Character Profile
Je'gan Olra'en, Darth Shule
Jedi Master
The Jedi Council
Seren Irreantum
63 (physically 43)
Human, mostly
190 lbs
Eye Colour
Hair Color
Brown, graying
Home Planet
Varunda IX, Outer Rim
DarkSky Kerberos (formerly deceased)
Baracc Olra'en (deceased)
Esper Aztaroth Olra'en (deceased) Cerberus Olra'en (deceased)

Darth Shule, born Je'gan Olra'en on the jungle moon Varunda IX, is a Jedi Master and reformed Sith.


Childhood and Early LifeEdit

Je'gan was born to a middle-class family on Varunda IX, the Mongrels' World, where genetic technology allowed for mixing and interbreeding of species. At least one of his ancestors was not human; as a result, Je'gan's irises are black.

He discovered his Force potential as a teenager when he sensed the deaths of his parents in a speeder accident. Taking responsibility for his younger brother Baracc, he dropped out of school and went to work. When Je'gan was nineteen and his brother seventeen, Baracc demonstrated that he could take care of himself. Je'gan left Varunda IX, hoping to develop his Force talents.

The Sith OrderEdit

His life in the rougher part of town led him to seek out teachings that would keep him safe: the ways of the Sith. He went to The Sith Order, then under the rule of Lady Vader, and trained under a Sith Knight who called himself Southstar. Both before and after his Knighthood, Je'gan demonstrated a disregard for tradition and rules. He considered some Jedi to be friends, such as Master Satine 'Alpha' Capashen. He was also fond of taking on opponents he had no business fighting, including but not limited to Vega Van-Derveld, Gav Mortis, Cherice St. Hilare and Dalamar DuSang. At one point his life was saved by Malice Draclau.

Je'gan continued to develop his reputation for rebellious behaviour; even when fighting Jedi, he was prone to staking out the moral high ground if he could. The final straw was when he helped an amnesiac Force-sensitive girl reach the Jedi Temple. Je'gan was called before the Sith Masters and given an ultimatum: befriend and betray a Jedi. He did so, murdering his first love, a Jedi apprentice named Ceres Duvall.

His 'good name' restored, Je'gan continued his training and was Knighted at the age of twenty-one. He trained several apprentices to Knighthood and beyond, and became a Sith Elder and one of the core members of the Order. He was well on his way to further advancement when the emptiness of his life crashed in on him.

The JediEdit

At age twenty-four, Shule repented and defected to the Jedi Order. He was received with open arms and began adjusting his knowledge of the Force. He regained custody of his young son Esper, who had been kidnapped and institutionalized by a Jedi Master. He raised his son and trained him in the Force. He also found time to train other luminaries of the Jedi Order, such as C'orringath Ven'traas, Wickim Totim, and Link Tolen.

When Esper was sixteen and Shule was thirty-seven, the young man died during a mission. Shule began to reconsider his life yet again. A year later, he met a much younger woman named DarkSky Kerberos, who had recently turned to the Light Side. After a few months of courtship, they were married. Eventually both were promoted to Master, and Shule joined his wife and her friends in creating the Jedi Brotherhood, a.k.a. TJB, on the planet Yinchorr.

It was in this time that Shule began to train Lono Draclau. His relationship with the Force shifted, as did his fighting style. He began to have more peace in his life.

The Jedi assault on Korriban scarred him deeply. During the battle, as Shule rescued prisoners of the Sith, Sky fought and lost against Malice Draclau. Shule and Malice had fought more than once over the years. Sky returned to the Dark Side. Devastated, Shule returned to Yinchorr. The Brotherhood disbanded, despite the efforts of Mak Manto.

Not long afterwards, Shule and Sky met again, this time as enemies. They argued and fought, and Sky - pregnant with his child - killed Shule. She became the Horseman of Conquest, a key figure in the Sith. Shule joined the Force.

Almost two decades later, by the will of the Force and unknown means, Shule returned to life and rejoined the Jedi Order - physically the same age as when he departed. He became intricately involved with plots against the Empire and developed a friendship with Bethany Kismet. For a couple of years, he dropped off the map, but he returned in time to join the fight against the Empire once again.


"Nobody knows the weaknesses and failures of the Jedi Order better than me. We're supposed to be examples, but the paucity of maturity I've 'seen over the years has made me understand that the Order and the people in it are prone to such incredible mistakes. The Order has such history of hypocrisy, and I'm a key example. Whatever you've done with the Sith, I guarantee that I've killed more people than you in the course of my duties."

