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Full Name
Jason Aerion Draclau-Starkiller
Faction Rank
Former Jedi Knight
Vigilante Trainee
The Jedi Brotherhood
The Galactic Underworld
Jason Draclau
1/2 Human, 1/2 Shi'ido
175 lbs.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Kalina Volk
Syndell Draclau
Xander Starkiller (Sith Master)
Stacia Velos (Jedi Master)

Jason Starkiller (born Jason Aerion Draclau-Starkiller) is a Human/Shi'ido Hybrid Force User who serves the Jedi Brotherhood as a Knight. The young man formerly served the Sith under his father but eventually renounced the Dark Side and turned to the Light Side of the Force. At his birth the young man was considered to have practically limitless potential in the Force, however as he grew older he found it hard to control his powers, to the point he couldn't use them at will which lead to this mastery of the lightsaber over his powers at a young age.

He is the son of Xander Starkiller and Syndell Draclau, the Grandson of Jax and Sophie Starkiller and Altaiir and Misha Draclau, the Nephew of Mark, Isobel, and Blitzen Starkiller on his father's side and Malice and Dragon Draclau on his mother's side. He is the biologial half brother of Alistair Starkiller and Alexiares Decuir and the adoptive brother of Jessalyn Cassidy.

In his later years he began to develop greater control of his powers, sparked after he rescued Jessalyn Cassidy from being randomly murdered by his father. One of his signature abilities was the use of the Force to move objects with his mind, which he used to great effect to augment his strength and even levitate himself off the ground.



Born to the Sith Lord Xander Starkiller and Syndell Draclau on Corellia, it was told that Jason would be a powerful being. Like most sentients that come from a shape-shifter race, his appearance though dominantly human was different. His eyes were a greenish color despite neither his mother or father having green eyes and his skin was off color in places on his body but as he grew older his skin color began to even out and make the differences a little less notable.

Though small for his age he had surprising strength and speed to match and easily excelled at most physical activity. Even before he began his training he would play around and show that he had great potential in practically anything that he really wanted to do, much to the delight of his father who figured that young man would truly be great.

Sith TrainingEdit

Like most he began his training in the Sith ways at an early age though it was discovered that for all his strength, Jason had little real way to control it all and the great majority of his power remained untapped for many years until he was a teenager. What made up for his lack of control in the Force came in his dedication to learning how to use a lightsaber.

He could wield a single blade with decent skill however when he discovered the existence of a Double Bladed Lightsaber, he immediately set out to master the use of such a weapon. Learning directly from his father he was a quick study and he could easily best other younger kids simply because they were unused to fighting the saberstaff, an advantage that he used to great advantage.

The Force AwakenedEdit

Hayden panettiere young

Jessalyn Cassidy, Age 10.

Many years had passed between when his training started and when he turned fourteen years old. Jason still had problems controlling his powers and and it came to a point where his father would pick out moments to exploit Jason's emotions to get his power to manifest itself. It eventually would but not in the way he would want, on a day on Corellia, Xander with Jason in tow attacked a group of people at a park and threatened many people's lives as a helpless Jason watched.

Unable to take it anymore as his father grabbed a young blonde girl, Jason's power awakened in a burst of anger how this anger could only be described as righteous fury. He attacked his father with an impressive show of power and while his father was still much more experienced, Jason was able to hold him off long enough for the young girl to escape. She however would do no such thing when she came back to help him escape his father as well.

Jessalyn CassidyEdit


Jason's gift to Jess.

That little ten year old would turn out to be one of the best friends Jason could hope to have. The young girl helped lead him away and guided him through a small woodland area to escape his father and give them a little time to catch their breath and figure out where they could go from there. After that breather Jessalyn took him to her home and fed him before Jason came to the realization he had no where to go.

Jessalyn offered him a place to stay but knowing she was only ten he could not stick around since he doubted it would be appropriate. Instead the idea came to him to find his Uncle, Mark Starkiller who was a Jedi Knight and hoped that he would be taken in. He wouldn't stay long but when he got to the point he was ready to leave, he felt that he didn't want to leave Jessalyn behind. He gave her a necklace his mother had given him a long time ago and told her that he would be back for it, a promise he would come back to see her.

Just as he promised he would come back to see her, many times in the future but he let her keep the necklace.

Path of the JediEdit

A New TeacherEdit

When Jason found his uncle, he discovered he'd be accepted into the order and he was given to a new teacher, a woman by the name of Stacia Velos. The two clicked as a team and through their first mission and many more after it, Jason found her easy to work with and easy to learn from and the two were able to succeed where others might fail. Stacia was a very influential figure for him all the way up until his early twenties.

It wasn't too long until after the two had been paired together that Stacia felt that he was ready for the trials and put his name forward for the chance to be Knighted. Before this could take place, Jason took part in the Battle on Yinchorr, where the Sith and several guns for hire raided their temple. He was instrumental in preventing Sith forces from stealing information from the main server room at the cost of his own personal safety. Little did he know, this incident would count toward his Trial of Combat.


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