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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels
Witches of Dathomir
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Growing Up on Dantella IVEdit

Early LifeEdit

Due to his Parents split during his infancy, Jack was raised in private by solely his father, Jake Daniels, whom at this time was known throughout the Galaxy as Darth Gravis. Due to his fathers infamy and the bounties that had been placed upon his head, the Sith Knight had decided to keep Jacks existence as secret as possible and thus only kept the lad on his home world of Dantella IV. Unlike his Fathers upbringing, which had been under the watchful eye of a family friend, Jack was closely watched over by not just his Father but also members of the Dantellian 62nd who were routinely assigned to watch over the Daniels Homestead when the elder Daniels was away.

While gaining a basic education through the Dantellia Public School Systems, he was also brought up with a sharp military understanding. He routinely watched stories of his fathers campaigns on holovideo while gaining first hand knowledge from the Soldiers that fought in those very battles. Unlike Jake, whom seemed predestined for a rather bloody mentality, Jack seemed to shy slightly away from such sights. A tab bit more reserved than his father, the young man did not like public recognition in any degree, whether it be at school or at home. Modest by most nature, his humility and humbleness seemed to shine through during his adolescence which resulted in Jake refusing to teach his son anything with regards of the force. Fearing his son would turn out like him, the Elder Daniels forbid Jack from leaving the planet.

Essentially grounded to a boring Dantellian life, the young man continue to gain knowledge of the 62nd and their Military History, growing close with a Corporal by the name of Ricardo Montanez. Montanez began training Jack in self defense techniques, the basics taught to Dantellian Military Grunts in basic training. As Jack grew, so did his physical appearance and early on people knew he would be build in a better shape than his father, whom was already viewed as a broad shoulders tank. When Jack finished his schooling, his eagerness and curiosity about the force grew.It was during this time that the young man learned of his fathers Allegiance shifting from the Sith Empire to that of the mystical Witches of Dathomir.

Learning of his HeritageEdit

Ciara Palmera

Ciara Zen Daniels - Retired Master Jedi and Grandmother of Jack

Deciding it was time, Jack began preparations to find the planet of Dathomir, but an expected turn of events occurred. Having acquired a vessel for the travels, Jack migrated to the outskirts of Dantella's main province. While finishing up his packing and readying his body for the journey, he was visited by a woman he had never met before. She introduced herself as Ciara Zen Daniels (nee. Palmera) and informed the young man that they were bonded by blood, going so far as to tell the young Daniels that she was his Grandmother. Skeptical of such a claim, Jack ordered Ciara off the property to which is rightly refused. Instead the woman produced a simple photo of her wedding day with Jake Daniels I, Jacks Grandfather.

This was followed up by the revelation of two holocrons, one belonging to Ciara's own Parents, Jacks great-grandparents, and the second being Jacks own fathers holocron. One was of pure light, the other pure darkness. She explained that she was instructed and trusted to protect both holocrons as they hold deep understanding of both the light and dark but more importantly, they hold the family histories of both Daniels and Palmera. Ciara informed Jack that the Daniels side of the family had a long history of falling too Darkness. His Grandfather started Jedi before turning Sith, only to turn back to the Jedi. His own father started Jedi before turning to the Sith though his return to the Jedi had yet to occur but Jack was different.

Protesting that he never got a chance, Ciara explained the reasoning behind everything. He was to be reared in a way no other Daniels was. He was reared up like a Palmera; with absolute love and devotion from his Parents and that when the day came that he would be ready to train, he would then be taken to the Jedi. Again, Jack scoffed at the idea, rebutting that it was his fathers direct isolation of him from the Galaxy that is forcing his hand in venturing out. Ciara acknowledged that a Daniels mentality has always been different; on one hand they want closeness, protection but on the other they want to be on their own. The Daniels were a paradox. Ciara warned Jack that the path he currently planned to follow would be a dark and dangerous one but she also stated he would eventually turn to the light because with time... all Daniels see the Light.

Jack asked if Ciara planned to stop him to which she replied no, she sarcastically explained that arguing with a Male Daniels was like arguing with a Bantha; they did not listen to half of what you said and the other half they spent their time arguing back. She replied this was his choice; not hers but that should he ever need guidance, the man now knew where to find her.

Witches of DathomirEdit

Daniels soon landed in the vicinity of the Dark Temple, one of the most Sacred Locations on Dathomir. Unbenownst to the young man and unfamiliar with the Factions traditions and regulations, Jack had inadvertently triggered an alarm system which forced about a quick response. As soon as his ship cooled and the hatch lowered, Nightbrother Guards apprehended the young man for trespassing. Upon learning his name, the Guards took Jack into the lower levels of the Dark Temple. It was in this moment that his first true experience of fear crept deep into the recesses of his mind. Away from the familiar, the young man now realized why his father had forbid him from venturing to such a planet. It was dangerous and at this moment, Jack had bitten off more than he could chew.

