Jabez Goff
Jabez Goff
Four Feet Eight Inches
Ninty-five pounds
Eye Colour
Baby Blue
Hair Color
Light Brown
Home Planet
He's 14, he doesn't have one
Isabelle Shiroph
Mikel Shanshu
Does Karma Shanshu count? :P

The personEdit

Jabez has not lived long, merely being fourteen years old and already a Jedi Knight. But even though he is young, there is a lot that has happened. And that shows in the person that he is today.

personality and inner thoughtsEdit

Everyone is a product of their surroundings, the events that have happened causing changes in what a person is. And Jabez is no different. Of course, he is also not what one would expect. A young fourteen year old Knight, one who hasn't acted like a real child in years.

That is what makes him unique. Other children would think about things that befit their age. Playing with friends, getting a new toy, etc, as most children do. However, Jabez was pointed in the direction of the Jedi Temple at the age of seven. From then on, he studied and tried to prove himself in a place where it didn't seem like there were any children. Not only that, but he worked hard to maintain himself.

After all, it is more than just a use of the force that makes one a Jedi. One must also follow the strict guidlines. And even though it is exceedingly difficult, Jabez has done his best to try to adhere to them. The nine sentences that make up the code, they have ran his life for seven years now. Even as a Knight, he still maintains distinct qualities. He wants to learn everything, he wants to maintain the code, and he wishes that the other Jedi do the same.


At four feet and eight inches, Jabez isn't a very intimidating sight. In fact, nothing abour him seems dangerous at all. The young boy isn't particularly muscular, and his eyes seem to add to the almost innocent look that he has. That isn't to say that he is frail looking, however, just not muscular. Brown robes cover his form, a brown hood sometimes covering his face. Under his robe is a plain white shirt. Normally he wears either brown shorts or pants.


As a Jedi, he has practically nothing. It his part of the code, really, which he sees as law. But what he does keep are his lightsaber, which he doesn't use, and the traditional brown robes of the Jedi.

The lifeEdit

before he met the JediEdit

I can be a Jedi?Edit

The Jedi Knights are the guardians of peace in the galaxyEdit

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