Jedi Temple File
Jarrod Conner
Jarrod Conner (RIP)
Jedi Knight
The Jedi Council
165 lbs.
Eye Colour
Blue Grey
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Kyle Kincade:Father
Jedi Knight
Ronin Conners: Step Father
CorSec Agent
Jadden Conner
twin sister (Deceased)
Retsam Adoy
Hawk Hinata


The Early years…..Edit

Unlike most Jedi of his day, Jarrod did not started his training as a Padawan at the Jedi Academy till later on in life.

And instead he grew up on the planet of Corellia with his then Father Retired CorSec Agent Ronin Conner and twin sister Jadden. Where in growing up he was told and made to hide his special ability from other. By Ronin Conner who caution the two with the idea. That these ability were bad and would lead them to ruin or even worse. If any of this should leak or be know by anyone outside their home. In which case believing this to be so. The two became cautious and weary of their special ability. Up until a unknown female guest came to their doors for whom Ronin Conner hesitantly took in and hid in there home. To which time she came in contact with the twins and began telling them of tales. About Jedi, the force and stories in contrast. To what they were told by their father.

To which went unknown by him, up until one night he unexpectantly walk into their room just as Jarrod was showing her their hidden abilities. a heated argument between them later on ensued. She ran and fled away from their home. Only to find herself captured and taken away by the Imperials Troopers.

To which upon learn that she left Jarrod confronted him that later on lead to an intense argument between them. That soon resulted on him running away from home in anger. Stowing away on one of the many merchant ship that dock on one of Corellia many spaceports.

Of Imperials and Republic Service…. Edit

When war between the Imperials and Republic began to intensify Jarrod unfortunately found him caught in the crossfire. Having made well to keeping alive and earning himself a living. Ply and working the different Trade routes that crisscross the galaxy. Up until one unfortunate incident where in the ship he was on was caught by the Imperials. With a cargo of illegal weapons en route to making one of their usual drop to Corellia. He had earlier won his passage having learned the errors of his ways and wanting to come home. He was eventually forced to reluctantly use his special ability. In order to secure for himself a lighter sentence. Where in instead of landing himself in one of the Imperial prison mines.

Proving himself a competent mechanic, he ends up working for the Imperial docks. And later on earning a spot in the Imperial Navy academy he accept if only to hopefully secure his freedom and possible chance to get home.

He eventually does well and earn his stripes to later on be assigned to one of their battleships. And hopeful pardon for his earlier crimes but as fate would have it this was not to be. For soon after, just as he was about to leave for his first duty assignment. A dream warn him that Jadden and his father was in danger making him abandon his post.

By then, the Imperials came to learn of this and captured him just as he came to their aid. Resulting in their death he then is tried and charged with treason resulting in his incarceration. Where he came into contact with some Republic prisoners whom he later on help escape with.

Earning for himself their gratitude he is help by them to be recruited into the Republic Navy. Where he earn to lead his own squad and a note worthy reputation up until. With the nagging desire to know his real father he ends up leaving his commission with the Republic.

Of Jedi Beginnings...Edit

After much soul searching and countless mission the desire to get know better who his real father was. He eventually ends up sign up with the Jedi Brotherhood and come into be train by. Then Master Retsam Adoy , who not long after they began fell and disappeared. Leaving him then come to be train by Master Hawk Hinata for whom under his guidance. Earn his way to become a Jedi Knight….

Path of the JediEdit

Into the Valhalla....Edit

And so it would seem after much soul searching ...... with the path before him growing dim.With friends and allies slowly but surely became lost to time. As things shall pass into the void his convicition seem to wane.As was the life within him. For thru all the wars,carnage and struggles he came to within him seem fade. As such when the day came that as fate would have it....the end came. Lead by chain of events not of his choosing out in some distant planet. Where in no less the way he came ....that Jarrod passed over to shadow. Without a word.....

Additional Info:Edit

Ship Name: Kessels Bane

Personal Driod: R7-D5 he renamed 'Sparks'

Alternate Droid (update) :R6-T8 "Arsee"

Ship: A Series 4 E-Wing

Ship info Data: The E-wing is very similar in appearance to the X-wing star fighter. A narrow, pointed space frame rests between two aerodynamic foils that not only stabilize the craft, but also extend weapons coverage. The streamlined nosecone contains the craft's primary sensor array. Midway through the body is the cockpit, with a concealed R7 Astromech socket behind it.

The E-wing is capable of incredible speed, nearly achieving the top sub light speeds of an A-wing star fighter. The fighter is very maneuverable despite its heavy armor. The E-wing's Class Two hyper drive is complimented by a streamlined Astromech interface. Industrial Automaton and Frietek together developed the R7 specifically for this fighter. The E-wing cannot operate with anything less than an R7, since its internal systems and control units are so complex. But with a few modification to its system interface Jarrod is able to override it. For his R6 unit droid, Arsee

While speedy, the E-wing's true strength lies in its ability to absorb and deliver firepower. Three laser cannons are fire-linked to form an impressive primary weapon. Two of these cannons are foil-mounted, while the third is directly over the cockpit canopy. The E-wings rival the older B-wing starfighters in their ability to damage capital ships and ground-based installations

The fighter is designed for a single pilot, and has enough consumable supplies for one week of non-combat operations. It can carry 110 kilograms of cargo.

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