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Jehovah was a human Sith Knight of the Sith Council.


The absence of light is darkness, in its purest and most absolute form. It is too late to stop it now. The darkness spreads like a plague across the galaxy, silently conquering all those who oppose it. A new evil has come forth, bearing only a name and a face. No one is safe...

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Early LifeEdit

Jehovah's origins are unknown. He was found by a member of the Greater Jedi Order during the height of their war with the Sith Empire. Their numbers were dwindling, as death found many of the great lightsiders during the epic battles. He was taken in and trained, excelling in the arts of combat. Pride and arrogance were absent from his personality; traces of humility always present due to the mysterious circumstances of his arrival.

The Jedi WayEdit

When of age, Jehovah was taken under the wing of Master Yoghurt. The wise Jedi Master was much different than the combat-craving adolescent, though he abided by his tutor's rules and opened his mind to the ideas of peace and preservation. Before their bond could be solidified, before his training was complete, the entire Order was called to arms against the rising Sith power.

Sometime in the midst of this great battle, Jehovah was separated from Yoghurt and found himself fighting alone. He was overcome by the fallen Jedi Rama Sha and left to die. It was here that he learned the need for power and only his will for revenge, against Jedi and Sith alike, kept him clutching to life.

Days later, scavengers found the teen's unconscious body while plundering the scene. They nourished him back to health, though their treacherous intentions remained hidden. Once well, the pillagers sold Jehovah to a wealthy family to be used as a slave.

Riches and RevengeEdit

Weeks passed while the former Padawan was forced to serve this aristocratic family, who later came to be identified as Mandalorians. They greedily horded their money, forcing unfortunate young men and women to do their work for them. Jehovah came to despise the husband, wife, and two spoiled sons.

One dark night, seizing the opportunity that presented itself, Jehovah fled the large estate in which he was confined. Upon discovering his escape, the family sent mercenaries to capture him, as he was privy to many of the their corrupt secrets. The hunters captured him and returned him for the reward.

An argument broke out during a disagreement about payment, which quickly led to the hot-headed mercenaries and Mandalorian-bred slave owner and his sons drawing their guns. A shootout ensued, one of the men accidentally shooting a female servant that had watched after Jehovah during his time here. Enraged, he broke the restraints that bound him and painfully disposed of every self-serving person in the room. He took special pride in the death of his former master.

Once the task was complete, the fury that had raged within Jehovah vanished, leaving him both physically and mentally exhausted. He collapsed with no idea of what happened next.


"Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive -- the risk to be alive and express what we really are."

A small escape pod was jettisonned from a freighter passing over Korriban. It was pulled to the Council's base by tractor beams and investigated by Tris Draclau. The hatch opened and smoke mushroomed from it, followed by a scraggly young man crawling out, murmering only one word: "Help."

Jehovah had no recollection of anything that had transpired before his arrival on the Sith homeworld. He simply felt the need to learn, the need to feed his power and hone his skills. He dreamed of death and destruction, the darkside imbedded in his subconscious after the slaughter that had led him here.

After being examined by the Council, this young man was given an opportunity to prove himself worthy to the faction by accompanying Maize Wayne on a mission to collect precious crystals for lightsabers. He also received his new name, Jehovah, during this time.

Upon his return to Korriban, it was decided that Jehovah would learn the Sith arts. He was assigned to Kith Verloren, better known as Darth Molior, for apprenticeship. Under her guidance, his power grew and his knowledge of the Force expanded. Along with the usual training, she incorporated the skills of an assassin, as he would be a great candidate as a pawn of the Council.

Also during this time, he discovered a troubling connection with the Sith Master River Shanshu, its origins still unexplained.

Later in his apprenticeship, Jehovah defended the home of the Sith when the Jedi Council attacked Korriban in an effort to distract the primary forces from an attempted takeover of Coruscant. He fought valiantly, but was knocked unconscious by Niko Brix.


After serving the Council favorably for sometime, and a sudden AWOL by his Master, Jehovah was granted the rank of Knight by his superior brethren. This was unusual, as Molior was not present during the ceremony, but the newly promoted young man understood the call of the Force causing her leave had been strong and knew his teacher wished him the best.



Jehovah is tall and slender, though not as boney as when he first came to Korriban. He dark hair and unnerving eyes. His complexion was originally darker, but is beginning to pale. His hands are rough, indicating manual labor in his earlier life.

He is almost always found clad in lightweight, black Sith armor. This is sometimes accented with a black cloak, covering his body from head to toe.


Jehovah rarely shows emotion other than rage, and his words are few and far between. He is merciless and unforgiving. He is loyal, however, and does not stray from the orders of the Council. Death comes natural to him, and he deals it as well as he accepts it.


Jehovah focuses mainly on lightsaber combat and telekinesis. He was trained to be an assassin, therefor lacking the diplomatic skills and desires that many of the new Sith Council possess.


Jehovah weilds a red lightsaber that he constructed using holocrons found at the Occult Affinity. Being proficient in telekinesis, he created the hilt to have a Force-manipulated activation switch. It lies inside the grip and can only be activated by those trained in the Force. He has also been known to use a cortosis discblade on many occassions.