Jacob Corona
Storm Commando
The Galactic Empire
Herald Storm
185 lbs
Eye Colour
Sea Green
Hair Color
Home Planet
Deija Marzullo (former)
Misty Corona
Asher Corona
Lori Corona, Daniel Corona, Fillip Corona
Dominic Corona

Long Days and Short NightsEdit

"He had always shown an aptitude for combat." ~ Asher Corona

Jacob was born on Corellia to high-income merchants that sent him to the finest academies in all of Corellia. He was routinely kicked out of all of them, despite his high marks in his subjects. The reason for this was his constant fighting. But, eventually, he finished normal school and was sent to the Imperial Academy on Carida.

In the Academy, Jacob finally had discipline drilled into him and he became a model student. After his first year, he was pooled into the Stormtrooper training classes. By his Senior year, he was teaching classes on stealth and leadership to special troops. He graduated with the highest honors possible and left for Alderaan, the seat of Imperial Power.

Testa di Morte and Deija MarzulloEdit

Jacob arrived on Alderaan and was greeted by Mikel Marzullo, then a member of the Crimson Guard. The meeting did not go well, and after a fist fight between the two of them, Jacob was sent to the Stormtrooper Corps to become a Storm Commando.

He was assigned to a squad of four, Robert, Garret, and Heron were his first squadmates. All were veterans, and taught him what he needed to know. His first mission was to his homeplanet of Corellia, to gather data on the Jedi there. While there, he met Deija Marzullo, his first love. He saw her due to a security glitch on an incoming transport sent the security feed to his datapad, and knew he had to have her.

He chased her all the way through the city, and caught up with her in her hotel room, where they both gave into their passions, and a relationship was forged between them. Due to his fierce loyalty to his Empire, he even persuaded Deija to join the Empire as a scientist.

At this time, he was granted leave to make an elite squad of his own. Testa di Morte, the Faces of Death. It consisted of Lucian Belial, Jacob's SiC, Meconopsis Demetri, a Zelosian Sniper, and Mariah Ball, the communications expert. Together, they swept through the Galaxy, completing countless missions.

The Loss of StabilityEdit

Coming soon....

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