Rejection by GabrielEdit

Gabriel VolturiJD

Gabriel Volturi

During his brief apprehension, Jack was visited by famed Nightbrother by the name of Gabriel Volturi. The man presented himself as a rather perculiar individual with a personality that was next to impossible to pin down to any degree. Upon meeting Jack, he seemed curious as to why the man would defy his Fathers wishes and come to the planet. When it was revealed that Jack wanted to learn the ways of the force, Gabriels demeanor shifted to one that seemed hostile and semi-violent as he slickly berated the young man for having no true understanding of what 'wanting to learn the ways of the force' truly meant. Instead of welcoming the young force sensative into the mix of the Nightbrothers, Gabriel banished Jack from the Dark Temple but not before two things occurred; the first being that Gabriel insisted the banishment would be lifted once Jack truly understood what he was asking for and the second being his brief introduction to Mikeala Volturi. The latter would prove to be a twist in his life which would turn everything upside down.

Return to Dathomir & ApprenticeshipEdit

Battle of KashyyykEdit

Soon after being brought into the fold of the Nightbrothers, Jack learned that his father was planning to acquire him a guardian. Viewing now as the proper time to alert Jake that he had begun his training on Dathomir, the man snuck aboard The Pelican, the flagship of the Dantellian 62nd. As they came into view of the planet Kashyyyk, Jack made his presence known and alerted his father to what he had been up too. Blindsided by the fact that his son went behind his back, without his approval, Jake threatened to lock Jack up. The young man countered that this was his life that he would live and given the fact that his Master was Nightbrother Master Gabriel Volturi, a person whom could easily best Jake in a fight, the younger Daniels knew he had the advantage.

Both men bartered back and forth over what Jack wanted and what Jake wanted for him. Halfway through the impromptu meeting Jack understood that once his father got going there would be no way to convince him of anothers point of view. Feeling the conversation lost and knowing he was now conversing with a brick wall, Jack refused to spill anymore details besides the name of his new Master; even refusing to inform him of his blossoming relationship with another Volturi, the clone of Jakes former Jedi Master.

The conversation remained one sided, as Jake berated Jack for disobeying him. Jack, not wanting to hear anymore demanded to be taken back to Dathomir. Still consumed with rage, Jake informed his son that due to his incessant need to explore the galaxy, he would no longer receive aid from the 62nd. Having dropped his son off on the planet, Jake took the 62nd and went back to Dantella, leaving Jack to himself; something he had wanted for a very long time. Unbeknownst to both men at the time, this single argument would strain their relationship for years to come to the point of infrequent conversations and meetings even though they both allied with Dathomir.

Battle of Dromund KaasEdit

.::.Currently Ongoing.::.

Dantellian Civil WarEdit

Dantella IV

Dantella IV

Taking a reprieve from recent events, Jack returned to one of the long forgotten Daniels homesteads on his native planet of Dantella IV. There, under the tutelage of his Grandmother Ciara, the young man began to study more in-depthly about the concepts of life and his family. During the first few days, Ciara showed Jack the Palmera Holocron, with guidance on various aspects of a Jedi’s Life but most importantly on the need to keep ones moral beliefs intact. Ciara explained that though dark tendencies are beginning their grasp on Jacks mind, that he must fight to ensure he is not entirely consumed by it. Ciara offered to teach Jack meditation techinques that his Grandfather still used, to which the one man accepted. He learned quickly, understanding the need to keep ones inner most thoughts out but in these meditation training sessions Ciara learned of Jacks darkest secret; his relationship with Mikeala Volturi. She sensed great darkness from the mental apparations she spotted of the woman but also the confliction of Jacks loyalty to her and the faith he held in himself.

On what was to be his final day on the planet and the end to his self-enforced Vacation, war broke out amongst the Dantellian people. Ciara, having been watching and observing political instability on the planet for months explained that with the fall of the Legion of the Black Moon, too many Political Parties formed and moved against one another. In this instance, Anarchists were working to remove the Prime Minister and have him executed. With Ciara and Jacks Grandfather retired and refusing to intervene, the woman left it up to her Grandson to decide if he would take up the mantle to help reestablish peace. Deciding it his duty to partake in the war, Jack wished his Grandmother farewell and received promises that she would reveal nothing of Mikeala to his father.

