Currently the Jedi offer protection and maintain enclaves on different systems. Details as follows:

Naboo Edit

Naboo is the central temple and enclave of the Jedi Council. Its importance is reflected both in the number of times it has been attacked by the Sith and the tenacity of the Jedi's defense of it.

The Jedi of Naboo are wholly against turning their temple into a fortress. Nevertheless, some defenses have been established based on the evidence of far too many invasions.

Orbiting Defenses Edit

A ring of monitoring satellites orbits Naboo, scanning for the energy burst indicative of a ship entering or exiting hyperspace. Such a burst indicates the presence of a vessel: if scanners do not track an exiting ship from that point, the Jedi are notified of a cloaked ship and put on alert.

Starfighter Defenses Edit

A number of Jedi maintain personal starfighters. Aside from these, there are squadrons of N-1 Starfighters which are kept on a battle-ready rotation.

Defense Shield Edit

The Naboo Temple employs a Gungan-type energy shield to protect it from heavy bombardment. Similar shield generators have since been installed in Naboo's capital of Theed to address the repeated assaults that city has had to face. As is the case with Gungan shield technology, the shield is completely effective aganst energy bombardment, and missles or torpedoes explode on contact due to the sudden deceleration when the shield is encountered. Only a slow-moving object can pass through these defenses.

All major cities across the surface of Naboo also have similar city size shield generators. The large generators are underground, with towers of various sizes set up above ground to disapate heat and project the shield in times of emergency. Though the towers are normally larger than most buildings in these cities, they are elegantly constructed by the leading gungan engineers and architects so that the towers easily blend into the normal city landscape. After the invasion of Theed, it became a mandatory measure that all cities with more than 500,000 citizens must have one of these towers. All cities are currently in compliance, and more than half have the recommended backup generators.

Militia/Noobian Guard Edit

In addition to Jedi defenders, the Naboo temple hosts a contingent of volunteer defenders who are not Jedi, but who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the Jedi's defense.

Yinchorr Edit

The core enclave of the former Jedi Brotherhood, Yinchorr represents the militant arm of the Jedi. The defenses of that temple reflect this mentality.

Orbiting Defenses Edit

The planet's first defense is an orbiting swarm of cloaked seismic mines with a constantly changing configuration. A safe course through the mines is transmitted manually to any approaching vessel with a current Jedi transponder code.

Starfighter Defenses Edit

Yinchorr maintains a standing defense of several starfighter squadrons.

Defense Shield Edit

The Yinchorr Defense Shield is based on lightsaber technology, emitting a curtain-beam which envelops the entirety of the temple. This curtain is impervious to all forms of attack and is physically impenetrable.

The crystal core of the projector has been alligned to the essences of several former Brotherhood members, allowing them the freedom to walk through the energy beam unharmed.

Yincorri Guard Edit

In addition to Jedi defenders, Yinchorr also hosts a contingent of volunteer defenders who are not Jedi, but who have chosen to dedicate themselves to the Jedi's defense.

Turret Defenses Edit

Several turret outposts provide complete coverage of an open valley which lies in front of the temple's main gate.

Main Gate Edit

The temple's single entrance is guarded by a 20 cm thick blast door.

Bespin Edit

The enclave on Bespin is little more than a spire - an outpost on the mining world. Primary defenses are based within Cloud City, and mostly consist of the established Cloud Car patrols.

Bespin participates in the Jedi Peacekeeping Core, a program for all new initiates and padawans that must be completed before becoming knighted. Jedi from the core are inserted into regular patrols, and do not lead but supplement the efforts of normal enforcement. Recent attacks on Bespin have made it necessary for extra terms of service to be taken by knights, and there is now one jedi for each 20 normal enforcement officers.

Corellia Edit

The enclave on Corellia is a moderate temple located slightly outside of the capital city of Coronet, nested in a relatively rural area in an effort to seek peace away from the city's traffic. Like Bespin, the Corellian enclave also does not support a heavy standing defense, allowing the planet's government to maintain most defenses.

The enclave does, however, maintain a Gungan-type shield as the Naboo temple does in order to avoid destruction due to sudden planetary bombardment.

Jedi Peacekeeping Core Edit

The Jedi Peacekeeping Core is designed to serve both as an educational program for Padawans and a supplemental police force for world's protected by the Jedi order. All new Padawans are recommended to take part in the core, as it offers them real world experience as well as a broader perspective. The planets chosen for Padawans are normally based on what will offer the most culture shock, while knights are chosen to oversee the programs for their deep connection to the planet. This dynamic hopefully broadens the cultural perspective of all incoming Padawans, while providing local police forces with enhanced capabilities in times of unique circumstance. Padawans often stay on for one year, but may opt to stay on for more. During that time they will work with the specialized programs within the enforcement division of the local government, to further develop their talents and aid in special investigations and projects.

Jedi Navy Edit

For missions which require fleet support, the Jedi tend to use Mon Calamari cruisers and other New Republic vessels. Starfighters and support ships are similarly selected to work with these ships while remaining distinctive from fighters used by other forces.

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