Jaiden Kreel
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Nade Roskk
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Appearance Edit

There are few accounts of Nade out of armor, but what has been compiled from the few glances of him out of armor, is that he is either clean shaven or had no facial hair to begin with, dark hair, a slight build, pale skin, and mid-tone (gray, blue or purple, or a combination) eyes.

Personality Edit

As Nade Roskk, Jaiden repressed his emotions, and did what he saw fit to be done, which was usually the current mission. As a male, Jaiden/Nade didnt have much of a life outside of mercenary work, if any at all.

He tried to have an interest in becoming more Mandalorian, but there was not enough interest in learning and applying himself to the culture, thus, he wrote it all down into books for later, and kept the tomes onboard his ship.

Ship: The Werda Verd Edit

History Edit

-Legacy Abandoned, Heritage Denied-

Long before the man known as 'Nade Roskk' was born, his great-ancestors, Makkus and Tenhauzzer Creel, left the Mandalorian clans to live peaceful and tame lives on Coruscaunt. Both changed their names to Kreel, and married & raised children in peace and complacent safety, and did not teach their sons about their Mandalorian Lineage. The children grew up thinking themselves Coruscantti, and the 2 Mandalorian warriors took knowledge of their true lineage with them to the grave, save for old tomes and journals that were scattered thruout the Galaxy. Meanwhile, the Kreel lineage would continue to fall more and more into becoming rooted as a Coruantti family as the years went by.

-A wandering warrior-

Almost nothing is known about 'Nade Roskk' before he ended up stumbling onto the scene as a bounty hunter with mysteriously acquired Mandalorian Armor, and he has since been a mercenary and bounty hunter most often.

He was briefly with The Hunters Alliance, falling in with Plogvieze/Plovogieze, Chaplain Meliadus, and Nee Blackheart, until THA was dissolved, and after considering to join the Naboo Republic for a time, he drifted into the service of the Adumari Alliance, after which he came to be further trained under Sith Lord Kye Abbadon, and was also planning to receive even more training under afew more instructors, but was soon out of things to do when there was a Sith insurrection against Kye, and Nade's training abruptly ceased.

Roskk then spent awhile at Band Of Outlaws, and got to know a smuggler named Skip Lone, whom he grew to like, and has, of a sorts, become friends with the smuggler.

Nade was ever-so-briefly hired by The Empire and participated in a Imperial attack on the Jedi temple at Yavin, but drifted away from the imperial faction after that, but not before developing a small bit of good relations with a Captain Marcus Gray and a Davy Kidd (Both are pirates, and Marcus leads a ship known as the Crimson Ferret's Revenge).

It would be ironic that he would later destroy the Imperials which he had helped to take Yavin.

-A friend, a failure, a beating, and a grudge-

During a botched mission to protect Skip Lone, the galaxy's most wanted smuggler at the time, Roskk was severely beaten by a giant of a man he would later come to know as Lestrange, and, silently vowed retribution to himself against the unnaturally large man.

Simultaneously, his ship at the time, a CT-200 called Gra'Tua Cu'un, and all supplies aboard, including his spare armors (even though those sets of mandalorian armor was of a far lesser quality )were spectacularly destroyed in a plume of fire and debris.

Confused about himself, Nade isolated himself on Taris, trying to learn the Mandalorian ways on his own, but with little to no progress.

Nade, to this day, wouldn't mind facing the giant as many times as needed, until he wins.

-Brief Exile-

It was just under a year later that he received a coded invitation to witness (and perhaps influence) who would become the next Mandalore. Unfortunately, Nade's ship and all possessions about the Equinox were stolen, the ships frame being the only thing left behind.

The thieves were never found.

In the end, it was fate that had decided that Savin Skirata would win the Rite of the Title of Mandalore, by dueling in the battle ring, and had united the Mandalorian Peoples and Clans for the first time in a very long while. It was during this era that he hung around Kane E. Smart, Iria Blaedz and several others.

A week later, The Mandalorians had made a deal with the Sith to receive a decently sized fleet, and with the Sith-given fleet, the Mandalorians laid waste to the Imperial Garrisons at Yavin, taking whatever wasn't outrightly destroyed to use for their own ends. In this battle, Nade had lost the last of his secondary ships, the YT-2400 Basilisk, but later gained a black and dark gray YV-666 light freighter.

It was to be the YV-666, later named 'Werda Verd', 'Shadow Warrior' in Ancient Mando'a, that would become his mainstay ship for a very long time.

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