As Shule discovered that DarkSky Kerberos had returned to life, and renewed his association with her, he found focus for his criticisms of the Jedi Order, and betrayed his duty to keep Sky safe.

"Or think about other Force traditions. For hundreds of years we've called people heretics for trivial reasons, clamped down on them, forbidden them to practice. The Jensaarai, the Iron Knights, the Zeison Sha, a half-dozen others. We're not xenophobic, but we talk down to everyone. Nobody - public officials, law enforcement, nobody - knows what's best like we think we do."

His anger grew, as did his own hypocrisy. Guilt characterized his state of mind. When an old enemy told him that his repentance was lacking, and he was backsliding, Shule agreed.

"Half the Jedi I've known are promiscuous. Self-control is almost an alien concept to the modern Order. On the other side of the spectrum you have Mak Manto, who looks down on anyone who even gets married - probably because there aren't any female Thisspasians in the Order, and like I said, nobody could possibly be as great, as wise, as good, as worthy as a Jedi."

He went looking for fights, and got them, culminating in a murderous duel against Malice Draclau on Corvis Minor.

"Jedi are either far too hesitant to say something's wrong, or far too quick to do so: we're all functionally moral relativists, or incredibly judgmental. Usually both. It's all right to kill the faceless stormtrooper, but the sociopath gets - well, there was this one operation not long ago, where dozens of us, plus the whole Rebel fleet, tried to kidnap the Emperor. We killed a lot of people, but the Emperor - oh, no, can't touch him because he's a freaking friend and probably lover of Master Katarine Ryiah! We killed so many stormtroopers and TIE the middle of a resort world of innocent people."

His participation in the assault on Spira - the Council's attempt to kidnap the Emperor - shamed him and caused him to question the Order's worthiness. As part of the ground assault team, he was supposed to clear the way for the actual strike force - which never arrived, leaving Shule and others without backup or extraction. He fought overwhelming odds and Lord Kesrin alongside Jedi Knight Tahira Solo. So when he met Sky, freshly released from years in Chaos, he decided to 'fix' the Jedi Order and all its many flaws.

"We're not accountable. There's no oversight. A Jedi slips and kills one, or a dozen, in a fit of rage, and they're quietly rehabilitated. There aren't any consequences. I can't believe it: you're right. We're rotten to the core. And all these bright-eyed kids come to us and we make them just like us: self-satisfied, justified in anything we do, certain that nobody could possibly tell us anything. I don't know what I'd do if I were you. I don't even know what I'm going to do." - Shule to Sky

Along with Caleb Torran, Ti'Cira Hawk and Tahira Solo, Shule was a key figure in the Galactic Crusade, a series of guerrilla attacks designed to eradicate the Sith. He personally dropped a metric ton of baradium on Rhen Var, but when the Sith backlash proved to be an orbital bombardment of Kamino, Shule - overcome by grief and shame - pushed himself beyond his limits to conjur perhaps the greatest battle meditation the Galaxy had ever seen. He did so in the hopes of saving Kamino, even at the expense of his life if necessary. His warping of fate and luck, and his increasing of coordination and morale, gave the Rebel forces a fighting chance against overwhelming forces.

If not for the presence of his Fallanassi pacifist Padawan, Nohemi Allaneh, he might have fallen to the Dark Side during the Crusade. As it was, the Battle of Kamino began Shule's path back to righteousness...though perhaps not to forgiveness.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Shule speaks several trade languages including Huttese, Sy Bisti and Bocce.

The ForceEdit

Shule is a master mentalist and illusionist, capable of exorcising Sith spirits, dispelling the most powerful magical illusions, hiding himself in the Force and from sensors. His knowledge of mind and soul is so great that some speculate that Shule is capable of spirit transference and other esoteric Dark Side feats, should he feel the desire. His mental shields are the best in the business. It is impossible to sense Shule's emotions and thoughts unless his shields are compromised by extreme mental or emotional stress.

Key mental/spiritual featsEdit

Theoretically capableEdit

Other noted powersEdit

Shule has a unique talent for making small objects explode. His timing is superb, often allowing him to break down an action by seconds or fractions of a second. Though he has no real talent for it, decades of practice have given him skill with energy manipulation sufficient to stop Force Lightning from the greatest Dark Masters. He is very good at making himself faster and stronger.

