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Jay Shaun

My name is Jay Shaun. Welcome to my journal. To start, I am nineteen years old and just graduated from the Regent Holographic Art Institute of Coruscant. Since I was a boy I wanted to become a Holo Artist. Programming the latest vids on the net was my dream. I thought I would become rich and famous like my dad. However, during my last physical examination something happened I guess. Now my dad says I'm going to become a Jedi and that my life will probably change a great deal. He actually sounded proud when he heard the news.

I couldn't believe it! I was going to become a dusty old monk? No way! I was not happy about that at all. Not until I hit the Net and did some research anyway. I guess not all Jedi are dusty old monks. Some are warriors with light swords, some are wizards with magic powers, and others are scientists with strange pets. Haha, maybe they wouldn't mind a Holo Artist Jedi too. We'll just have to see. Catch ya later Coruscant! -(Personal Log A-019-Dec-2009. Coruscant.)

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RP ThreadsEdit

  • A brief conversation with Jedi Master, Satkia Riker.

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