Jaska Gejallic Vollerei
Name Jaska Gejallic Vollerei
Aliases Jaska The Hutt, The 8th Sin, Lord Monolithos, Hammer of the Dark Side
Rank Disciple
Homeworld Nal Hutta
Species Hutt
Current Location somewhere
Age currently: 60-100 s.y.o.
Height/Length .80 meters tall, 2 meters long
Weight 800 lbs or more
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Orange
Affiliation The Sith
Master Lord Malice Draclau
Apprentices {{{Apprentices}}}



Jaska is typical of hutts, having slimy tan skin with greenish overtones, no hair, and orange eyes with slit irises, although it should be noted that most of his large size usually comes from a muscular build, as opposed to bulky fat.

Jaska sees to it that his muscular strength is kept as fit as can be; particularly because of movement problems suffered by other Hutts who grow complacent and lazy, and also because he is Sith; He is better than other Hutts, as well as most other species, and should thus be an example for everyone else to follow.


With Sloth being the only exception, any of the 7 deadly sins can describe him in a nutshell, along with several other verbs, all of them unsavory. Jaska will lie, cheat, steal, betray, maim and murder, torture, and generally do whatever is needed to accomplish his goals: The acquisition of power, in all forms.

Also like most Hutts, Jaska is quite egotistical, as a Desciple, he believes himself to be a demi-god, and when he gains the due skill, power, reputation, and fear & respect, it is highly likely that Jaska will start to think of himself as a living god.



Jaska utilizes every weapon available to him; from using blasters, Lightsabers, other melee weapons, and the dark side, to sending Sith disciples, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and thugs and gangs to kill or capture and retrieve in his name.


Early lifeEdit

Jaska, born on Nal Hutta, was the child of Nasshak Gejallic Tiure, led a somewhat average life of a Hutt, although sometimes visions would come to him, thus foiling the assassination attempts of his rivals.

Taking PowerEdit

At the age of 80, Jaska took control of Klatooine when he personally killed the aging Hutt Vajhook, the (now former) ruling Hutt of the planet. The old Hutt died following a grueling fight to the death with Jaska, ending with the younger Hutt literally ripping him apart. The other Hutts protested Jaskas taking power, but were silenced when he came to duel them as well, likewise tearing them limb from limb. Jaska soon came to be known as 'The 8th Sin' in Hutt circles because of the exploits of how he came to power on Klatooine.

Fall of a Hutt, Ascension to the SithEdit

After Jaska had secured Klatooine as a Power base away from his father Nassak, the force capable Hutt was approached by a Jedi, and they discussed many things over the course of a week. At the end of that week, Jaska politely bid the Jedi farewell, sending him on his way, and instead chose to follow the ways of the Sith.

Making his way to Korriban's main temple, Jaska first encountered Mason England/Lord Apparatus, a shambling construct of a cyborg who had a taste for both flesh and souls, and moments later, at the Black Gates, Jaska was informally introduced to Malice Draclau, who would come to be his Master.

Unknown to Jaska, as he spoke to Lord Draclau on Korriban, the surviving Hutts auctioned off his resources, thus cutting Jaska off from his formerly established power base, but in exchange for losing his Klatooine resources, Jaska would in turn gain the power and knowledge of the Sith.

Guiding Lights of DarknessEdit

During training with Malice, it was made known that Jaska was being guided and perhaps further empowered by a pair of ancient Sith Lords of the past; Exar Kun and Xandor.

The two Lords possessed Jaska, and prophesied that Jaska would grow in power, eventually outstripping Malice, and possibly be further blessed by additional Sith Lord spirits later on. . . .


Glowlust - A modified Ubrikkian Star yacht that has been converted into a Galactic solar-sailer, it had a forward cockpit for 3, a commons area/throne room, a full kitchen with island, bar, walk-in pantry, and 2 ovens and refrigerators, 4 restrooms, and 3 smaller rooms which were converted into an armory, a droid bay, and a torture chamber.

The entire ship spans 2 decks with a lower sub-deck, and as expected, it is luxuriously Hutt-ish.

Slaves and petsEdit

To a Hutt, even a Sith one such as Jaska, servants are necessary, so the only remaining servant that was faithful to him, from his former power base on Klatooine, was Xohaa, an excessively gaunt and tall male Zabrak with red skin, long black hair, harshly groomed crown of long horns, and black tattoos (it is suspected that Xohaa may have some Muun heritage). He now serves as both Jaska's Majordomo and his head chef, until the latter position can be filled. Xohaa is noteworthy for his Amorality, chauvinism/sexism, and hedonism.


Jaskas harem is filled with nothing but beautiful girls, often young teens, some of whom he has taken from Malice's pooling of slaves, and others from other places. Currently it is small, but will continue to grow.

Jaelena Tyrell - human, 16 years old, captured daughter of a CEO of a smaller weapons company, hates Jaska and doesn't dance very well, but can sing well.

Lylal, Lalani, and Laial Kona, Ori'ma and Nicu'ma, Lalaes'ib, Wynva'ugi, Cyrva'una, Zenlaa Lail, Nicol'bec - Twi'lek girls, between 12 and 18. Ori'ma and Nicu'ma are blue-skinned twins, Lylal, Lalani, and Laial Kona are red-skinned triplets, and the rest are of common skin colors. They were all sold as a batch of adozen. When not dancing, some of them sometimes intimately gratify eachother, often using various items and toys.

Belle Narren - Zabrak, 22 years old, red skinned with black tatoo lines, 'Amazonian'. Disdains Xohaa and his sexual advances towards her. Tries to protect the other girls and buffers them against the dregs of Jaska's other company (IE; Xohaa, other Sith who get too curious) as best she can. insists on being called 'Mistress Belle' by those outside the harem, especially Xohaa.


And what would be dancers without a band? - nothing, so Xohaa has strong-armed a band of 2 (originally 3) to play music for the harem girls to dance to. Jaska has ensured that the band members don't get funky with his harem; he had both Loosh and Ulkah castrated.

Loosh - a Rodian drummer, Loosh is wary of Jaska and his foul temper, but doesn't much care as long as is allowed to play music. He has a strange sense of humor and often giggles madly when someone spouts cuss words or is backhanded by Jaska. Loosh plays various drum and percussion instruments.

Shala Nui - Kaminoan, an indentured servant of Jaska's, was in debt for 450,000 imperial credits, and worked as a musician for Jaska for 30 credits a day; unfortunately, it took 60 credits a day to provide the kaminoan room/board, and meals, so she actually continued to rack up debt, unknown to her. Shala played a water flute, although only 'clinically', as was the musical term for it.

Ulkah - a Trandoshan who sold into slavery by the very wookiees he was intending to skin. He is otherwise a spineless coward, but plays music well. He plays the zang harps.


D-3P0 - reconstructed from only the head and upper torso of a -3P0 unit, he was given Battledroid arms, and BLX legs and lower torso, and formerly served a junk dealer on Nal Hutta, before being stolen by Xohaa. He is called skuz-bucket or skuz due to his extreme rust and damaged vocabulator, which makes him hard to understand sometimes.


(none yet)

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