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Jaded Pines Clan

Clan Leader

Amara Decuir
Members Enzie Roe
Gabriel Volturi
Mikaela Volturi
Ophelia Deveron
Thorne Deveron
Zoe Marzullo
Seraphina Volturi
Xan Qenadius
Lorcan Khal
Valderon Kai
High Witch Council
High Priestess Santeria Decuir
High Witches Xander Starkiller
Diablo Mandagoran
Pandora Marzullo
Vanya Aklin
Zen Marzullo

The Coven


Galactic Basic


Elemental Shaping

Originally called Red Mud Potters Clan, Jaded Pines Clan has a long history of a clan of witches known for their art, a fusion of magick and the elements. After the second battle of Dathomir the Red Mud Potters Clan was claimed by the Nightsisters and renamed by the High Witch Council.

Jaded Pines ClanEdit

Current Leader and Structure Edit

Jaded Pines Under Amara Decuir Edit

Amara Ice Dress

Amara Decuir, in a garment forged from elemental magicks.

After Seraphina's absence, Valderon Kai took control of the clan, before Amara Decuir took over from him after claiming him for her own. Amara worked on shifting the focus of the clan back towards its more artistic origins, wishing to see the clan focus more on creativity and construction to aid Dathomir. Although the clan still had its warriors, as Amara didn't wish to weaken the clan's offensive capability, she also worked on teaching ways to enhance life on Dathomir, through the art of construction. The small ice village of Solitude became a training area for the witches of the Jaded Pines clan, nestled in the frozen mountains of northern Dathomir, this area was used to teach the key original beliefs of the Jaded Pines clan. Namely, learning to master the elements via magick and use them creatively to survive. It was also used to train a hardy breed of warriors, with a lethal slanted ice arena on the mountain's edge often used to train warriors in extremely treacherous conditions.

Her Desired Structure Plan:Edit

Clan Mother - Leader/Head of the Jaded Pines Council

Jaded Pines Council Members – A small council of four, made up of two warriors and two architects.

Warriors – Strong combatants of the Jaded Pines clan, exceptionally well trained in hunting and gathering (particularly in harsh conditions) as well as combat. They tend to be creative and unpredictable in battle, often using extremely unexpected or unique methods to take down their foes.

Architects – Responsible for thinking of and creating new ways to strengthen Dathomir as a home, from fortifications to better quality of living, to simple artistic decoration..

Previous Leaders and Structures Edit

Jaded Pines Under Cameron CenturionEdit


Cameron Centurion; First Clan Father

Following the Coven's successful attack on Dathomir, Nightbrother Master Cameron Centurion was granted leadership of the Red Mud Potters Clan. Based on direction from the High Witch Council, the Clan was renamed to the Jaded Pines Clan. Not one to place much stock in the efforts of failures, Nightbrother Centurion quickly began reshaping the Clan into something he could be proud of...or even tolerate. Any individuals surviving the assault on Dathomir were immediately put through a harsh re-socialization program to ensure they subscribed to the views and laws of the Coven. While Cameron Centurion holds no great personal respect or admiration for a great many members of the High Witch Council, he is exacting and harsh in his enforcement of the Coven's laws. Success is rewarded with prestige and continued life - failure is met only by death in the Clan that rapidly transformed into a warrior society though all members of the Coven's various castes are accepted. Following Cameron Centurion's departure from the Coven, the Jaded Pines Clan's leadership passed to the Council of Elders until such a time as a new leader is appointed by the High Witch Council.


Refusing to adopt the title of 'Clan Father', Cameron Centurion quickly revamped the structure of the Jaded Pines Clan to model a more traditional organization of a warrior clan.

  • Lord - Ranking member of Clan and Council of Elders
  • Council of Elders - Seven most senior members of the Clan, appointed by the Lord of the Clan
  • Warriors/Deathknights - The backbone of the Jaded Pines Clan
  • Sorcerers/Sorceresses - Smaller in number but no less accepted or necessary

Jaded Pines Under Gabriel VolturiEdit


Gabriel Volturi;; Previous Clan Father of Jaded Pines

Soon after Gabriel Volturi was named the new clan leader. Dismayed by the disregard towards Dathomiri culture the former clan leader held Gabriel began to make some major changes to the clan, eradicating the memory of Cameron Centurion and restoring Jaded Pines to its former glory.


The former Council member eliminated the old guard and disbanded the Council of Elders, once again centralizing authority under the clan leader. Additionally Gabriel began to share his Shaper Arts with the clan members, believing that a people united by one focus would become a strong society both mentally and spiritually.

A New Generation RisesEdit

Jaded Pines Under Seraphina VolturiEdit


Seraphina Volturi; Gabriel Volturi's Daughter

Soon Gabriel Volturi disappeared from the Witches, leaving the Jaded Pines members with no 'Mother' or 'Father.' But soon after it was discovered the Gabriel was gone for either an extended period of time or for good, The High Priestess placed the honor of being a Clan Leader on his newly discovered daughter of Gabriel, Nightsister Knight, Seraphina Volturi. Now she stands to be the leader she was born to be.


Carrying on her father's demands of the Clan returning to it's natural Dathomiri traditions instead of Cameron's previous variations. Seraphina stands alone when it comes to her reign of power.

Though, she has started to adopt the thoughts of a council having 5 council members including her as the Leader. She feels all decisions should be counciled as they affect everyone, not just her.

She is also deep into thinking of going along with her beliefs in getting to know the other clan mothers/fathers. Knowing her allies could be her best ally. Also helps her observe what they do amongst their clan and she can introduce her clan to other clans and their people. Expanding...

Her Desired Structure PlanEdit
  • Clan Mother(Matka) - Leader/Head of the Jaded Pines Council
  • The Council of Taeda - Most trusted members of Jaded Pines Clan; Selected by the Clan Mother
  • Sorcerers/Sorceresses - Warriors of Jaded Pines Clan

Former Clan Leaders Edit

Culture of the ClanEdit


  • Galactic Basic

    Jaded Pines Clan; overview

  • ( French )
  • Paecian


The Jaded Pines Clan resides deep within the mountains of Dathomir.

The small village of Solitude, located in the Nothern mountain peaks, is often used for training. Created entirely from ice, the conditions are incredibly harsh, and used to teach members of the Jaded Pines not only to survive as warriors, but to master the elements as Architects if they wish to survive. The village is overseen by a vast palace of ice, maintained by the Jaded Pines clan's magicks.


Traditional dress for the clan tends to be quite revealing, and they tend to eschew heavier armours for greater agility. It is not unusual for members of the clan to wear clothing based around or suited to their elemental skills, at times going as far as wearing clothing created from their elemental magicks.

Clan Mother's Current Traditional Dress

Draft lens21283802module168653286photo 37126982f7b9f023a6d73

Typical Dress of the Clan Mother, forged from Cyromancy Skills

Previous Wear of the Clan Mother


Clan Mother Clothing; Non-Ceremonial


Clan Mother Clothing; Ceremonial



Female Battle Clothing


Casual Female Clothing



Casual Male Clothing


Male Battle Clothing

Former Council of Taeda MembersEdit


Seraphina Volturi

In Order Of Importance Among The Council

Zoe Marzullo

Known MembersEdit

Amara Decuir (Clan Mother)
Enzie Roe | Gabriel Volturi | Lorcan Khal | Mikeala Volturi | Ophelia Deveron | Seraphina Volturi | Throne Deveron | Xan Qenadius | Valderon Kai | Zoe Marzullo

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