Battle of Ple CityEdit

Operation Trident Counter Offensive

Security Forces begin to move in on the Anarchists

When Jack arrived in the capitol city, he was awstuck at the street to street fighting he saw. Nothing seemed like the Battles he had seen on Kashyyyk or Dramund Kaas, instead it look like large mobs of rioters clashing with local authorities. Landing behind city security defensive lines, Jack identified himself as a Daniels. Noting the saber that hung from the mans waist, the security forces asked for his help in taking back control. Leading a small collection of Police and Medics, Jack worked his way outward along one of the three main avenues in what was coined the “Trident Offensive”. While the other two main avenues were assaulted by Security Forces to repel attackers, Jack led his group. Through fierce street fighting, the young Apprentice used his lightsaber as defense while the police behind him took pot shots. As they slowly gained more control over the situation, the Anarchists mounted a counter offensive against the Apprentice’s group. It was in this moment that Jack took his first life.

As Anarchists began throwing Molotov Cocktails at the Apprentice led security forces, Daniels took up a more aggressive approach to the situation. Rushing head long into the fight, he did what he could to disarm blasters in peoples hands and using simple force techniques to push them away but as they became more biligerant in their assaults, Daniels used lethal force. One assailant charged the apprentice from behind, dagger in hand. Instinct took over which force Jack to point the saber behind him, impaling the attacker before slashing a second one away in front of him. He turned to see the heap of a body at his feet behind him before noticing the lethalness of his frontal attack on the other. Within seconds he had claimed his first and second lifes.

Realizing that the man they were dealing with was now willing to use lethal force with his Lightsaber, the Anarchists pulled back from Jacks Avenue and began heading out to the city limits. While aerial support continued to chase the people from the city and thus bringing a slow end to the “Trident Offensive”, Jack had the medics begin checking all wounded while at the same time having Police arrest any Anarchists remaining in the immediate area. By the end of the first battle of the Dantellian Civil War, Jack had killed two people, wounded eight, and helped in the arrest of fourteen.

Battle of Horrace EstatesEdit

Days after the successful repulsion of Anarchists from the Capitol City, Daniels and members of the Dantellian 17th Division were sent into the Horrace Estates, a secluded suburb on the outskirts of Ple City. Reports reached the Military that the Anarchists had taken up a defensive perimeter around the million dollar mansions while holding those trapped within their ring hostage. It was later revealed that the majority of the hostages were the spouses and children of currently sitting political advisors to the prime minister. The battle plan was established to bombard the outer areas while minimizing structural damage before sending in the 17th to go house to house.

At the start of the battle, Dantellian LAAT/I’s torched the ground leading to the estates, removing the majority of the defenses that the Anarchists had set up, which included make shift roadside bombs and mines. With the aerial bombardment complete, the 17th moved in. Daniels began the house to house search, making quick work of the few Anarchists he encountered. Within an hour of entering the the suburb, the entire 17th cleaned out the remaining Anarchists in the area. By the end of the fighting, Jack had killed five, wounded two and helped in the direct arrest of four.

Massacre of Jorge PlateauEdit

Jorge Plateau

Beautiful City of Jorge Plateau. Home to the worst Massacre in Dantellian History

Through his first two battles, Jack maintained his morality by only killing those he had no choice but to kill; while only wounding others when the opportunity presented itself. His morality, one of the deepest and most sacred parts of his personality was pushed to the brink during what was to be nicknamed ‘Massacre of Jorge Plateau’. When word reached Ple City that Jorge Plataeu, a densly populated city of around fifty thousand had suddenly gone silent, the 17th with Jack in tow, were sent out to investigate. Upon arriving at the city, Jacks only feeling was horror as it appeared that every civilian, man, woman and child were slaughtered. Bodies fell where they had died, unmoved from an apparent slaughter as they were found in home, schools, hospitals, police stations and simply on streets and sidewalks. At this moment, the Dantellian Military now knew the Anarchists had outside help and immediately called in for support.

The support would not arrive fast enough as the Anarchists appeared in various areas, using Dantellian XI armored Tanks and Personelle Carriers. The 17th and Jack engaged immediately. As the house to house, street to street fighting began, it became apparent to the Apprentice that chaos was enveloping the air and he felt the darkness that Ciara had warned him about, creeping into the recesses of his heart. Surrounded by death, angered beyond belief, and furious about the brutality of the Anarchist, Jack began to his own path of destruction, working with a small unit of 17th in total annihilation of any enemy combatant they encountered, refusing to accept surrender as an option. The strength of the Dantellian XI Armored Tanks proved too much for the 17ths simply field observation vehicles and slowly they began to lose ground. As the Tanks pounded away, the 17th desperately put up any sort of counter offensive they could to stop the roll.