Shule is capable of Light Side equivalents of some Sith magic abilities, including Aura of Uneasiness, Summon Fear (in the context of traditional Jedi battle meditation), Invoke Spirits, and Memory Rub.


Shule is a highly talented defensive swordsman. His lightsabre hilt is slightly curved, hearkening back to his fencer heritage. Darron Wraith considered him an equal. Subtle or strong as needed, Shule can hold his own against any single duellist in pure bladework.

Martial ArtistEdit

Shule knows Teras Kasi to a moderate degree.


Shule is very poor at large-scale telekinesis and usually cannot lift anything heavier than one or two hundred pounds, and that only with difficulty. As a result, he does not lift or push opponents. He is very poor at healing. He is known for getting in over his head, frequently getting others hurt in the process. He is, if not exactly arrogant, then very capable of seeing his own viewpoint as more valid than others'. His knowledge of computers and electronics is very limited. His leadership and diplomatic skills lack also. His Force shields are far weaker than average. He is weak at moderate range, where others can employ the Force for telekinesis or energy effects. Thus, he always seeks to close the distance, or get cover so he can use illusion. If he is stuck at moderate range, the fight is usually over.

Assets and PossessionsEdit


Shule's lightsabre has a slightly curved hilt and a sky-blue blade. He is known to carry a pair of crimson lightsabres taken from Mike Zenima's assassins. He is known to wear a Sith lanvarok on his forearm under his Jedi robes.

In an ancient Sith temple, Shule obtained a set of alchemical chains, originally used for restraining Sith monsters. They are almost totally lightsabre-resistant, though prolonged contact will break a link. When a link breaks, he has it replaced with Mandalorian iron.


Shule generally flies a refitted Naboo starfighter with an extra seat, or captains the Benedictus.


The 'Benedictus,' a.k.a. the 'Wayward Son.'

The Benedictus, also known as the Wayward Son or the White Lie, is a Corellian corvette. Heavily modified by previous owners, it was purchased and modified further out of Shule's investment portfolio subsequent to his return to life. Between previous owners and current, full advantage has been taken of the corvette's modular design. As a result, the vessel is extremely specialized.

Library and Training Areas

Shule maintains his personal database onboard, complete with analysis droids. The library's locked compartments also contain various books, scrolls and artifacts from Force sects across the galaxy, including Shule's personal Jedi holocron and at least one Sith spellbook. Several small meditation rooms, sparring chambers and personal armouries are scattered throughout the ship. It is a small, mobile Jedi Temple, capable of housing twenty Jedi comfortably.

Weapons and Defenses

The Benedictus still maintains two double turbolasers, which are fully mechanized and routed directly to bridge controls. They are somewhat less accurate than manned equivalents, unless used by an experienced, Force-wielding gunner. Also, two single heavy laser turrets are either manned or can be fired from bridge controls, although accuracy may suffer. Two ion cannon turrets are similarly programmed. Shielding and armour are average for a stock CR90 corvette.


The ship is protected by a power-intensive cloaking field. While in cloak, the weapons cannot be fired, and communications are interdicted. With prolonged use, shield strength may suffer if power is not redistributed from other systems.


The ship maintains a HoloNet transceiver, allowing instantaneous communication throughout the galaxy when not in cloak. Also, there is an excellent translation/extrapolation package.


If absolutely necessary, with a combination of slave-rigging circuitry and dedicated droids, the Benedictus can be piloted alone. A crew of at least ten is recommended, usually a mix of Jedi and associated personnel. Optimal crew is thirty. Maximum life-support capacity, in the event of a major evacuation, is four hundred for a period of six weeks.


A tiny docking bay set in the ship's belly permits access for three starfighters. Several docking collars, force tubes, docking claws and umbilicals allow the ship to link with up to six ships at once - starfighters to capital ships to alien vessels with uncertain docking capabilities.

Drive Systems

The Benedictus is nearly as fast as a TIE Bomber, and has a Class 1 Hyperdrive. Outsized maneuvering thrusters give it a capacity for finesse.


Shule owns an obscure Sith amulet that is capable of copying Force effects and powers. He used it to copy techniques used by Ronin Wendigo and Mak Manto to transit back and forth from Chaos. The composite technique is extremely hazardous and draining.

Other AssetsEdit

Shule maintains a handful of small bases orbiting completely insignificant brown dwarf sub-stellar objects around the galaxy. These bases are normally composed of junked, antiquated bulk freighters, with functioning life support and docking clamps and not much else: emergency bolt-holes.

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