpha female. This woman would not remain in charge very long. It was up to Isis to assume this role and she would assume is quickly. The brunette breezed her way over and introduced herself as Kalia and that she was the Prince's number one concubine.

Isis was just one in a number of other girls that struck his fancy and he would grow weary of her as well when another young woman caught his eye. Of course Isis would be chosen from time to time for the Prince to 'satisfy his needs.' Kalia made it sound so clinical. The Prince wanted sex and would choose he woman appropriately. Though the first night of course would be Isis' night.

Yes, of course she was excited. The Prince was a handsome man and who would not wish to be in her position? She'd stayed pure until the date of her marriage. Being a bound concubine was a good as a marriage. Dressed in a white negligee she presented herself to him. Just when she thought she would be able handle herself well, her knees went weak in anticipation. Max took his time with her. The moment his fingers brushed her cheek and his lips kissed her knuckles Isis Laro's heart was his. Trembling, she most graciously accepted him

Seizing her throne, so to speakEdit

It took her but less than six months from that first night that the Prince showed his favor towards the lovely Isis. More so than Kalia. This gave the lovely blond woman the perfect opportunity the time to ursurp the brunette from her makeshift throne in the harem and seize it for herself. And seize it she did. When Kalia realized she was no longer the favorite she began losing respect with the other women. They all began coming to Isis for advice regarding the Prince.

Sensing a confrontation coming, Isis sprung into action before Kalia could act. The holopad of schedules, disciplinary actions soon fell into Isis' hands. As did one of Kalia's wings. Isis attempted to be respectful and honorable about the matter. The woman would rather fight over the matter. Isis was taller than she by three inches and outweighed her as well. At this juncture Isis truly believed she would lose her head over the matter. Brought forth to Max to explain herself, she was blunt and honest explaining the situation. When she returned unscathed Kalia was in shock. From that moment on, it was Isis' harem. And shortly thereafter it was Kalia's head on the chopping block at the bidding of Isis, not the Prince.
It was then Isis began to groom a woman to become her second in command amongst the women in the harem. Her name was Jemmila Drackon. She proved to be a wonderful assest and a dear friend.

100 years strongEdit

From the moment their eyes met and their first night together, Isis and Max somehow knew they were meant for one another. Their hearts beat as one and none ever could and can still never deny their deep love for one another. Each day since that first night they spent together it has only grown stronger each day.

She only heard of one trip to the harem and when she found that it was for him to personally retrieve her clothing to move them to his chambers, it caused her heart to flutter like a school girl. But then with his simple touches and caresses he continues to this day to make her feel this way. When he fell to bended knee and begged her to marry him, she almost jumped out of her chair screamed to the entired palace the answer was yes.

However many doubts she had about the matter seeing that it was extremely rare, if unheard of, for a bound concubine to marry a Prince, Max continues to reassure her. As do all of his loyal military advisors and general military that serve and are loyal to Maximus alone. Isis consistantly argues with them that she does not yet bare the name Meridius nor does she sit on the throne, therefore she is not their Queen. None will listen to it, and continually referr to her as their 'Priness' or their 'Queen." It's been speculated by many that if one were to die, the other would certainly follow soon after if not immediately from a broken heart.

Nicus Meridius

The battle for the ThroneEdit

As she watched from the sidelines with Athea Meridius, her love Maximus challenged his father Nicus for the throne of Iego. Taking Athea's hand in her's, Isis sat up strong and proud. She had even threatened Nicus. But to no avail he only came back with a retort that they would be married and of course buried side by side.

And fought they did. Blow for blow she watched Nicus stabbed his son in the side. Taking Athea's hand in her's, Isis sat up strong and proud.

Athea Meridius

In the end Max sliced off his father's wings and exiled him from Iego. In turn he became the High King and she the future Queen. The Queen Mother Athea of course was kept in the Palace along with her son.

The Son he never knewEdit

Twenty five years ago, she went into hiding to give birth to Max's son Achilles. Of course this was to hide the pregnancy from his father Nicus. His son was born such a strong young man; however she had to find a good family that would raise him knowing full well who he was.

Achilles Meridius

She found that family three doors down from her own parents. The Drackons took Achilles in and raised him under the name Achilles Drackon. Though Isis, her brother Antares, Maximus' mother and Jemmila all visited him and ensured he knew who he was and trained him well. They did this for the day that he would be able to come home and be by his parent's side.

Soon after his father was banished from Iego they were to bring their son Achilles home to the palace not only to meet his father, but also claim his rights as the Prince of Iego. However only when it was safe to do so.

How could any good come of this?Edit

The Queen mother was found dead in her own chambers murdered by a supporter of Nicus. Another attempt on the life of the future Queen of Iego, Isis Laro. Suspecting her own news and awaiting the confirmation that she was indeed pregnant, Isis made her way to her suite to await the doctor's visit. However upon arrival, she heard the intruder behind the door and they captured the second assassin, thrawrting his attack.

Even with the attempted attack upon her life the future Queen would not allow the guards to follow her around. Jemmila soon called her parents to send Achilles to the palace to guard his mother. Knowing full well that she would allow her son to guard her and keep her safe. It was then that Isis was told she was pregnant with twin girls.

A Royal wedding for TwoEdit


High Queen Isis Meridius' Wedding dress

As the day of the wedding drew near, Isis and Max prepared. She demanded they be married before she began showing and of course Max abided due to his love for Isis. She had purchased her wedding dress 53 years prior to their wedding. Even before Max had got down on bended knee to propose to her. The bound concubine knew in her heart of hearts that Max would make her his proper wife one day and they would spend an eternity together.

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