The 17th

Jack in 17th Armor after the Arrival of Darth Gravis and the 62nd

The battle turned with the Arrival of the 62nd Marine Light Infantry, the Division under the Command of Darth Gravis, whom began scatter bombing the entire area, while LAAT/I’s sent hailfire missiles directly into Anarchists Tank Formations. Realizing his father was near, Jack donned the armor of a fallen 17th Private, hid his saber and picked up a blaster. Rejoining the fighting the man helped to push off the Anarchists while a proper counter offensive was planned. Operation Lasso came into effect when Darth Gravis worked with Leading Commanders of the 17th to form a ring around the city and then tighten it in one sudden stroke.

Joining a support unit, Jack partook in the battle which proved even more fierce than before. As the 17th and 62nd began to bowl the Anarchists in, their desperation grew. Using Speeder Bombs, they frantically did what they could to slow the sudden assault from the Government forces. Once bowled in, Jack watched from the side as his own Father and his Lieutenant forced the surviving Anarchists to dig the graves for every fall soldier and civilian. Then, pushing emotion from his mind, he watched as the men were forced to dig one massive ditch to which the order was given to kill them. Jack emptied his blaster cartridge into the frey. By the time it ended, the color had left the mans skin, his face stoic, his heart shattered. Stunned at what he had just done, the young man left. By war accounts, Jack killed 211 Anarchists, wounded two dozen others, and helped in the arrest of none.



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Jake Daniels IEdit

Jake Daniels I

Jake Daniels I, Former Master Jedi & Grandfather of Jack Daniels

Now retired, Jake Daniels I was a Former Sith, Legion Emperor, and Jedi Master. In his earlier years the man had fallen to the Dark Side, going under the name Darth Bacili. As a Sith, the man gained a reputation as highly untrustworthy and mentally unstable. During what was called the Legion Wars, Darth Bacili formed the Legion of the Black Moon, bringing about abrupt change to the Dantellian people and his home world. Under his leadership he turned their economy around and made them a military powerhouse. Soon afterwards, he returned to the Jedi Order. As a Master Jedi, the man helped to establish better relationships with the Republic and Jedi Order before participating in the Sith Wars. Upon the wars conclusion he would retire to a quiet life with his wife Ciara Zen Daniels (nee. Palmera). .::.Character was played at Unforeseen Destiny.::.

Ciara Zen DanielsEdit


Ciara Daniels, Former Master Jedi & Grandmother of Jack Daniels

Now retired, Ciara Zen Daniels (nee. Palmera), was a former Jedi Master. With a deep family history rooted in the lightside of the force, Ciara was trained under Jedi Master Jada Knun. Through the years she showed her cunning as a Diplomat, Counselor, and Healer though she was known as a fierce warrior. With great empathy, Ciara looked after all her fellow Jedi as if they were biological family. During the Sith Wars Ciara took lead in the evacuations of Coruscants Jedi Temple and relocation to Kashyyyk. During this time she began a mission to find her missing love interest, Jake Daniels I, whom had fallen off the face of the map. After find him, she brought him back to the Jedi Order. Under her guidance, the Jedi survived before reclaiming Coruscant in the final battle of the Wars. Upon its conclusion, she retired to a quiet life on Dantella IV with her husband Jake Daniels I. After a year of privacy, she birthed her third son, Jake Daniels II. .::.Character was played at Unforeseen Destiny.::.

Jake Daniels IIEdit

Jake Daniels II

Jake Daniels II, Knight of Dathomir & Father of Jack Daniels

Jake Daniels II, arguably the most famous of the Daniels in recent years, is a current Knight of Dathomir. The son of two former Jedi Masters, the man is renowned for his betrayal of the Jedi Order and subsequent campaign which split the Jedi in two halves, the Knights and Padawans moving against the Jedi Council. Known for his fierce loyalty to Lady Silencia, Jake was renamed Darth Gravis, and became known for his cunning intellect and covert tactics which brought about victory after victory against far superior Sith Lords and Jedi Masters. When Lady Silencia secluded herself from the Galaxy, Gravis joined the Dark Side faction on Dathomir known as the Nightsisters. Casting aside the name Gravis, for now, Jake Daniels began working with the Nightbrothers. He is best known for the sharp intellect and for always going into a fight he chooses. Very rarely does the man go into a fight that is not his selection. During his time with the Sith, Jake heired a son by the name of Jack Daniels with whom he kept hidden from the majority of the galaxy until his sons rebellion against his father and joining the Nightbrothers against Jake Daniels II wishes. .::.Character was played at The Gungan Council.::.

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